Bunny Shadow Play

So I was let out of the basement and told to go outside today and stand there while everyone stared at me. It felt really odd just standing there in the sunshine. Why was everyone just looking at me? Did I have something on my face?

At the end of it all everyone seemed mad at me. Don’t know why. They kept shouting something about 6 weeks. I’m not sure if it was the way I was standing, the fact I was eating some carrots, or that I had a little too much “water” to drink and couldn’t hold still. I just wanted to hop around. It’s not often I get let out of the basement.

So short story long…my legs and feet are REALLY cold now. Hope y’all are happy. I still don’t know why I had to go stand outside in the sun. All I could see was my shadow. Nothing too important.

Bunny Snowy Shadow

Hoppy Tappin’


(FYI…for those of you confused as to what Bunny was drinking that caused her to post this…just look up Groundhogs Day.)

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25 responses to “Bunny Shadow Play

  1. Really freakin weird… I went to a neighbours town, and there, on the town hall next to some graffiti was a female shadow with a hand on her hip… Just like your pic….. Disappeared when I went back…. What have you been up to?!! Anyone else caught this?

    • Someone has to keep Quimby in line. Lol.

      There actually IS shadows of women on Town Hall when you turn it a certain way with the graffiti. I think it is a lil giggle for EA that they put it in there. 😉

  2. Hey, I finally got on but it was kind of a let down seeing that I have to wait 24 hours for flowers…I just finished the questline for the courthouse/comicbookguy/brockman thingy and I’m 8,000 XP away from my next three donuts putting me at 121 total…thinking about the schoolbus/Otto or maybe the film studio…no, I’m never buying any donuts…but more neighbors would help me get free ones…

    • Lol…buy…you know you wanna. Give into temptation. 😉

      I like the level up freebees. They’re awesome!

  3. Thanks…sooo you’re a chick then? Thought “dud” was the new lazy way to spell dude…that helps explain a few things…lol

    • I’m sorry, where’s my manners…you didn’t do that piece for little ole me did you???…since I was the only one complaining about it…??? If so, that was sweet…sorry I’ve been so mean to you…honest!!!

    • Totally a lady bunny. For the record, she’s no dud either lol.

    • Lol. Last time I checked there was still all female parts (maybe a tail and some ears too.) 😉

      p.s. Dud was a part of my name.

      • I gave up trying to tell the difference years ago…I have stories but not appropriate here…again, thanks!!!
        As for the VD update…can’t get past the “Homer giving a giant a hand#&%” screen…oh well. I saw your bit about the origin app download and got rid of my lazy neighbors…only to read that the update now makes it easier to do…now I need new ones!!!…if I can ever get back into my Springfield.

      • Everybody loves you Bunny…I’d just get hated on if I didn’t love you back…have you ever been around someone that glows from happiness all the time to the point you want to hit them??? You glow girl…

        • You saying you wanna kick my arse Freak? Lol 😉

          Love me or hate me…just have fun is all I care about.

          I’m glowing??!! Oh frak, I think I have been standing too close to the nuclear waste barrels again. I better watch out or I will grown another giant foot or ear. 😉

  4. Tapper for life

    Oh, bunny you’re waaay cuter than a groundhog.

  5. Tapper for life

    Ohhhhhhh, I see what you did there very clever

  6. Ok, that was… random?

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