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What’s up my friends?  So Bunny already brought you one recap and it’s my turn to do the other.  No promises it will be as fun or informative as hers but a Wookiee can try.


First off, the intro had me stoked from go.  Spiderpig!  The Leprechaun shows up on a billboard for Moe’s!  Some sort of battle of the characters that makes me think of the contests on TOuk (looking at you Mikezilla!) and I like this couch gag so much.  Not familiar with Sylvain Comet’s animation but it was really neat, SLH looked cool and Maggie’s location had me rolling.

Diggs 1 Diggs 2

The episode kicks off with services at the First Church of Springfield.  A sermon about why Moab is the least interesting in the bible and a guest speaker from Indonesia.  Kids there are just like Springfield kids: Tying monkeys tails together, yelling “the tiger is gone” when it’s not, awww, the hijinks of kids.  I always like appearances by minor characters but Shauna smoking in church and lighting them on votive candles may be a bit much.  We get it, she’s a bad, bad girl.  Bart wants to be charitable in church but he really shouldn’t have borrowed $20 from Homer. The entire portion with Homer asking for money, even with spaghettios is great.  “Where’s…. my…. Muh…. Ney?”

Diggs 3

Bart really needs the money to get Homer off his back.  On the playground at school, the devil mentions eating weird things.  Have I mentioned how much I like writing sentences like that?  The devil is a student in a costume for Damn Yankees… that’s a musical btw for anyone who didn’t know.  Bart ends up eating a bunch of gross stuff, including gum, orthodontic wax, something questionable from Otto and a dead frog.

Diggs 4 Diggs 5

Eating a dead frog might earn you $20 but it is sure to land you in the hospital and also is tantamount to being a social pariah… even Milhouse won’t sit by you and that says something.  It’s also the reason Diggs, short for Digby, had to dissect a muppet in biology (poor Kermit).  Speaking of Diggs, we meet him and Freedom.  They save Bart from the bullies.

Diggs 6

NOTE: Otto’s mystery substance is probably less safe than eating formaldehyde but that’s my personal opinion.  Actually got a little uncomfortable with this little gag.  Giving drugs to kids is not cool.  Oh well, moving on.

Diggs is a cool fella and Bart is surprised he didn’t go to the Springfield Montessori school that opened right across the street.  Springfield geography at its finest.  I fully expect that Lisa has moaned about going there over a dinner or two.  Bart and Diggs go to the Springfield Falconry Club that Diggs has recently rehabilitated.  He is the President, Secretary Treasurer and Faculty Adviser.  Check out the stache!

Diggs 7

Bart’s membership is decided by Freedom.  “Habimis papum… we have a poop.  It’s white, you’re in.”  Then there’s a weird conversation between Skinner and Willy where Seymour is speaking Latin.  Anyone have a translation already for what he says?

The first thing to learn about falcons is how beautiful they are in flight, riding the thermals up where Ralph’s sky Grandma is.  This is very impressive to Bart, especially considering Homer can’t even get SLH to sit.  Through the wonders of Freedom, Bart learns that “nature isn’t a complete wait of space”.  Homer is convinced Bart was sneaking beer.

Diggs, a little older, kind of strange, other people don’t get him, missing a finger, basically Bart’s Moe Syzlac.  Also, Radcliffe’s American accent is tip top.  The next scene is Bart taking his turn to get Freedom to fly.  “Fly!  Fly!  C’mon man, do the wing thing.”  Cut to some great scenes of Freedom.  The kind that make a 40 donut whim purchase more worth it. (anyone recognize the blimp?)

Diggs 8 Diggs 9 Diggs 10 Diggs 11

He steals homer’s steak, replaces it with broccoli and closes the beach forever by stealing Selma’s bikini top.  He then steals Disco Stu’s bling and Krusty’s nose.  Also a reveal that Krusty no longer has a real nose.  You think it’s from “blowing it” too much?  I just like watching Freedom fly but what’s with all the stealing?  Cool to see him loop de loop through Lard Lads giant donut.  Also a cool shot of the Duff Blimp and the fact that it is not Freedom’s mother while Diggs babbles about his discovery of Freedom and some guy named Gerard Manly Hawkins.  Really though, Diggs should know at his age that he can’t fly.

