Addicts Reader Hit & Miss: Premium Character/Building Combos

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

A few weeks ago we asked you all to participate in a detailed reader survey, where we wanted to know everything about YOU.   Then last week we revealed the results during our blogiversary week.  However, while we revealed almost all of the results we did not share the complete results of YOUR favorite Premium purchases.  Instead we only shared the best and worst in the different categories.  So we thought it would be fun to share the full results in each category because who better then to help you make a decision about what to spend donuts on, then your fellow tappers?

So day let’s start off by breaking down YOUR choices for the Best and Worst Premium Character & Building Combos…


Here are YOUR picks for your FAVORITE Premium Character/Building Combo currently available in TSTO (meaning not Limited-Time):

Rank Building & Character Cost Percetage
14 Krustylu Studios & Sideshow Mel 140 Donuts <1%
14 Lugash’s Gym & Lugash 175 Donuts <1%
13 Stu’s Disco & Disco Stu 180 Donuts 1%
11 Community Center & Jasper 150 Donuts 2%
11 Film Set & McBain 120 Donuts 2%
9 Coliesum & Tatum 190 Donuts 3%
9 Petshop & Jub-Jub 90 Donuts 3%
8 Sleep Eazy & Miss Springfield 220 Donuts 5%
7 Cracker Factory & Luann 150 Donuts 6%
5 Frink’s Lab & Frink 150 Donuts 9%
5 Kamp Krusty & Kamp Bart 200 Donuts 9%
4 Volcano Lair & Hank Scorpio 200 Donuts 11%
3 Bowlarama & Barney 250 Donuts 13%
2 Otto’s Bus & Otto 120 Donuts 17%
1 Duff Brewery & Duffman 190 Donuts 19%

So, as we saw in our result post last week, Duffman & Duff Brewery is your Favorite (mine too!), but Otto isn’t too far behind at 17%.

Now here are YOUR picks for your LEAST favorite Premium Character/Building Combo currently available in TSTO (meaning not Limited-Time):

Rank Building & Character Cost Percetage
14 Frink’s Lab & Frink 150 Donuts 1%
12 Krustylu Studios & Sideshow Mel 140 Donuts 2%
12 Duff Brewery & Duffman 190 Donuts 2%
10 Stu’s Disco & Disco Stu 180 Donuts 3%
10 Community Center & Jasper 150 Donuts 3%
8 Bowlarama & Barney 250 Donuts 3%
8 Otto’s Bus & Otto 120 Donuts 3%
7 Kamp Krusty & Kamp Bart 200 Donuts 5%
6 Cracker Factory & Luann 150 Donuts 6%
6 Volcano Lair & Hank Scorpio 200 Donuts 6%
4 Film Set & McBain 120 Donuts 7%
4 Sleep Eazy & Miss Springfield 220 Donuts 7%
3 Coliesum & Tatum 190 Donuts 8%
2 Petshop & Jub-Jub 90 Donuts 21%
1 Lugash’s Gym & Lugash 175 Donuts 23%

Again, as we say in the results post Lugash is your least favorite Premium Character/Building Combo…but Jub-Jub and the Petshop aren’t far behind at 21%.

So there you have it my friends the breakdown of your favorite and least favorite Character/Building Combo in TSTO.  What do YOU think of the results?  Any surprises in there for you?  Do you agree with the list?  What would YOU change?  Do you have any of these buildings?  Any you regret buying? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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31 responses to “Addicts Reader Hit & Miss: Premium Character/Building Combos

  1. Indiana P.R. Underwood

    I love Frink! What! How is he on the worst list, he does so much!

  2. JubJub #9 favorite #2 hated yet.Duff in 3rd to last on hated tied with krusty lu who is last in favorites. i agree on least fav but my favorite i like luann cause it came with the truck and frinks looks really nice. Will Share this awesome job guys!

