Two dimensional LOVE in a 3-D world

Oh!  Chest pains…. I think I’m having a heart attack… too much pink drowning my senses with their sublime cheesiness.  Melodramatics created…. must find man card…..  Oh wait, it’s not angina pectoris at all.  I just was choking on a chili cheese frito.  Y’all can completely ignore that random stream of words, ok?

So, it’s 2D Tuesday here at Addicts and I figured it’s about time to share some more “art” with you.

VD Homer & Marge

First off, before I begin, I have to mention all the pink.  Ugh.  While I will be stockpiling VD decorations for future art, it all makes me think way too much about medicine forced down my throat as a young wookiee when my tum tum was bothering me.  Bleh and double bleh…  Ok… I feel better having said that.

So… it’s almost the Feast Day of Saint Valentine (kicking it old school with my holidays) and that means love is in the air.  Hopefully all tapperinoss and Addicts are adequately prepared whether they’re celebrating VD, S.A.D. or Zombie Eat Your Heart Out Day (ZEYHOD).  If not, better get a move on buster… there’s only 3 days left!

I chews Addicts

In The Simpsons, love is a consistent theme.  Show me how Marge isn’t a true example of unconditional love and I’ll stare at you like you farted.  I mean, c’mon. I love me some Homer J., but that man has put his lady through some hi-jinks. Through it all, Marjorie sticks by his side and is a great wife.  She deserves some romance, right?  Luckily for her, every once in a while, Homie comes through.

I thought I’d share with you one instance of this in 2D.  2D you might ask?  Yup, in Million Dollar Maybe (S21:E11).  Homer wins the lottery but can’t tell Marge because he blew off a romantic toast they’d rehearsed for a wedding to buy the ticket.  Yet another instance of Homer getting advice from a fortune cookie folks.  He hides the money and comes up with all sorts of schemes to spend the money on the family.  At the very end, he takes Marge on a romantic balloon ride to tell her about his deception.  All ends well except he spent the last of it on the balloon because he didn’t know he could rent one.  (Why do I totally wish the balloon had been in this update?!?)  Not a complete loss because he also apparently spent money on a beautiful 2D for his beloved.

Love of my life 2D

If that doesn’t say love, the only other thing I can think of to beat it would be being honest with your partner and spending lots of cash together.  Since Bunny and I both know the joys of being 2D broke, I can identify with Homer’s choice.

You know, this isnt the first time Homer has used 2D to make his point to Marge. When he agrees to let Artie Ziff go on a weekend alone with Marge for 1 million dollars, he writes a less romantic message for Marge to see as she is whisked off in Artie’s helicopter.  (Season 13, Episode 10: Half-Decent Proposal)

Homer 2D

Now that’s a message sure to inspire love for a tapper’s significant other.  I love seeing 2D in the actual show.  Makes all the silly art I’ve made and enjoyed from others seem so appropriate to the game.  In the spirit of sharing, here’s some cool VD ones from five-fingered, non-yellow people.

Bunny got bored just like me and made a little S.A.D. tribute in her town.

Bunny SAD

In my town, I figured a simple heart might work for my Tunnel of Love ride.       (I hope EA is reading this though because I’d love to use my VD decorations in Krustyland hint hint).

KL Heart

Trying to be defiant towards the holiday, I also made a simple tribute to another (more important) event going on this month.


My favorite Valentine 2D I’ve seen though is by my friend and neighborino Joooooooooooooodah.  She is immensely talented and creates some really rad stuff.  Homer and Marge showing their wuv.

VD Simpsons Romance

Now that’s some cheese I think every one can like.  Since it is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d get of my duff and actually make something for the holiday besides a little heart and symbol of a global competition.  Consider this my special Valentine just for you.  (no, not you, the one right next to you, the one with the eyes, you know, the cute one, oh jeesh, not her…. ok fine, it’s for you)

My favorite Valentine’s Day episode has to be I’m With Cupid (S10:E14). Apu’s 7 days of romantic gifts, a noble raccoon, Elton John and a skywriting plane…. so cool.  (For more on this episode check out this post.)

Fantastic Dan’s plane is my favorite part of the episode and courtesy of Homer, his skywriting for Apu goes awry.  Instead of Manjula’s name, Homer causes the Sarin gas container (seriously, watch the episode) to explode making a strange star shape in the sky.  The women of Springfield see what they want to in the character and romance in Springfield is saved.

VD - I LOVE U Blobby

What do you think it says?  Acceptable answers are Angel, Poppinfresh, Edna K., Cactus, Blobby and Epsilon.  I love it.  With no true Valentine this year (yes        S. P., I remember you are my digital valentine), I wanted this in my town.  I think of the star as the true representation of all my favorite Addicts.

For this 2D, I wanted to do my lettering a little different.  To start off, you gotta write the letters.  This is what I came up with.


The blob was a booger to do but I like what I came up with.  It’s a combination of $25 and $70 shrubs.  To do something a little different, I used the $1200 phone booths to outline the letters.

VD 2D 2

I really liked how this almost made my 2D lettering 3D.  Kept on placing the booths until I had a block of sky with skywriting inside it.

VD 2D 3

Last little step was to get rid of the bushes that were showing in the gaps to tidy it up a skoshi.  And voila, Bob’s your Uncle, a little ZEYHOD love from the Wookiee to the readers of the Best. TSTO Blog. Ever.

VD 2D 4

Hope you like it.  It’s not as pretty as Homer’s 2D for Marge but it comes from the heart.  I sincerely hope every one of you the best of Fridays and that it is everything it can be for you and yours.

Love of my life 2D 2

Y’all stay classy and keep on tapa-tapa-tapping those hearts.  If you feel savvy and want to share some VD 2D goodness of your own, please do in the comments or on the Addicts Flickr.  You can also always e-mail us at

TTFN… Wookiee out!

Phew 2D

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