Diggs 12 Diggs 13

Of course Diggs ends up in the hospital and Bart discovers his friend might be a little kooky.  Diggs says Bart is “like Diogenes but with a slingshot in place of a lamp”.  Now that’s something to theorize about.  I love that Diggs signed his own cast with “people” he’d like to have visited.  Apparently the T.A.R.D.I.S. is one of them.  I have some friends this character reminds me of.

Diggs 14

We discover also that the hospital has another doctor besides Hibbert.  While Diggs is recuperating from his fall, Bart has the care of Freedom.  Turns out Diggs was sent to an “Arkham Asylum-type” hospital, Twisted Meadows Psychiatric Hospital.  I bet I can guess what that other doctor specializes in.  Homer suggest Bart hang out with his old best friend Dweebler aka Milhouse.  (lol, Dweebler)  No dice there though as Bart feels abandoned by Milhouse.  The next scene with Lisa comforting Bart is good old-fashioned feel good Simpsons. Lisa states she has 8 crazy friends just like Diggs.  Can you list them?  I live the end when they each hug the bedpost method to still hug but avoid physical contact.  A nice moment.

Bart is now alone with Freedom and Bart sets Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph straight when they try to make fun of Diggs’ mental illness.  I agree with Jimbo that making fun of the mentally ill is not classy.  When Bart enters the falconry club, Diggs is there climbing through a window.

“The rumors of my bonkertude have been greatly exaggerated.  DSM-5 indicates paranoid schizophrenia but that work is mired in controversy.  Mired.” 

Don’t worry Diggs, DSM-6 is coming to medicine already.  You’ll have a new diagnosis in no time.  Diggs claims to have gotten a day pass to participate in the Falconry contest.  That’s what he was training for when he met Bart.  Who knew so many Springfielders had it as a hobby?  One who makes complete sense is CBG.  He is seen using a toy plane to guide his falcon.  Also great that he’s with Kumiko!  They’re both dressed in Star Trek cosplay (CBG as Spock and Kumiko as Marta, the slave girl from Orion) and his falcon acts like a parrot.

Diggs 15

Diggs plans to free all the Falcons.  When Bart asks how, he says with a rope.  “I’m a messed up kid, I’m not Magneto.”

Diggs 16

Diggs frees all the falcons and rides off on his bike.  Best part of the episode is this quote from Cletus as the falcons fly to freedom.

 “If you see the stork what brings us babies… Kill It!” 

Diggs 17

Guess Cletus has decided 50 something kids is more than enough.  The episode just kinda ends but at least Milhouse and Bart make up and the family has a delicious “duck” dinner.  The end.

All in all, I enjoyed the episode despite a couple moments I could have done without.  I really digged Daniel Radcliffe’s character (see what I did there?).  Of the two episodes, this was my second favorite.  Bunny Foo Foo got the better one.  As for the episode tie-in, meh.  What did you think?  Do you want Diggs in your town?  Did you buy Freedom and enjoy him more now (if you can find him)?  Sound off below.

TTFN… Wookiee out.

Pssst….Wanna know Daniel Radcliffe’s thoughts on being Diggs?  Check out his interview here:

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  1. Diggs is a great episode! I’m so proud of it’s writer Allen Glazier and excited to work with him on my new show Never Say Nyet. It’s a new web comedy, check us out 🙂

  2. This was one of the few Simpsons episodes I didn’t care for. Too many dark moments. The diy fois gras started the downhill slide for me. But hey, The Simpsons is still the Best. Show. Ever.

  3. Cut to some great scenes of Freedom. The kind that make a 40 donut whim purchase more worth it.

    Definitely worth it

  4. Best. Couch. Gag. Ever! Well, maybe not ever but really close in my book! The DIY kids goose was hilarious! At least SLH will get to eat. Then Maggie turning up where she did… Omg… Soooo funny! Plus the animation is amazing!

  5. My son loved glimpsing the Cthulu signature on the cast and I noticed “Phineas Fogg” – which is not a fictional character. Phileas Fogg is the main character of Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days” and Phineas is the narrator’s foil in Knowles “A Separate Peace” – which is who Diggs most reminded me of as I was watching

  6. lolol “if you see the stork what brings us babies, KILL IT!” (Cletus)
    Nice recap, I always enjoy them. I refuse to pay for cable so I catch the Simpsons on the web site. Gogo 7.99 Netflix!
    Thanks Fuzzface!
    Oh, and I wanted to mention… that limo will NEVER make it through that course, makes me giggle every time. Seriously, I try to imagine doing it and decide I can’t… yea I’m not ok. hehe

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