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Episode Recap: Diggs

What’s up my friends?  So Bunny already brought you one recap and it’s my turn to do the other.  No promises it will be as fun or informative as hers but a Wookiee can try.


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WEEKEND UPDATE: January 12th – 18th

Shhhh…Alissa thinks those new “locks” she got will hold me and the Fuzzball. Psssssh, as if. Now…what did I sneak out for? Oh, yah…WOW…I can’t believe another week has passed me by. Went so fast. Did it go quickly for you?

Well just in case you missed anything, here is a recap of what happened during the week.


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Episode Recap: Married to the Blob

So another Sunday has come and gone. Nothing exciting happened. Nothing much to report. Nothing to see here. Move along…(or take a peek…if you dare.)

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Episode Recap: Steal This Episode

Another Sunday has come and gone. What does that mean? Well, for most Americans…it means Football. (Which to this day I can’t help but to think of two things…Charlie Brown falling flat on his backside in yet another attempt to kick one…Or Marcia Marcia Marcia getting nailed square in the nose by one. Lol.)

But for us Addicts, it means another New Simpsons Episode. WOOHOO!!

This weeks Episode, Steal This Episode. Ooooooh. Well, don’t mind if I do. Since you asked and all. The episode starts out with Lenny & Carl talking (by the water cooler of course) about the new Radioactive Man Sequel…Reboot…or a Deboot. Homer starts a discussion I have MANY of times with people. STOP RUINING IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE! 😛Steal this episode 1

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Episode Recap: Yellow Subterfuge

I really love that one of the bennies of this gig is I get to watch new Simpsons episodes and then recap them for you.  Bunny Foo Foo got the pleasure the last couple times, but as Alissa actually let her out of the basement for a vacation, it’s my turn this week.  Woo hoo!

Today we’re gonna go over Season 25, Episode 7, Yellow Subterfuge.  As all us tapaholics know due to the episode tie-in, it has something to do with Skinner’s secret plan.
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Episode Recap: YOLO (once again cats have it better)

I am a lucky Wookiee.  Not only do you guys and gals take the time to read my rambles, but once again I got the “job” of watching the latest Simpsons episode and writing about.  I just feel like starting off with a Thank You.  Although I can enjoy episodes all on my own, it is such a joy to share it.


Before I begin, I just have to admit this episode had a lot of laughs in it.  While I try to be as comprehensive as possible, if you liked something I missed, please share in the comments below.
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New Simpsons Quick Cap- YOLO

Just so you know, Santa’s Lap is ready. The line is already forming. Seriously. I was at the mall yesterday and he was already there. BACK OFF FAT MAN!!! THE TURKEY GETS STUFFED FIRST!! Sheesh. Greedy holiday thieves.

Santa lap YOLO

I am just curious if anyone else can whistle through their tear ducts… or make macaroni come out of there nose? Mmmmm tasty.

milhouse noodle nose YOLO

What do tennis balls taste like? Chewy? Furry?

Is it just me or is Jon Lovitz becoming  a unicorn?




(More to come from Wookiee on the new episode: YOLO)

Episode Recap: Four Regrettings and a Funeral

Hey hey hey Addicterinos!  No better way to spend a Sunday night than watching some Simpsons and then getting the opportunity to write about it for you epic readers.  In addition to getting to watch a new episode of Walking Dead, I had a reason to commandeer the TV for an extra 30 minutes with FOX honoring the beautiful and talented Marcia Wallace with an episode prior to the new one.  SOOOO happy they saw fit to plug this one in for her rather than the other option.

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