Weekend Update: February 2nd-8th

Well hello there Tappers and happy weekend!

I know Bunny usually covers these updates but she’s been so busy hopping all over the country I decided to give her the morning off to recharge her battery.

So another week has come and gone and what a crazy week it was!  Everything from site maintenance, downed servers & the Valentine’s Day Update!  So what are we waiting for?  Let’s dive into anything you might have missed this past week on Addicts….

Weekend Update AddictsSUNDAY: We started off the week with Alissa’s coverage (And walkthrough) of the Super Bowl Sunday quest did YOU get your free Blimp?  Then stopped back in that night to bring you a Super Bowl Sunday Open Thread.  Did YOU catch it?  It was more exciting than the game!

A little later in the morning Bunny covered of one of the most requested (by you guys) characters for the game with her Real Housewives of Springfield: Belle post.  Then she hopped back in for a little Shadow Play in honor of Groundhog’s day! 

MONDAYAlissa brought us all some great giggles with this Monday’s Caption This.

Then Wookiee dropped in to bring us not 1 but TWO Where Did THAT Come From Posts, for both Phineas Q Butterfat’s and the Duff Blimp. Do YOU know the story behind them?

Bunny hopped in that night with a post reminding us just how to prepare our towns for Valentine’s Day, were you prepared?

TUESDAY: Alissa kicked the day off with a little Housekeeping Post talking about our new “home” and how happy we are to finally be settled!

Then she popped back in with a special Blogiversary Poll because we want to know more about YOU!  Did you take the poll yet?  Hurry we’ll be sharing the results next week 🙂

WEDNESDAY: Wookiee kicked the morning off with another page from his diary with a little culture and West Side Story about waiting for the update.

Bunny then took a peek at the game files and saw an update had hit the servers.  She reminded tappers that an update should be hitting our games at any moment.  She then gave us a little sneak peak at this week’s Springfield Showoff and asked you to show us your Duff!

Alissa then introduced a special page just so you can add friends for Valentine’s Day…just in time for the update to hit!  Are you looking for new friends?  Add your request to this post.

Then BAM update city!  As usual we were ALL OVER the update!  Bringing you coverage left and right starting with the update being live in each device’s App Store, then we brought you a complete run down of all of the new Valentine’s Day items and we ended the day with a rundown on earning Hearts and a break down of the Wheel of Frendship!  Whew Wednesday was crazy!

THURSDAY: Was just as crazy!  The day kicked off with Wookiee showing us a little Deja Vu, with a recap of the “new” items in TSTO that we’ve already talked about.

Alissa then turbo tapped Valentine’s day as well as brought a little humor and Community chatter while we all suffered together waiting for the servers to come back.
We then ended Thursday with a Should I Buy on Brandie and a quick recap of her tasks and birthing the Spuckler children.

FRIDAY: Woo-hoo TGIF!  Of course the excitement of the weekend didn’t slow us down, we still had you covered.

Wookiee once again kicked the morning off with a Where did THAT come from?  this time all about Madame Chao’s.

Bunny hopped in quickly to provide us with a full character list of who you can send Valentine’s to, this way you know who get’s a Valentine and who stays lonely 🙁

Alissa posted answers to many of YOUR questions about Valentine’s Day.  Check it out, most likely something you’re wondering has been answered there.
She then stopped back in to tell us all about the new changes to Origin in TSTO, now you can delete friends in TSTO!

SATURDAY: Well you’ll have to stay tuned to see what we have in store for you today 🙂

ANOTHER REMINDER…WHO WANTS FREE STUFF??!! Have YOU entered our Valentine’s Day Contest? Come on. YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!! Contest Ends February 10th.

A little ramble on accessing the files: Yes for all of you who are wondering…we can see the files.  As can many other Tappers and blog sites.  We access the files via the computer.  There’s a key file that we can download the content from, so we don’t need to connect our devices (or wait for the update to hit our devices) to see what’s in them.

Once the game files hit the server we can start to extract them and take a look inside.  We do not post specific spoilers about any upcoming content unless we can verify it ourselves.

We don’t pretend to have a crystal ball and say we know exactly when an update will hit.  We never have and never will, no one can.  We can only predict, based on the history, that once a file hits the servers these days the update will hit our devices within hours.  Our predictions of dates and times is based on the history we’ve experienced with various updates (whether in game or via the app store) and NOT something we’re claiming to see in the files.

Our access to the files only allows us to see what’s in the upcoming update (images, tasks, quests, conform-o-meter ratings, etc).  We use them a lot to answer many of your questions (in addition to playing the game).

When it comes to images and graphics that we use on our site, we’ve pulled these from the files ourselves.  One of the founding members of Addicts is a computer programmer and graduate of MIT.  He’s the one who taught us how to look into the files and he’s the one who extracts the images and animations for us.  Which is why there are many many times that we’ll have graphics and animations no other site will have.

We pride ourselves on verifying information ourselves so that we don’t bring you all wrong information.

So the next time some Cranky Person stands up on his soapbox and tells you to feed the Bunny a carrot and shut up…just push him off and tell him to go back to drinking his cheap wine and KRAM it.  (especially when said Cranky Person knows we access the files ourselves, since I’ve personally shown him exactly what to do..)

