Are You Ready For VD?

Ooooooooh…I look around and all I see is lil hearts, flowers, and HOLY FRAK WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO THOSE POOR STUFFED ANIMALS??!! There’s millions of them. EVERYWHERE!!!

So my question is…WHAT YOU GETTING ME??!! KARATS??!! …errr…ummmm….I mean…Are YOU ready for some Valentine’s Day fun in Simpsons Tapped Out? No? Well Bunny here to give you the typical breakdown on how to prepare your town for the upcoming fun to be had.

TSTO Valentine's Day


1-Save Up As Much In Game Cash As You Possibly Can: To try and save, I send all my characters on 30/60 minute tasks as often as possible. This is where those tile and other glitches come in handy at accruing a lot of money in a short amount of time. In Krustyland, because I am unsure if they will add yet another ride into the event, I am doing the similar to try and save enough tickets as I can.

simpsons tapped out money

2- Make Your Town Easy To Navigate: A lot of towns I have visited were a complete disaster (oh wait, that’s MY towns). My towns are a lil out of sorts right now from adding new buildings, so I have quite a few Homeless Homes but they are still set in an area to try and keep my town clean and open. So CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH…and organize it in a neat lil corner for (future 2D art use). Make your buildings sit apart enough for people to find items if any are hidden behind them. We never know just what kinds of goodies and tasks they are going to give us for this event.


3- DONUTS DONUTS DONUTS: With new events comes new goodies, and with EA’s naughty lil side…that usually translates to donuts. If you took advantage of the Gil’s deal during Christmas and saved a few, this would be a good time to see what new cool items you can add to your town. No worries, we will bring you “Should I Buy” with the new items to help you in the decision making. I have held back on anything I possibly can and also attempted to max out my XP bar to gain donuts. I have managed to save up 100 in game donuts. Not too shappy for FREE DONUTS!


4- Do You Have Enough Friends/Neighboreenos?: I have hit my max of 100 friends now and I am trying to figure out how to manage them. It can be draining to visit each and every one of them all at once, so I break it up into three time slots. 1/3 in morning. 1/3 in afternoon. 1/3 just before bed. IF the Halloween and Christmas Event gave us a taste of how EA wants us to play now, you WILL need neighbors. They were relied on heavily to help you hit your personal goals as well as working to hit those community goals. It is up to you just how many you want to make it work for your schedule. Time to clean up those you NEVER visit and give them space to locate a new neighbor (you’re taking up their spots in their 100 too, so if you don’t want them…remove them).

Add friends image

5- Keep Checking the Blog for Tips n Tricks: Bunny has plenty of “water” stashed, Wookiee has his cheesey poofs stockpiled, and poor Alissa is just hoping and praying I don’t set the house on fire out of sheer boredom while we wait. When it does hit, we will be working as quickly as we can round the clock to try and stay on top of and hopefully in front of all the tasks and characters that the new event will bring. So keep your computer, iPad, laptop, cellphone, etc all bookmarked to for updates so you can enjoy the game to its fullest extent. Let us do the work for you (yah bunch of lazy slobs. Sheesh).

6- HAVE FUN FOR FRAKS SAKE: In the end this is only a game (says the Addict). Don’t stress out over getting done with it all RIGHT AWAY. Take it easy. As I said above, we will try and keep you posted as often as we can, so just enjoy. If you get too overwhelmed…walk away. Get some snacks. Rest your mind. It will still be there waiting for you when you return. Promise. Glitches WILL happen, sorry, that is just the nature of the game. But our lil technical Addicts department will be here to help out with that too. (Bunny will be bouncing on the EA lines to make sure they pay attention.)



Candy-Hearts (1)

So Keep Calm and TAP ON!!!


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49 responses to “Are You Ready For VD?

  1. To bad lots of us did not think of growing corn…. Mine should have been done in 60 days, but because of the need to grow roses, the update speeded that up! Since the glitch didn’t work I think it was a nice gesture.

  2. I got the update! Several hours ago. I am in New Zealand at the moment.

    • This is weird, I now know the update had been released and you had articles about it. But I am seeing and old version of the page somehow. You can delete my comment above together with this one.

  3. Brandine as premium character!!! And she has task for 90 days to give birth to child. And there is new category in characters – with three Spuckler children. Looks like she will be producing new characters through 90 days quest 🙂

  4. I am so ready!!! Bring it on EA!!!!

  5. It has to be coming soon because all day I’ve been getting all these random tasks. Whenever the game starts ramping up the tasks for my characters I know an event is about to start!

