Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Bundle(s)- Should You Buy?


Let’s start off with the fact that there has been plenty of “crazy” to go around here lately.  And as the movie “A Beautiful Mind” taught us, there are many levels of “crazy” that border on genius.  I think that one of things that attracts me most to crazy cat lady, is that she in fact borders on that line, and dares to step across it from time to time (stepping back to “normal” from crazy).

Aren’t we all just a little nuts about something in our lives? Say…oh…a digital game or something? But, I digress…

Eleanore (bet you didn’t remember she has a name) started out in life like many of us, with ambitions and dreams that are far above those of an average 8-year-old girl. According to the WIKI, “Eleanor Abernathy was a smart and ambitious young girl who wanted to be both a lawyer and a doctor “because a woman can do anything”. She was studying for law school at 16, and by 24, she had earned an MD from Harvard Medical School and a JD from Yale Law School. However, by 32, suffering from burnout, she had turned to alcohol, became obsessed with her pet cat, and would randomly take to cutting pieces of her own hair. By the time she was 40, she had assumed her present state as a drunken, raving lunatic. She once shared a cat with Moe.”  (See her full life story HERE)

So, right away, there is something deeper and more substantive than the average Springfieldean.  There is something endearing about someone who has found a way to deal the general insanity of the world (throwing cats), and has found an outlet for her unrequited love for humanity, by absorbing herself into another obsession. No. Not a mobile app game…CATS! Makes as much sense to me as loads of other things people do to cope.

But enough amateure psychology. What you guys really want to know is, “Should I BUY the Crazy Cat Lady Bundle or Not!!!  Get to it already!!!!”

OK. Let’s take a look.

CCL first showed up in our game during the Easter 2014 update. Yes. The very event that drove a good number of players CRAZY! (Remember the wHell? Remember Shary Bobbins? Remember? Remember?)  She was Premium at the time, and came with the Crazy Cat House.  And later, during the Clash of Clones event, we were able to earn a “Cat-apult” that uses cats as ammo. Not being a cat person, I love being able to fling cats over the wall into the High School. But, call me crazy. 


The original price of CCL.House bundle was 180 donuts.  You can find Alissa’s original SIB HERE.

But right here…you can see why some of us long-time players may get a little “crazy” over the new bundle pricing.  We spent 180 for CCL and the house.

If you DON’T Have CCL, you can get the bundle, including the house, AND the skin, for a NET price of 110 donuts (150 spent, with a 40 donut Rebate). CCL, House, and Crazy Iguana Lady Skin…for 11o donuts. That is a GREAT Bargain, compared to the old price.  But, you don’t get the swamp.

 If you DO have CCL, you are only offered the Swamp/CIL (Crazy Iguana Lady) skin for 110 donuts.

Yes. This is unfair to all longtime players who already own CCL. But, let’s not start another thread on “fairness.” Life isn’t fair. Ask Eleanor.

So…What are the Details? Well…they are a bit complicated, and the rewards are not evident, UNTIL you buy the bundle…which I did.

I’m gonna break this one down by option, because I do think there is a difference.

Bundle One- If You Have Crazy Cat Lady

 Foggy Swamp
Skin: Crazy Iguana Lady
Donut Price: 110
Size: 9×6
Conform-O-Meter: Tree-Hugging +200
Earns: Earns—regular task currency (for skin tasks as Crazy Iguana Lady) Earns Update Currency for Monster Battles


– Earns Update Currency for Battles
– Ads a new skin to Crazy Cat Lady with full list of quests
– Ads another “Spooky Decoration” with funny animation

-Swamp is a relatively small decoration with no earning power
– Cost is high for what amounts to a skin
– You likely don’t need her to meet daily/weekly THOH update goals
– Not Voiced…REALLY want to hear her babbling!!

She DOES Earn Battle Currency

Final Thoughts If you Already Have CCL:  I bought the bundle, mostly because it was one of the few things in the update that peaked my interest. But, when I step back and look at this from a pragmatic view…unless you have donuts to burn…I’d pass. Premium players- Sure, why not. She does help you reach your Daily Monster Quota more quickly.
Freemium Players- PASS. You don’t need the skin to win.

Bundle TWO (If you don’t have CCL)
Well…this is where it gets interesting (and a little unfair for all of us long-time players).  This bundle, with the rebate is a GREAT DEAL on CCL… let alone the bonus of the CIL (Crazy Iguana Lady) skin.

You don’t get the swamp.  But, really…as I already said above, it’s small, and just a decoration. NOT of any real value to the bundle…so you didn’t miss much!

Building: Crazy Cat Lady’s House
Character: Eleanor Abernathy aka Crazy Cat Lady WITH Crazy Iguana Lady Skin
Donut Price: 150 donuts- LESS 40 donut REBATE (Net cost 110 donuts)
House Dimensions: 7×4
$500,45xp Every 24hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Indolence +10

You are getting a DOUBLE WHAMMY for a ton less than the old-time players paid for just the character/house combo.