What did YOU think of the week?  What was your favorite part? How are you doing in the update?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing for you!

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. I need neighbors 🙂

  2. I really need neighbors please! Pmoon44

  3. I wanted to say Thank u !!! I stumbled upon this site and it was the best stumble ever.. U guys r really helpfull. If I have an issue i jst come here and find out if i’m alone and i see i’m not..if I need friends their here not to mention all the tips and walkthrough u help us with….Keep up the great work luv u guys 😉

    • Awww well we love our readers. Welcome to the Addicts Madness! Glad you found us. We are always happy to help all we can. 😉

    • Agreed! You guys are awesome and have the most valuable TSTO site by far! Let’s hear it for the Addicts team….

      (To be shouted in your best Al Pacino voice)


  4. I especially enjoyed the ‘Cranky Guy KRAM it!’ portion of the rant — thank you guys for all that you do… in the famous words of one Dr. Evil: “Mini-Me, you complete me!”

    • Hehehehe. Some other “men” are hating on me. Don’t know why. Jealousy that I know their lil “secret” of reading files. Lol

      I enjoy telling others to KRAM it. 😉

    • haha well Cranky…person. 😉
      And you’re most certainly welcome, thank you for reading! 🙂

  5. Hi
    I am having exactly the same issues as Chaos. I have been stuck on a 60 minute task since yesterday evening and managed to get into the game twice since for about two minutes and, as above, not saved the few I managed to release from tasks. Very frustrating. The same is happening for others I know who play.

    Bloomin love this game though and love this site too! Thank you.
    Cathalar the newbie to tsto! 😉

    • So many server issues with this update. It is frustrating for all around. Such an awesome Freemium game compared to all the others out there. Sorry. Even us here on the Addicts team are going through it. But no worries. Bunny won’t give up. I have actually been in my games today and making progress on many things I needed to do. Hang in there.

      Follow my advice to chaos and keep us updated.


  6. do you know if there is a bug or something because i can’t get my game to load on my android or kindle, sometimes i get the ‘synchronising’ page or just the donut spinning for ages, helpppp its killing me not being able to play 🙁

  7. I am not sure if this is the right place to do this but I am having major problems in my game and it is the first time. I wanted to check if anyone else is or if it is a server deal before I contact EA. After yersterday I have not been able to stay in my game for longer than about two minutes nor is anything being saved. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. (On two devices). Also I have tried the trick of going to another person’s town to save, but I can never make it to anyone’s town it crashes first! We have had a huge snow storm so I am wondering if it is on my end. Though I am only getting the bart screen that says to retry. I also have stable enough internet to watch Netflix. Though I do realize that Netflix “buffers” so that it can play for a while after losing a connection. So is it time to contact EA or should I wait for a bit longer? Thanks!

    • Out of all this…the one thing that catches my eye is you say it is “not saving”. If you are losing game play after playing a while, that is definitely a “Contact EA” issue. If you are losing it due to you were only in mere seconds and therefore the game had no time to sync the few moments of play, it is a signal issue. I know the servers are up and down, but not being able to get good steady WiFi (or cell service) will mess with your game.

      Bart screen can pop up during server issues as well as poor signal. Give it just a lil bit and try again. If you are playing for several minutes and it is not saving your progress…contact them right away. Keep us updated how it goes. 😉

      • Thanks Bunny! I will I am going to try and be patient, I am not an expert but am decently tech savy, so I made sure I tried everything first. I will try and be patient, at least this is a more laid back event so I won’t miss a lot. If I still have issues tomorrow I will contact EA. 🙂

      • Really encouraging to hear others are having the same issues, means that my game is most likely not corrupted, or having any serious issues. : )

      • After a 24 hour hiatus my game is back up and running. It is also saving progress again! Super happy, and a little bit shocked to my level of distress when I couldn’t acess my town. Much more of an addict than I assumed. I don’t know how Wookie survived two weeks! What a brave cheeto-dust-encrusted furball! 😀

      • access***

  8. Hi Everybody!!! I would just like to say Bunny, isn’t this supposed to be your morning off? LOL! Anyway, i LOVE TSTO ADDICTS! Best! Site! Ever! I also love our new Origin! Thank You EA! I love this Valentine Event! Wish i could get my SF organized faster! Oh, also, Well said Alissa!! Keep on Tappin cause i know i am! : )

    • Day off? Wait a minute…I get those??! ALISSA???!!!!!!

      Lol. I try and not miss a moment to help YOU all. I like to stay on top of things. I am an Addict too. A lil bit more crazy (hence Patient Zero of Addicts Asylum) but I miss it too much when I am away.

      p.s. WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!

  9. So far, I like the Valentine Event. After the frenzy of Halloween and Christmas within such a short time I was literally ‘tapped out’ and had to take some time off, because the game wasn’t fun anymore. Anyway, I am back on now, and I really like that you can go about this event more leisurely. Plenty to do, but no pressure to tap every second you can spare to finish in time. And so much useful info from you guys, thanks for that! This has become my favourite TSTO blog.

    • Awwww well thanks for being a part of Addicts. We prefer to have more fun and enjoyment than anything else. (Gives me a place to release my cray cray) 😉

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