The Toxic Shark 2D

Wow, it has been a bit of time since my itchy lil tappin fingers have stopped long enough to create something new. Just having to much fun frakkin files, writing stories, and messing around in the Twitterverse that I got too distracted.

Well I think it is high time I got around to a project that has been on my mind for quite a few months now.

A great reader of all things Addicts and also friend over TOuk, toxicshark, took the time to create some really amusing “locations” with his graphics programs for us Addicts. They cracked me up a lot. As a nod back to him, I wanted to create a Shark for him. Sadly, the mist engulfed our towns…then the snow. So it was quite difficult to play around with my 2D art the way I wanted. Nothing looked quite right.



Well the snow and mist are gone now. Lil hearts are in the air. So it was time to return the love given to us by toxicshark … 

Thus begins my next 2D art creation. Now I had no real direction or thought on this one. Just randomness. I thought of scenes from the recent “Where Did THAT Come From: Whale” post. So I skipped all over. I still think it could use more tweaking, but that is my mind constantly at work.


To start out, I used the Trash Cans to outline the outer layers of a shark. Give it a bit of form for me to work with.

Shark 1

Then using the Snapdragons, I gave the Shark a beady eye and some gils.

Shark 2

Then I hopped on over to snag some Garbage Bins to begin the fleshy gums outline on the Shark. Then I used some more Snapdragons to give the appearance of the back opening deep in the Sharks mouth.

Shark 4

Sharks require a bit of water, and I wanted this one to resemble the one above as it was popping out of the water and going in for the “kill”. So I used the Blue Dumpster to give the area a bit of a watery wave effect.

Shark 5

Then using LOTS more Blue Dumpsters, I started to fill in the watery area. About this time I found myself going nuts as I continually caught myself doing the “Jaws” sound effects. “Na na…na na…na na na na…”

Shark 6

What’s an evil flesh ripping creature without its teeth? So I tried a few different things. I first started with the Propane Tanks, then tried the Carved Ice Sculptures, then the White Picket Fences.

Shark 7

I felt the Propane Tanks worked best. (The other two looked odd or TOO white. Bloody teeth are definitely NOT white. Lol.)

Shark 8

Next up, the Shark needed a lil more red coloring inside its mouth. So I used the Newspaper Dispensers to start to fill in the areas.

Shark 9

Time to fill in the gaps. I used more of the Garbage Bins, Newspaper Dispensers, and the Trash Cans to start filling in all the areas still left open. I also at this time decided to fill in some of the watery area with a lil more blue/green to give it a bit more dimension. The Phone Booths worked perfect for this.

Shark 10

I felt that the Gnarly looking creature had really taken full form now. So without further ado…here is my Shark for toxicshark. I hope you like it. A great big THANK YOU to you for all you have done for us!! (He also made the banner on the Home Page and Facebook)  😉


What do YOU think of my latest creation? Have anything YOU would like to see us make next? Sound off in the comments below. You never know…YOUR idea could be used next.

FYI…I love to see what YOU make. So if you dabble in the 2D art world…PLEASE post me a link below, post it to our Flickr, send it to our email (, or even link it on our Facebook. I would really like to see what amazing art others out there are creating (no matter how simple or extravagant).

Until next time…

HOPPY Tappin.


Bunny Icon 2

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51 responses to “The Toxic Shark 2D

  1. Love it! Your truly talented lady, keep up the amazing work.

    • Well thank you! 😉

      • You’re welcome Bunny. I love yet again the design you’ve done (2/20) in your tsto artistic addict town it’s beautiful & I’ve seen something like it but can’t recall where at the moment (not enough caffeine yet) however yours was much larger scale & more detailed for sure. Keep up those artistic bunny creations because I am aw inspired when I see them. Thank you again for accepting the invite I sent awhile back. 🙂

        Bob was also in your town but I got the bugger. 😉

  2. Bunny: I was just in your town and love the shark! In other news… Martin learned how to walk on water… He was stuck in the corner of your town just wandering around on the water… Guess he finally was successful in being cool! Lol…

    • Lol. I took the boardwalk away from them all and since then…they’ve all gone loopy. It’s cracking me up.

      And thanks! Had fun workine on it. Tweaking a bunch of areas and ideas. 😉

  3. That’s amazing! I wish I had the patience and talent to do that!

    • Thank you! Just my crazy mind at work. Lol. Got my transport ready? Heading that way Thursday…I’ll bring lots more snow with me too. I don’t need it here. 😉

  4. I always love to see your work Bunny!

  5. Amazing! And how did you zoom out like that?

    • I had to take a few pictures as I panned across and up and down. Then stitched them all together to form one pic. The actual image is too large to fit in one frame when you enter my town. I make them kinda big sized. Lol. 😉

      And Thanks!

  6. Smashing…

  7. Saw it, love it!! 🙂

  8. Just AWESOME!!!!!

  9. Sorry if not posted in the right place everyone
    Any idea what the in game update was for
    Can’t see anything new or anything changed
    It’s driving me nuts to find out what it’s for lol
    Thanks in anticipation for your reply :-))

  10. I am so going to attempt to copy this shark toxic idea…
    good thing I keep my propane thanks Hank from king of the hill 😀

  11. WanderingCaveman

    Excellent work, bunny! I caught a peek at it last night while dropping if Valentines in your town and instantly thought of the Jaws theme.

  12. wow a Nascar celebrity simply wow if you could actually contact him o_o

  13. AWESOME!!!

  14. seems your talents are endless…..*big smile*

  15. Oh My Gawd!!! totally exceeded my expectations..well worth the wait, you do amazing work floppy eared one. I am honored and extremly appreciative, you and your excellent staff make this site a daily joy of mine. will not be forgotten…Shark

  16. Oooo that’s great
    You clever little bunny :-))
    Them teeth would demolish a few carrots heehee

  17. I like toxicshark. You do good work. I don’t have your talent but I count myself as one of the admirers. You gotta have those too. Just wondering. Has anyone thought of a character like a fisher – as in some sittin on the dock (boardwalk) with a line in the water?

  18. Impressive, as always!

  19. Always good to see your creations! Excellent! I’m sure toxic is honored and proud.

    It is a redneck request that i have, or usually perceived that way. I would like to see Dale Earnhardt Jr., and he has been on That Cleveland show so there is an animated image out there. The Daytona 500 is this weekend and this is his last year with crew chief Steve Letarte. I smell a championship for this 88 National Guard, Mountain Dew, Tax Slayer, Nationwide Insurance team and I would appreciate the luck that you may bring him. I think it is an incredible chance that he plays TSTO also. Plus I bet I could get a response from him or give you the right contacts to get a response.

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