Springfield Showoff: How Deep Is Your Love?

As we sit here frakkin files, pulling pics, and typing a million words a minute to get our readers the latest updates and information…we find ourselves sometimes forgetting to stop and enjoy our own games. More so our neighboreenos. So we try to make it a point to hop in n out of the towns now and then to see what cool things YOU are up to.

So we have decided we want to continue to focus more attention (as if we don’t already πŸ˜› ) on YOU…our readers. Time to time we will be peaking into your towns, checking our Flickr, and also the posts in the comments below to see what cool ideas and designs YOU have come up with to make your towns unique and…well…YOU.

So here is YOUR chance to show off all your hard work, time, donuts & in game cash spent. Send us your work, no matter how big or small. Brag about it to the world. We want you to. (That and Bunny loves to see other designs and get inspiration from it.) Then keep your eyes posted to Addicts to see if YOU end up on ourΒ “SPRINGFIELD SHOWOFF”.

Showoff vday

This week I wanted to see just what you have done with all those new Valentine’s Day Event Decorations and/or buildings. I got quite a few responses. Email, Facebook, Flickr, as well as seeing a lot of great ones throughout my Neighboreenos towns as I traveled through tappa tappa tappin away at cards.

Here is what I saw…


Adam D created a cute lil cove where anyway can go to feel a lil love in the air.

Adam D Facebook


Osehblen turned Howard’s Flowers into a complete flower nursery and display area. You can almost smell all the roses and flowers through the picture. Mmmmmmmm.

Osebhlen Flikr

AC1977b did a really good job mixing in a lil 2D with the decorations. Though, I am a lil concerned for the reindeer…Brandine IS preggo and looking a lil hungry.

AC1977b Flickr

mosley352 made me giggle. Nothing more romantic then taking your date to…a fast food joint, right? Lol.

mosley352 Flikr


Nayomi made a very simplistic but cute lil area for a stroll with your loved one.

Nayomi email

Tabi created the perfect lil wedding ceremony and reception area. Just gotta watch out for King Homer. He may fall on the in laws…wait…that could be a good thing, right?

Tabi Email

wanderingcaveman decorated up the entrance to Madame Chao’s quite nicely. Looks like a place I would love to go get a bite to eat at.

wandering cavemen email

Adam D made a nice lil love nest behind the “Orange House”. Looks like a nice and cozy place to sit and snuggle with your favorite someone.

Adam D email

Kays_xo made a HUGE area of love in her town. So many cool things going on. I guess if a guy wants to find that perfect women, he is going to have to find his way through the maze (just like in real life? Lol).

Kays_xo Email

Crystal turned Madame Chao’s into the perfect place to take a date. I can see it as the “engagement” diner. Looks comfy enough to go down on one knee, right?

Crystal Email


KiMags created a cute lil wedding ceremony area in her town. Complete with some fake “bling bling”.

KiMags6969 Neighbor

Morrigan712 looks to be creating their own lil cuddly area around Madame Chao’s. Looks like a nice place to go out and dine at.


Laura512 has a couple lil areas full of some love. I wonder if the “choo choo choose” area is where you take your date to propose?

Laura512 neighbor

ajohnwalsh crashed landed his plane into the middle of all his decorations. I just feel bad for the couple that chooses the OUTSIDE seating. Talk about being in the hot seat. Lol

ajohnwalsh neighbor

Drew D decided he would show of his love for his fav lil tapper Em. Talk about a cute lil love connection via TSTO. I adore you two. πŸ˜‰

Drew D Neighbor

freaknstein8 created a nice lil “pink” are complete with… BUNNIES!! EEEEEEEE!! You can never have too many decorations, right? …

freaknstein8 2 neighbor

…well I guess I was wrong cuz now freaknstein8 is selling off those extras. Too bad you can’t really sale items to neighbors. THAT would be great!

freaknstein8 neighbor

What do YOU think of the designs? Have a favorite?

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff? Β Post your images to the AddictsΒ Flickr, share them in the comments below, share your images on ourΒ Facebook Page, or email us your screenshots at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com. We can’t wait to see YOUR designs!

HOPPY Tappin’


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37 responses to “Springfield Showoff: How Deep Is Your Love?

  1. Is their a trick for spinning something you want because I am stuck on the pink foutain ?

  2. All of the designs look great. I would stop at Osehblen’s Howard’s Flowers before taking my date for an evening at Crystal’s Madame Chao’s.

  3. Thanks for displaying my little area. I did have it where Otto had been kidnapped and was going to wake up to it.

  4. https://www.flickr.com/photos/alunited/12558188333/

    Shwoff did someone call, nt wishing to stereotype but don’t all casino’s have wedding chapels?

    • Ooo I really like this! Working on planning out a redesign in my Springfield and was thinking a similar concept for the casino. πŸ™‚

      • Cheers Alissa as I say all casinos should have a wedding chapel or two, still 8 day a to go so plenty more decorations to get.

  5. Yay! I see mine. That’s awsome.

  6. Oooh I was waiting for a valentines showoff πŸ˜€ all of them look awesome! Great job everyone! https://www.dropbox.com/s/hc7r5l0d1m9nw6j/Screenshot_2014-02-16-01-53-52.png

  7. You showed Drew’s Heart but not mine?! πŸ™ Ive even added som balloons to it πŸ˜€ and I have a huge D-Heart on the most expensive piece of land in KL!

  8. 00Bunny swooped in with her ninja skills and extreme prowess…Abort the mission, men, we’ve been compromised !!!
    Awesome…was all for you my floppy earred friend…us freemiums can hang with the big boys!!!
    …hope you like tequila, SeaPeach…*commences Peewee Herman dance* …

  9. WanderingCaveman

    Thanks for posting mine, Bunny. I kinda wish I hadn’t torn the whole thing up to remodel my town, but there were complaints from the Madame Chao’s wait staff that the cemetery across the street was creating the wrong type of atmosphere and something about zombies being a health code violation.

  10. So I figure Freaknstein8 owes me a cocktail… Just visited and laughed so hard I snorted my drink up and out my nose.

  11. awwwe i see mine gosh thanks gals,guys…I love what u wrote with it πŸ˜‰

  12. Thanks for showing mine πŸ™‚

  13. A lot of creative designs. I really liked Tabi’s wedding ceremony and reception area.

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