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More (Late) Prognostrication from Wookstradamus

A day late and a dollar short.

I’m sure regular readers have noticed I haven’t been around as much with school going on. Life has been crazy and between school, work, and life, there’s not a lot of free time. One thing that does bring me joy though in the moments I have to myself is writing here, doing my geek podcast, and playing the silly little mobile game which led to the writing gig in the first place.

Over the last week, I’ve been working on another speculation post based on the hints EA gave us with the take down of the Vacation Event. I love that they’re giving us teases which actually pan out and I feel it poignant to point out that a lot of folks guessed from the last one that Rommelwood Academy was in our futures. I wasn’t one of them but oh well. It definitely fits into the idea of Military Miseducation.

But wait!?! Didn’t the most recent one thing say something about misfires in connection to the military? I don’t see anything which falls into that category unless you count the premium missile with a drawing of Homer on it so it while I initially thought about scrapping this entire post as being too late to matter, instead of wasting the time it took to get it done, I figured it couldn’t hurt to still present my ideas. Heck… even a broken clock is right twice a day so why not prognoscticate like the Wookstradumb@$$ I am?

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Prognostication with Wookstradamus

So EA took away our snow and brought us a winter take-down update. While I find my Springfield to be glaringly green all of a sudden and miss my Wookiee Winterland, this time of year always leads to some speculation about the future of the game. Of course, EA made that even easier with some teases in the app store descriptions.

iOS and Android – The New Year has been rung in, and the soggy decapitated goat heads have been wrung out. With Springfield getting back to normal, what will be next for your town? An inaugural incident? A romp around the world? A valentine visit from a gluttonous gal? Maybe some military miseducation? You’ll just have to wait to find out!

Amazon – The heretics have had their time and a new year has been celebrated. As the religious riots settle and the townsfolk get back to their normal lives, what’s next for your town? An inaugural incident? A romp around the world? An invasion of bow wielding gnomes?

I must admit, I laughed at these as I often do. Whoever writes the script for the beginnings of updates gets two furry thumbs up. Anyhoo… all these questions got me thinking about what the clues might mean. In a typical fashion, I sat down in the attic, blew the Cheetos dust off my fingers, and thought and thoughts and crunched and thought about what each hint made me reminisce about from the Best. Show. Ever. With some good thinks accomplished, Alissa convinced me to share my fuzzy thinking with all of you. I won’t share my cheesy poofs but I guess you can have my ideas. With all that being said, here’s Wookstradamus Prognostication based on veiled hints from a clever writer at EA.

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Diary of a Wookiee: What’s next? Wookin for clues in Alderaan places

Wowza… EA ended the Superheroes Sequel and then walloped us with the return of the Monorail for everybody. Any tapper who knows me should know how thrilled I am to see the return of this for the game. I actually finally built some track in my town although I’m not completely happy with it and still considering a complete redesign so I can make it pretty. Anyhoo… like most take-downs recently, EA decided to tease some possible future stuff in their update message.

2016-07-26 12.35.29

But what the heck does this all mean. Sure it could all just be a joke from the designers but there is usually a kernel of truth within the farce. I decided to do a little thinking and see if I could come up with episodes that might bring stuff to us pertaining to these hints. Here’s what I came up with. Continue reading

TSTO Anonymous: Jonesing for the Next Event

So it’s been a while since we held one of our TSTO Anonymous meetings and I thought it was high time we did one while we still had some time before the next big thing. I wracked my brains for a topic and Alissa kindly suggested we discuss the idea of “jonesing for the next event.” While we jokingly named this site TSTO Addicts, the idea of needing the next big fix is something synonymous with addiction. Why should it be any different for people that play mobile games?  We all want more of the stuff that we love. With that idea in mind, I found some images in my saved pics and rambled on with my thoughts about the next big thing. Fair warning, this might entail it being past midnight and half awake so pull up a chair, warm up the coffee, and let’s get this shindig started.

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Foreshadowing and Speculation….

Update: And now this has hit the Tapped Out Facebook Page:

superhero facebook taser

This tells me we may see it sooner than some of us think…we shall see.  But stay tuned to Addicts for all the update fun! 🙂 (you know…when it hits 😉 )

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So something strange happened to Amazon Kindle users in the UK today (not all but some)…they got a little accidental update from EA.  This update gave a bit of a spoiler of what’s to come in the world of TSTO…or so we think.

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