  3. @ bunny

    i was wondering if you guys know addicts who are building the “actual“ springfield?` i found a few maps and also locations for a bunch of buildings.. .
    i am starting to clean up my town [level38] to build spriendfield from scratch. it would be great if you could ask tsto users about it .. . a thread would be super sweet!

    there must be someone out there with the same plan!?`

    thank you

    • I have seen many…lemme see what I can come up with. 😉

    • Thats a bit hard to do as many changes they have had . Like there was once a prison close to the simpsons. ….once then poof no more. Hahaha. It worked into the script. I cant remember what elisode

  4. Hi! Will there be any chance of getting the limited items that we’ve missed?especially for those new tappers coz I envy my neighbors every time I visit them seeing those limited buildings and decorations like the cool brown house and Springfield falls. Hopefully EA will offer even a 1 day sale of these items (of course better if be bought with cash not donuts) 🙂

  5. Christian Goddard

    Is weird that I got two things of 60 donuts from Buddha Homer in a row and also what is supposed to happen tomorrow thanks in advanced

    • Something…but we’re not sure what yet. All that we know so far is something is going to happen. There’s a line in the files that shows vday2late, we’re not sure if that means a train will be issued to Tappers who didn’t get it on Valentine’s Day, if the Heart Grinder we’ll be making a comeback or something different all together. We’ll know tonight at 3am EST & as soon as we do we’ll be sure to let you know 🙂

  6. Yaaayyyy homer Buddha just gave me 60 donuts

  7. I somewhat disagree with the results. I didn’t participate in the survey but Sideshow Mel and Krustylu Studio is one of my favorites. It pays out often and Sideshow Mel works in Krustyland as well. I think it’s a best buy really.

  8. i like jub jub but not as much as others. A 12 hr task of sticking his tongue out is not very entertaining but i like the interaction with characters

  9. Apparently the Cracker Factory/Luann combo and the Sleep Eazy Hotel/Miss Springfield combos are the very essence of an average building/player combo.

    They both have notoriety scores (the sum of most favorite and least favorite votes) of 12%, which tie them for 8th place out of the 15 combos. This is also just 1.3% away from the expected notoriety score if the votes were randomly distributed.

    The CF/L combo has the perfect Love/Hate ratio of 1.0 that would be expected in a random distribution; however, that actually places it 7th out of the 15 combos. SE/MS has a Love/Hate ratio of 0.71 which places it in 8th out of the 15.

    Camp Krusty, Camp Bart is another “average” combo, with a notoriety score (14%) that is actually closer to the random distribution. However, it’s just a smidge to popular (1.80 Love/Hate ratio) to be given serious consideration, although by placing 6th out of 15 in this criteria it’s still solidly middle of the pack.

    So, if you want the averagest Springfield there is, I would suggest spending your Donuts on the Cracker Factory, The Sleep Eazy, and Camp Krusty…

    • Are you a statistician? (I think that’s how you spell/say it)
      Or involved with statistics in some way? This takes me back to my statistics class (which I hated) where we had to do standard deviations…

  10. @ bunny
    do you know anything about another yard sale / more land?`

    • I have been hopping in the files all day today…still same info for the event. Nothing new as of yet. I am keeping my eyes out though. Hoping for SOMETHING to hit soon. EA was on a roll there for a while with constant releases of new items every few weeks…now…anyone’s guess. But I am still keeping my eyes out. 😉

  11. Phoenix Campbell

    Yeah most of this is how I would expect it go, but Jub Jub? In my opinion Jub Jub is one of the best deals in the game, a builing and a character (even if he only has one task) for 90 donuts!

    • I thought so too. A little surprised at how low it scored, but I think it has more to do with how difficult it is to find him in town & the lack of a real questline when unlocked.

  12. I’ve purchased quite a few of these, and honestly I do kinda regret buying the gym. I would have much rather seen my Springfield sport the brewery, but land constraints pushed me towards the smaller buildings. Hopefully EA brings us some more land soon 🙂

  13. I’m so happy…EA finally got back to me about all the chaos I was experiencing back during the beginning of the event…and they awarded me 40 donuts! 40! That plus a little extra I received from a friend, and I have 241 donuts! Should I wait to see what comes next, or should I spend on one of them there premium buildings I keep hearin about? Hmmmm….

    • If the item is Limited (like Lincoln) you gotta get it before it goes. Otherwise you can hang on to them and see what is around the corner. 😉

      • I did get Lincoln, so I’m happy about that…and I have all the V Day goodies…I’m just wondering if when the event is over if something is looming on the horizon…you know, I’d love to have the pub…do you recall when the St Patricks Day stuff from last year became available? Was it awhile after the V Day event?

        • I joined round St. Pats. It was in March and the event for it was kinda a mini/tie-in type if I remember correctly. Only lasted a few days. I am hoping for a Level Update next. We will see. 😉

  14. That should help me decide where my donuts go…just don’t wanna let go of any…

    • Agreed! Would love to see a football stadium. I’m holding off spending for awhile to see what happens by summer.

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