Weekend Update: February 9th – 15th

Well hello there. Did you have a good week? Did you celebrate a little VD or a lil S.A.D.? You know, today is a perfect day to go start hitting up all those stores that sold VD sweets and supplies and get them 50% or more off. Nothing like getting the sweet stuff at a discount, right? Lol.

So I suppose I should just jump on in to what you all came here for. Here we go… (oh hey…is Brockman celebrating our 6th too?)

Weekend Update Addicts

After last week’s weekend update posted we had a couple of posts go live.  One of those was Springfield Showoff featuring Duff Stuff!  And the other was an open thread where we asked you to sound off on all of the Valentine’s Day Glitches you’ve been experiencing.  

SUNDAY:  Bunny started Sunday morning off with a humorous recap of many of the texture glitches we’ve all been experiencing since the Valentine’s Day update went live in our games.  Just remember…Life’s a Glitch, Then You Cry!  Later that night she asked everyone to look outside of TSTO, and teach her a little about sports as well, in our Sunday Night Open Thread.  

Alissa popped in in-between those posts to bring us another edition of The Real Housewives of Springfield featuring the newest character in the game Brandine!

MONDAYAlissa was a busy bee Monday morning!  She kicked the early morning hours off with a rundown of how the Valentine’s Day items impact the Conform-O-Meter.  Then she gave us our Monday giggles with another edition of Caption This!, featuring Arnie, Mindy & a Whale!  Later in the morning she announced that it was our Blogiversary Week! (woo-hoo!!) and a few upgrades we made to the site, menu bar and a few changes to some pages.  She then came back later in the afternoon to help you Turbo Tap your way through the Premium stuff of Valentine’s Day and then helped you decide if you should Spend Donuts on the Up Up & Buffet!

Speaking up Up, Up & Buffet Wookiee dropped in Monday to show you just where it came from.  He also gave you a peek behind the Wroshyr Trees and revealed more about who he is and how he joined Addicts in our special Anniversary week posts!

TUESDAY: Bunny got us going in the early morning with a look at just where the Whale came from!  She then hopped back in later that afternoon to give us a look at just who Lil Bunny Foo Foo is in her humorous about me post. Do YOU want to know more about Bunny?

Wookiee brought back 2D Tuesday in a loving way with a look at some 2-D Love in a 3-D way! 

Alissa helped us all decide if Howard’s Flowers is worth the donuts and the came back later in the afternoon to go over the Valentine’s Day Bonuses awarded by wheel items.  And of course later that night she revealed who the finalists were in our Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest…you guys completely blew us away with your entries!

WEDNESDAY: Bunny took us to school in the morning and helped us decided if the Whale is worth all 300 of your donuts!  She also reminded us the importance of making sure your Confirm Donut Spend Button is set!  A little later in the day she also schooled us on the bad girl of TSTO and if Shauna is worth buying.

Alissa broke down the pros and cons of Phineas Q. Butterfat’s and if you should add it to your Springfield.  It was then her turn to reveal more about herself and the history behind Addicts, as she took us to Infinity and Beyond!  Of course she was back later that night with another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts with a humorous video about a real life version of The Simpsons Intro.

THURSDAY: Wookiee got us going Thursday morning with a look at where the elusive Tunnel of Love came from.  Have you won it yet?

Alissa then popped in later that afternoon to give us a look at YOU.  That’s right we weren’t the only ones in the hot seat this week, we wanted to know more about you and the results were awesome!  She then gave us a peek inside the game files at the upcoming Valentine’s Day free item and a special item making a comeback this weekend.

FRIDAY: Alissa was up in the wee hours of Friday morning to see just what little surprise EA had in store for us on Valentine’s Day.  Did YOU get your free gift?  She then came back later in the morning to recap some of our numbers from the last 6 months and show you just how Addicts has been The Little Blog That Could.

Later in the day Bunny reveal just who the winners of our Valentine’s Day Contest were, and revealed a couple of extra surprises!

Wookiee dropped in Friday night  to bring us an AMAZING list of what YOU want from EA.  Is your top item in the list?

Of course Friday was highlighted by our live Twitter Chat, where Bunny, Wookie & Alissa answered YOUR questions live!  We loved chatting with you!  Did YOU participate in the Twitter chat?

SATURDAY: Keep an eye out today for Bunny to post the Valentine’s edition of Springfield Showoff. Will YOURS be featured?

What did YOU think of the week?  What was your favorite part? How are you doing in the update?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing for you!

Have a great weekend friends! Hoppy Tappin’


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18 responses to “Weekend Update: February 9th – 15th

  1. It wasn’t long ago that wishing someone a happy VD day was not good. Today it would be the same thing as wishing someone a happy STD day. How time changes so many things….. LOL

  2. I was ironically impressed with this update…just as the spinner behooved me to insult it, it started to behave again and treat me better…loved seeing Homer and Marge dressed up for a stroll…Mindy is a cutey and I’m glad she wasn’t a premium item. I just really thought that Comicbookguy and Kumiko would step out as a couple friday…I think I like mini-events now…donuts would be nice though…!!!
    Hate I missed y’all feeding the twitters…

    • The wheel has improved this go around. For that I am happy. I was able to get ALL the prizes this time in my A town (unlike Christmas). I was hoping for a Kumiko hook up too. Maybe even a quarrel between her and Agnes over Comic Book Guy? Lol.

      We will do another feed again. Not sure if on Twitter or another format. We do however link the feed live directly into the post here, so feel free to follow along and just answer via comments if we do another. We monitor all areas as it runs its course. 😉

  3. Please you guys must help. Since the vday update I have tried everything even contacting ea. and nothing. Please help! I have over 400$ real dollars invested in my Springfield! ):

    • What is going on? What has EA had you try already? Please explain…

      • Sorry my explanation got deleted. I can’t log into my Springfield my game just constantly crashes when it doesn’t it tells me I’m logged in on another device when I’m not. And the two times I did get in it wasn’t my town. I tried contacting ea but haven’t gotten a response . I love this game and don’t wanna lose all my progress. Please help bunny! I’m gonna lose my mind if I lose all my donuts and premium stuff. 🙁

      • Tried all that even the hard reset on my phone. The game still just keeps crashing. Now it doesn’t even prompt me that in logged in any where it just crashes and takes my back to my phones home screen and closes the app. I posted in the ea answers HQ and I even filed a complaint my complaint number is 11803171. But still no reply. 🙁

        • Awww sorry. Hang in there. It may take some time, but they WILL respond. Just ask our poor resident Fuzzball Wookiee. He has had TWO massive issues locking him out of his game for two weeks. One really recent. They do also try to compensate you too. Just hang on. Sorry I am unable to help further. So many odd glitches this go around. I hope they send a patch soon to fix them. Maybe the update item release tomorrow will fix it?

    • It works bunny! Praise sweet 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus! *Will Ferrel voice*🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. does anyone know if EA is going to do one of those old donuts sale or anything?

  5. The twitter chat was amazing, it had everything;
    joy, laughs, donuts, bunny Walter, cheesy poofs, prizes, …

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