Real Housewives of Springfield: Belle

Welcome Addicts to a new addition to our posts. In this little game of ours, we tend to forget those characters that are few and far between. We get so involved in the game, so into the latest events…that we sometimes forget to pay attention to the little things. The little details that make the Springfield world go around. The thing that seems to be really lacking/missing from Springfield.

What exactly is it I am going on about? What is so terribly important to the game that would draw such attention. WOMEN OF COURSE! To be a bit more specific, The Real Housewives of Springfield (and maybe a mistress or 3. Gotta have the drama aspect in any series, right?).

So keep your eyes on our blog as we take you on a new journey into the lives of each of the women currently and NOT currently available in the game.

housewives belle

This week I decided to tackle a woman who is hidden in Springfield (or at least she was until Bart exposed her). The woman in question is the owner and Madame of La Maison Derriere, Belle.

Yes, I am aware she only appeared on one quick short episode, but I really think she would make a great addition to the game. Not only as a character, but she would come with a really cool looking building to add to the mix of houses already in the game.

Belle Maison Derriere 1

Belle Maison Derriere

So lets jump into the TV screen and see why her and her business would be an AWESOME addition.

Season 8, Episode 5: Bart After Dark

The episode begins with the Simpson family around the TV watching Itchy & Scratchy. (Shocking, huh?) Brockman breaks into the show with a report of an oil tanker ran aground on Baby Seal Beach. Lisa desperately wants to go help clean up the spill and begs Marge to take her. Marge leaves Homer and Bart alone at the house. (Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.)

Lisa arrives at the beach to find out that all the animals are reserved for celebrities. All that is left for her and Marge is rocks. Lots and lots and lots of rocks.

Meanwhile Homer and Bart are just completely trashing the house.

Belle 1

But Bart is getting bored. So he goes to hang out with Milhouse and Nelson. Both Bart and Nelson are annoyed at just how perfect Milhouse is flying the plane, so Nelson grabs the remote and makes the plane start to chase people. He ends up crashing the plane into the “Haunted House that the witch lives in”. As the rest of the boys sit there talking about all the scary things that go on in the house, Bart decides to show them up. He climbs a tree over the gate and onto the roof where the plane landed. He starts showing off and dancing around on the roof catwalk. He slips and falls down the roof, knocking a gargoyle off as he barely hangs on the edge of the gutter.

Belle 2

The gargoyle shatters as it hits the ground. Bart eventually falls as he loses his grip (dang caterpillar) and falls into the bushes below. He is greeted by the “witch” and dragged to the Simpson house…by his ear. (OUCH!)

Belle 3

Belle 4

Homer greets them at the door…in a paper bag…he apparently misplaced his pants.

Belle 5

Lol. She demands that Bart be disciplined for his actions. Homer explains that Bart doesn’t like that. So Belle tells him she will come back and talk with his Mother instead.

Belle 6

Homer doesn’t want Marge involved, so he agrees to punish the boy. He drives Bart to her home and tells him he has to do chores for her until he has paid her back for the damages to the gargoyle.

Belle 8

Bart is annoyed because he assumes he is going to be dusting off doilies for the old woman. What lies behind all the curtains and drapes is NOT what he was expecting at all. Bart asks her what is going on. She explains it is a burlesque house. Normally they don’t allow children there, but Homer was so insistent.

Belle 7

Bart doesn’t care what chores she gives him, he is just glad to be a part of the team. She also lets him be the door man. Greeting the visitors and tossing out the trash.

Belle 9

Bart’s Grampa happens to be the first visitor to enter…then promptly leave…then returns again.


Meanwhile Lisa is growing very tired of cleaning rocks. VERY VERY tired of it. They have had enough and very quickly drive away.

Back at the Maison, after an act cancelled, Belle figures whoever will fit in the lil costume will be the one to warm up the crowd.

Belle 10

Bart is a lil nervous at first, but quickly warms up to the crowd. Homer is at home listening to the news, “Do you know where your children are?” He doesn’t, so he goes looking for him. Belle apologizes for keeping him there so late. Homer starts to yell at her…then realizes what is going on behind the curtain…and is lost.

Belle 11

The “nosey neighbors” learn of Bart working at the burlesque house and come to have words with Homer. (Thanks to Skinner tattling…he was only there to find directions to get away from there…uh huh…suuuuuuuure.) As Homer is explaining that he is just fine with Bart working in a burlesque house, Marge arrives home.

Marge is furious that there is such a place in their “wholesome” lil town. Needless to say, she is not exactly happy about the fact that Homer has allowed Bart to work there.

Marge goes to reason with Belle. Asking her nicely to just shut the place down and move far away from there. Belle explains to her that they are just as much a part of Springfield as the Church, the Library, or the Crazy House…so she will just stay. She threatens Belle that she is not to be ignored.

Belle 12

A town meeting is called to discuss the Maison Derriere. Marge leads the group and tells the town about the “house of loose ethics”. She starts to show just how many Springfieldians are venturing into the house, but is careful to “hide their identity”. (I don’t think just covering their eyes is quite enough disguise.)

Belle 14

Belle 15

Quimby, caught on camera, decides to put it to a vote whether or not to demolish the burlesque house. Only a few vote at first, until the are given a glare by Marge and the gospel group, then all vote in favor.

Belle 13

The angry mob storms the house.

Belle 17

Homer tries to reason with them…with a song and dance routine of course. Belle joins in, “We put the SPRING in Springfield…” So after all that…the gospel group decides the house stays.

Belle 16

Belle 19

Belle 20

Marge shows up late, as she had to go pick up the bulldozer. She is irritated that she missed the song, so tries one of her own…accidentally triggering the bulldozer to head towards the house. Marge feels awful and asks if there is anyway she can make it up to her. So…next up on the stage…Marge and her dummy.

Belle 21

So there is the episode and the appearance of the woman I want added to our Springfield. I REALLY would like to see Belle and the Maison Derriere in the game. REALLY REALLY REALLY. There are so many cool possibilities. I can see all the men having a task to “visit” there. A mass task of the Mob storming the house. Bart running the door. Milhouse flying his plane outside of it. Just so many cool possible tasks to add to the growing list of characters. And…A FRAKKIN AWESOME LOOKING HOUSE. We really need MORE houses in the game. (hint hint EA.)


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  1. This is like the one thing I want added most to this game still. Because… “That was our only burlesque house”

  2. Got it, love the dancers, …….now you need a new campaign,

    I want a Pretzel Wagon ! 🙂

  3. I used to use Bart’s line when crossing the streets on my bike – “Ha ha I’m going to die!”

  4. Well, it took them long enough ;), your wish is finally granted it’s here!!!

  5. Belle is the perfect VD update

  6. There’s something about the way that Homer indignantly delivers the line ” I have misplaced my pants” after being asked ” Are you wearing a grocery bag?” that makes me howl with laughter. It’s possibly one of my favourite Simpsons moments. 🙂

  7. Ooooh! New mini-game! Bunny performing the balloon dance, pop the right balloons and win donuts!

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