  6. I’m ready for some new tasks for my characters.valentines..Mardis gras..St pattys…or and easter are all back to back to back..I’d like to see the north n south Irish parades collide again

  7. Any idea how EA will tie-in Black History Month? My father took me to the Woolworth’s where the famous “Sit-ins” took place when I was but a wee lad…had a grilled cheese sitting beside a black man…but they still had “colored” water fountains…myself?…I’m 1/32 Cherokee, so…
    1/32 of me isn’t too happy about Columbus or Thanksgiving Day.

    • It would be awesome if they tied this in somehow but not sure how they’d go about it. They didn’t do anything last year so there’s no precedent for it. I’d love to see something with Carl or Judge Snyder. You got my imagination going for sure.

      • Wookiee…I’m going crazy over here…my mom thinks they’re gonna skip V Day, and someone on the EA forums thinks that Lv 39 will come out Thurs in lieu of an event…what do you think?

        • There is still nothing in the files as of yet. I just want SOMETHING to hit soon.

          • Was there something in the files before the other events?

            • Occasionally something will appear in the files hours before the update hits (lately) but so far there’s nothing showing. Before July all the updates were listed in the files for weeks prior to them launching, but now EA is being sneaky sneak with the updates. 🙂

        • It’s all speculation. I so want to burst into song and sing “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story… could be…. who knows… there’s something due any day, I will know right away, soon as it shows……

  8. Well I’m not usually a negative Ned but we are running out of time for a major VD event.

    • I tend to agree with you my friend.

      • Alissa, do you think we aren’t getting one?

        • I think we’re still getting an update…but the extent of an “Event” (like Christmas and Halloween) is in question in my mind. I just think time is running out for a lengthy event. So they may do something like they did for St. Patrick’s Day last year (or Thanksgiving this year) where it’s a few items and quests but no collecting of an item (like GOO or Gift Cards) like last year. At least that’s my thought….I hope I’m wrong though 🙂

    • Well…people couldn’t waitfor the Christmas update, and two weeks later (and christmas being over) people couldn’t wait to get rid of the snow. Hard to tell, what tappers really want. 😉

  9. I cant visit my krustyland after i got free donuts for jubediah statue, why?

    • One should have nothing to do with the other. Try hard closing the app (app manger, close app) and restarting it. 🙂

  10. There WILL be a V day update, right? They wouldn’t skip it, would they?

    • I find it hard to believe they would skip Valentine’s Day all together…especially if we got a mini Super Bowl update. I think it’s coming very very soon 🙂

    • They skipped Groundhog Day…much more important…

  11. When is the update coming??? I am 200% ready!!!

  12. I don’t know if it was time for me to receive the free donut at the balloon pop stand in Krustyland or if this was a game freebie, but instead of receiving just one doughnut, I received FIVE DOUGHNUTS!! WOO HOO!!!!

  13. You know you are an addict when you see Homer in a white suit chased over the title page by a cupid dressed bunny whilst he downloads belle on your tablet.

    You then get disappointed when you switch on your hudl and realise its all a dream…..when did I stop having romantic dreams about Michelle Pfeiffer a week before VD to he replaced by Homer and a bunny?

  14. Well the smurfs had there valentines update today. EA should be right behind (don’t judge me I was bored especially after I had to shovel out a two car garage) still addicted to tsto

  15. My wife avoids stores around v-day because she ends up wanting to rescue all the stuffed bunnies that look so lonely on the shelves..?!?!

  16. I hope either way they get my account fixed before a good update. I’m having serious withdrawals…every time I login it’s level 1 🙁

    • 🙁 that makes me sad. I hope you get up and running soon too. Hang in there. Keep on top of the emails. Bug them if you don’t hear from them after a week.

  17. Just say “No” to VD…I’m sure everyone has already had that lecture at home and in school…in my case it was the “Girls have cooties” class…

  18. I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer but my hopes for a VD update are sinking fast 🙁

  19. As today progressed, and still no Valentines Day event commenced after the Super Bowl event, I started to wonder if they may forego VAlentine and do an Olympic event instead. But then I remembered that unlike the Super Bowl on Fox, the Olympics are on NBC, so I doubt they’ll promote that with an Olympic themed event. Though it would be cool to get Springy the Springfield Spring, their mascot from the Olympics to Springfield episode. Or even Ciggy the Cigarette Patty and Selma designed.

  20. I keep holding off buying donuts for the Valentines update. I do hope Bunny gets 24 Karats in celebration of Bunny is awesome day though.

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