Silly Simpsons News: Going Cuckoo

Hola, me llamo Wookiee.  Mi perro fuerte es muy grande porque comer muchos burritos en la playa del sol.  ¿Has oído hablar del reloj de cuco Simpsons?

Wow… That sentence was much harder to write than I thought it’d be.  Thank you California public school system and Oogle translate.  I bet there’s about 5 years of Spanish teachers that would love to shake me right now.  I actually did do a verbal report on “mi perro fuerte” in 8th grade but I bet it was much funnier and in better Español.  If you think that the Wookiee has gone cuckoo, you’re probably right.  You’ll just have to click more to see how.

Always flattering when you guys and dolls click that continue reading thingy to see what I’m gonna ramble about.  You never know what is in store, right?.  So, like the title said, this is another edition of Silly Simpsons News but this time it should be “News”.  Nothing “breaking” in today’s post really but I think it’s rad info.

So the other day, one of my buds over at TOuk shared an image of a piece of Simpsons memorabilia he found and I am so in love with it, I had to share.

Homer Cuckoo Clock
Holy Merlin’s beard, it’s a Simpsons cuckoo clock (see the connection?)!  How frakkin cool is that?  I am so in love with this thing.  It costs about 80 dollars American.  My buddy Chris originally gave me the price in pounds (£30… is the exchange rate really that bad?).  It runs on AA batteries and Homer woo hoos every hour.  Kinda neat to that it is sensitive to light and doesn’t make noise in the dark.  Anyone else wish their phone notifications worked like that?

I love cuckoo clocks and have always wanted one for my house.  When I got the chance to visit Triburg, Germany, I was so in love with all the beautifully crafted clocks I saw.  If you didn’t know, Triburg is the cuckoo clock capitol of the world and also has one of the largest cuckoo clocks in the world there.  For any future tourists to Germany, it also has a great waterfall where you can feed peanuts to red squirrels and you really haven’t eaten Black Forest Cake until you’ve done it in the Black Forest.  Unfortunately the clocks there were a tad bit too expensive for this Wookiee.  The waterfall and cake were much better priced.


And that’s that.  Just me sharing something cool I saw and a little info about a cool place in the Fatherland.  I guess I could wax more about the Lego Movie and Milhouse, but I guess I already did that last week.  I’m seriously going a little cuckoo for this clock and I would not be surprised if it finds a home in my residence very soon.  It’s classy and classless at the same time.  I can definitely afford to shell out that amount for something so cool.  Well, no LEGOs but hopefully some other good stuff.

Ok… I can at least share this silly picture a friend sent me that has to do with LEGOs.

wookiee poop

I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, can’t prove anything.

What time is it?  Adventure time?  Miller Time?  Hammer Time?  Who knows but I’m pretty sure it’s Duff O’Clock somewhere.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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19 responses to “Silly Simpsons News: Going Cuckoo

  1. I soo want it.. I have Mr.Burns Scrooge christmas deco 😉 He was given to my son by my mother-in-law to put in his room for christmas..well needless to say he never made it there. Christmas has been over and he’s still sitting in my livingroom..

  2. Exchange rate would mean $50, so a bit better. LOVE that SW pic! So funny.

  3. If you were to ever get the Homer Cuckoo clock you should put it in your future classroom. I had a history teacher who had one of those train clocks you see on infomercials…. Even though it went off in evey class it never interrupted class… But it was able to give the teacher an audio cue as to how much time was left an when he needed to wrap up his lecture.

    And while technically you can’t set a phone to not go off in the dark you can set (iPhones atleast) to a do not disturb time which prevents any notifications and calls between those hours *if* the screen is locked. Mine is between 1am and 7am. You can also choose to receive calls from certain people during those hours (IE someone who would call you incase of an emergency)

    • That’s a great idea and I love your confidence I will be a teacher some day. Seriously made my day with the comment! As for the iPhone tip, mind blown but I am a techno retard. When I finally figure out my phone it will probably die and I’ll be back to square one lol.

  4. Wow…I made an attempt at using Spanish yesterday…it’s been years since I had me a Venezuelan girlfriend!!! Love the clock but really love the Lego/StarWars pic!!! Muy muy bueno!!!

  5. I have that clock on my wall at home. I received it as a gift 6-7 years ago and I’m pretty sure the person who gave it to me wouldn’t have spent more than $40 on it, but it is probably rare to find a new one now. I personally found the sounds to be annoying and too loud so I covered the eye so it would always think it’s dark

  6. I’m chilean and the text in spanish sounds very funny.
    I want that clock 🙂

  7. I would make some changes in the initial text: Hola, me llamo Wookiee. Mi fuerte perro es muy grande porque come muchos burritos bajo el sol de la playa. ¿Has oído hablar del reloj de cuco de los Simpsons? (Perro fuerte is the strong one of several dogs, come is the third person of singular present of comer and “en la playa del sol” it would be like “in the Sun Beach”, and we need “de los” after “cuco”. It’s amazing how picky can the languages be (and english isn’t easier, from my spanish point of view). 😉

    • Thanks for the corrections. I think for honesty I have to keep it in my bad form but I love the info. Thank you for reading. One of the best things about The Simpsons and TSTO is how people from all over the globe that speak different languages all have a commonality. Now I just need some good Spanish pick up lines lol.

  8. Cool!!

  9. I’m cracking up right now. I love reading your posts, your sense of humor is hilarious! And the Lego picture just sent me over the top! I’m recovering from the flu and with all my laughing nearly caughed up a lung! Keep up the good work! Lisa

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