– Earns Update Currency for Battles
– Ads a new skin to Crazy Cat Lady with full list of quests
– Has a couple of hilarious outdoor tasks
– You can gloat that you got a GREAT DEAL that was far less expensive than the original!

– You likely don’t need her to meet daily/weekly THOH update goals
– Not Voiced…REALLY want to hear her babbling!!

Final Thoughts on Bundle #2-
Premium Players? BUY HER. She will make you laugh for months to come…and every time you do, you can know that you got a better deal than longtime players. She will help in doing battles against the monsters, helping you to “get everything” in this update.
Freemium Players?- If you have the bonuts (because we know you only play with bonus donuts) I would STILL recommend this as a buy.  She is absolutely worth it for a house/character/skin trifecta character.

FINAL FINAL HEADS UP... when I bought Bundle #1 …It also automatically elevated my MAG points to the next level, opening up Martin as another trick-or-treat kid!  Pretty cool. So at least for this update, it was a win-win-win again!

In the’s your call. What do YOU think about this bundle? Are you Crazy to pass it up?



137 responses to “Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Bundle(s)- Should You Buy?

  1. Character/house/Skin!!! =+110 donuts
    I’m so lucky, I get her in the doomsday chest first try (40 donuts) *-*

  2. Bought it. Great deal!

  3. Anyone know if CCL can still be used to fight monsters if purchased now? Just asking because I see Blinky on top of the fight screen now.

  4. I don’t think I got credited MAG points when I purchased this and placed the skin, anyone else have this happen?

  5. CCL is one of my favorite characters, and this was an immediate must buy for me. I am a CCL to six of my own kitties, so I am definitely biased! I like watching her fight monsters with that crazy hair flying. I am in a festive mood and enjoying Halloween, which is pretty much always EA’s best event.

  6. Is there a way to get the swamp if you buy it and don’t have the CCL already?

  7. For the CCL offer do you get MAG points only if you already have her (bundle 1) or do you get the MAG points for either option? I didn’t have her so I bought the bundle, and I thought I saw a message saying I was awarded MAG but my points didn’t go up. Wondering if I was just seeing things at this early hour of the morning.

    • MAG points come with the skin. So once you use her skin in your town you get them.

      • I didn’t have CCL before and just got her under the Crazy Iguana Lady event buy. I’m not seeing the event skin. It’s not showing up at the top like other characters with different skins. Do I need to do something to make it show up?

  8. Alex - aabcampos2

    Crazy iguana Lady 1hr and 8hrs tasks needs Mayan calendar. If you don’t have this limited-time old decoration you can’t use those tasks.

  9. Hey I’m a long time Freemium Tapper an even I’m impressed by the discount / deal (maybe EA will add a voice patch to this character if we all continue to call them out on it?) 😉

  10. Did the Herman’s Military Antiques purchase say it fights monsters? I thought I saw that, but he doesn’t show up on the list of characters to fight. Does anyone know if that will come into play another act, or if I read it wrong. Thank you! 🙂

  11. I don’t recall getting a foggy swamp… just Crazy iguana Lady. I have to check but I’m pretty sure……

  12. This was one of those ones that was an instant buy for me, especially since I had lots of free donuts saved up. I do regret it a bit now though since she’s not as helpful as I’d hoped for this event, I thought she would have a task to earn currency and I already have enough characters to fight monsters without her

  13. I’m relatively new to this, and this is my first event where I’m considering buying more donut items. I asked this on another post a few days ago, but haven’t gotten an answer yet, so hopefully you don’t mind me asking again.

    I’m not sure if you have more info somewhere, but what is the difference with the Film Permit vs the Hellementary? Would you be able to do a SIB on the new Halloween items? I only have enough donuts to get one or two of the new items.

    • Film permit don’t bother with that you don’t need it
      Stay clear of it it’s a total waste of D’s as for hellementary I passed on it didn’t fit in my Springfield lol

  14. anyone else find it annoying the change outfit option is on the top and not say to the left right or bottom of the task list?

  15. Thanks for the post. I was considering this bundle because I could *really* use some help fighting the large monsters, but since I already have CCL, it’s too expensive for what amounts to just a skin for her (the swamp seems to be underwhelming for everyone, seems like a “pass” for me).

  16. Thank you Patric for the CCL/ CIL post wasn’t sure if she was worth it, I already have CCL…… Well she’s my roll model 🙂 …. after reading your post I have decided to keep my doughnuts.
    Phew, normally end up rushing in n buying the duff (no pun intended) items.

  17. Pretty sure I got her mainly to get the holiday skin for her house out of my inventory.

  18. Is there a post that fully explain some the monster fighting part of the Halloween 16 update. I’m lost. Totally

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