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Treehouse of Horrors XXIX Act II Prize Guide – Haunted Crossroads

Ah….the good old Haunted Crossroads. Every great story about selling your soul to the devil has a “crossroads.”

Some would say that is is a metaphor for being at a crossroads in your life when can clearly take one path that is good for all, and another that is good only for you.  Others would argue that there are literal crossroads where the Devil likes to hang out to do his business.

Others would also point out that the song “Crossroads” is one of the most covered blues staples ever…and relates to the story of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil to gain talent, fame and fortune. And the way Robert’s life turned out, one might tend to believe the tale.

Or…it could just be another prize for a mobile game, struggling to remain relevant after more than 6 years.

This directly from EA via Twitter…

So, are we at a crossroads in the game?
Well…yes…kinda. Because it IS the first prize in Act II!

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