Patch/Changes to fix bugs…define features…and more?

Yep…we just got “patched!”

EA just did a patch update that seems to have done a couple of things that are obvious.
1. The killed all of the Mini-Update Poochie related tasks that were lingering (and perhaps added a Glitch that blows up some of the content…) make that…they killed Poochie!
2. Changed the color of the zoo walls (weirdly one of those, “huh? This was worth patching???)
3. Appears to have added a MAJOR Glitch where all of the Poochie mini event content is now missing…
4. They have rolled back a bunch of “Bonus %”…perhaps hiding the Springfield Heights % again.

It’s a SNAFU!!  (Situation Normal…All F’d Up!)

EA….it seems that this update had the wrong calendar/clock in the code.  We get Teenage Homer…and lose progress from the last mini-update??  See???  This is what happens when you mess with time/space!!!

EA>>>>How about getting your programming team to understand versions of the code??  As in…if you don’t update to the latest, it rolls back when you go live with something associated with an old date…  GENIUS!!

They also patched a couple of holes in the code that allowed some exploitation of a task or two.

So far…that is it.
Let us know if you see anything else!

UPDATE… another patch being offered? We’ll keep you posted.
Someone at EA just had an “AH #%%&$!!” moment…

80 responses to “Patch/Changes to fix bugs…define features…and more?

  1. The stuffed toy goat booth is back.

  2. Maybe I have just never paid attention or played the ballon pop game from krusty land. But today it paid out 5 donuts. This new or something always been around.

  3. I noticed a roll back of Bonus % (the Springfield Heights % definitely went awol)👎

    I have Teenage Homer (since midnight), now debating if I’m going to bother to Grind for Bonuts (probably not due to the glitch(es) as Kem Farming is less effort) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    That means I get another weekend break from Tapping (which is fine with me) 😅

  4. Hi I have unlocked the elephant but can’t get him to appear am I missing something?

  5. The initial patch fixed the missing graphics issue that Samsung/Oreo users were experiencing, including myself. (At least I assume it worked for them, too). I believe those other ‘enhancements’ were unintended consequences.

    My graphics issue returned after they quickly updated with the second patch.

    Can only hope that SH bonus returning to hidden and XP only was not intended. I enjoy having that extra 150% more IGC. 🙂

  6. Mine doesn’t work at all now. I get to the screen where I just need to tap to start playing (already logged in), and the app crashes.

  7. And yet I still can’t get notifications since I updated to the new Android. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emailed them about it. It’s been 6 months now, and I haven’t gotten any progress cause I don’t know when my tasks are done

    • Have you switched on/ticked the recieve notifications box for the game in your application manager? It works for my android.

  8. David Billington

    Just tried to get on my game… had all the age and terms of conditions pop up and had to log into my account re entering e-mail and password and keep getting error occurred message. Assuming the servers are messed up too

    • That’s what I have. I don’t even know what mess my game is in cause I haven’t been about to get in for 24 hours.

    • I had the same problem but found the fix on this site in an old article. When prompted to login, click the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions. Set up a new password and you should be able to get in.

  9. I was offered the Hunting Supplies Store with an 85 donut rebate after the patch. Did anyone else receive this deal?

    • Yes, I received the offer too after the patch.

      • Thanks for letting me know. Wasn’t sure if it was a glitch or not since I did not receive the 85 donuts back after I purchased it. Had to call EA customer service to get my donuts! 🙂

  10. Carmen (gameid5000)

    Patch killed my glitch of Steel Mill.

    Oh well, $125 million and 500 donuts over a four day period…. I’ll accept my luck and move on.

  11. I’m on a kindle and since about an hour ago – I can’t log in! So much for update!

  12. I’d like to ask if it’s possible for you to see in the coding yet to tell when the holloween event will start, particularly the discounted premium case.. I have a little over a hundred 🍩 with a case offering branding and the powers house..
    Should I wait for holloween case…

  13. Pirozhock_s_kotom

    After update Maggie cannot party as its 70s…
    It was my favorite
    Boo, EA!

  14. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, after 2 days of emails and 7 different advisors, EA put Sideshow Bob in my inventory!
    One tiny little win for the underdogs?

    • Mr. Black, you are motivating me to do the same thing.

      My wife and I have been level 939 for several months and she finally got him on accident a couple of days ago, while collecting money from her buildings.

      She’s been rubbing it in my face ever since. 🙂

  15. I have iOS iPad. I haven’t received any updates. Have checked multiple times today. Very strange.

  16. I was having a jobs available issue. It said there were jobs available but all of my people were working. That problem seems to be gone now. Anyone else see that?

  17. Just updated and fixed itself for me. All is right with the world again.

  18. Lucky me…took my Dad to the doctor this morning, so I missed both updates. They bettter not mess with my grey walls 😱…this is the first nice looking wall they’ve offered (how many orange or purple walls are in your neighborhood?).😁

  19. I guess that’s why they call Australia the lucky country, no issues with my Springfield at all. Poochie & all related content still here & bonus % hasn’t changed. hopefully everyone impacted has it fixed soon. Always recycle, TO THE EXTREME!

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