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Episode Recap: Winter of His Content

What are you all doing up at this hour? OH?! You came to read my post? Well then, ummmmm…was there a show on tonight? Yah? I better go watch it really quick then. Just sit there and …ummmm….write me a letter, you know, a REAL letter. Hand written. Ink or marker or pencil or letters cut out of magazines. That should keep you busy for a lil bit while I go watch the episode.

Winter 1

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Episode Recap: Specs and the City

Here I sit, ready to KRAM your ear holes with another new TV Episode for the Simpsons. I find it amusing that I am here in the east, not too far away from where the actual Superbowl will take place (but can’t stay in the hotel I want due to they jacked up the prices cuz there is a football game RIGHT next door…pssssh. Stupid people wanting to get rich.)


Specs and the City

Specs and the City 1

Ooooooh it looks like the Simpsons are even here in the city with me. Is anyone NOT here? Well the Simpsons and the usual cast of blah blah blah yadda yadda sportscasters (yah yah yah…YOU know their names) are just plugging the heck out of the Superbowl and FOX.

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Diary of a Wookiee: Some thoughts on “Married to the Blob”

“Geekly beloved, we are gathered here in the eyes of me, king of the cameos, Stan Lee…”

Geekly Beloved Stan Lee

Ohayo gozaimasu addicterinos!  Well, it’s more like afternoon or evening where some of you are so please insert a humble konnichiwa or konbanwa as appropriate.  Also insert a bowing Wookiee if this makes you happy… somewhere around here there’s a picture of me in a kimono but I digress…

Wow… another week here at Addicts and hopefully your week is starting in as good a spirits as mine.  Why am I so happy?  Well… I’m alive for another week of adventure but really, it all comes down to a silly little episode about four fingered yellow characters.  (Happy Mom?  I used your correct verbiage for the Best. Show. Ever.) Continue reading

Episode Recap: Married to the Blob

So another Sunday has come and gone. Nothing exciting happened. Nothing much to report. Nothing to see here. Move along…(or take a peek…if you dare.)

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Weekend Update: December 15th- 21st

Oh well hi there. I think my mind checked out some time ago. What day is it? Saturday??!! WHOA! Where did the time go??!!

Well it’s about that time again to recap all the crazy stuff happening this past week. Give you all a minute to catch up, or read the information for the first time. 🙂


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New Simpsons Episode- The Kid’s Alright

Shhh…I’m not here. They think I am ***cough cough*** “sick”, but I secretly took off in the Hawaiin islands and am sipping some cool drinks by the beach. The furry creature in the basement is really just the shavings from the Wookiee fuzzball’s last hair cut. Don’t say a word, maybe I can stay here 2 more weeks. 😛

So a new episode was on tonight? Anyone catch it? Yah? Can you tell me what happened so I can write it up? NO??!!! **sigh**  FINE! I guess I will have to make something up. Hmmm….Homer became Mayor, Marge left Homer for Cletus, Bart was given the Nobel Peace Prize, Lisa married Ralphie and lives in the trailer his Dad confiscated from a drug bust, and Maggie…she took over the colony of aliens on Rigel VII and is leading an attack on Springfield as we speak. GREAT EPISODE! THE END!

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New Simpsons Episode- Labor Pains

Anyone else catch the new episode? Just so all you Football fans know…the screen is now clean at Moe’s. 🙂

The episode starts out with the Simpsons couch gag of them fleeing on the Mayflower to the new world…heeeyyyy…wait a minute…THAT’S not the Mayflower. Lol. Homer n Marge got a lil TOO comfy on the boat and the “God Tapping Finger” was not pleased.

Labor Pains 2

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New Simpsons Episode Tomorrow- Labor Pains

Don’t forget to set your new age technology devices to watch the new Simpsons Episode: Labor Pains tomorrow night.

labor pains

Looks like Homer is gonna have his hands full after getting stuck in an elevator with a woman in labor. He also decides to give fatherhood another chance…wait…isn’t he ALREADY a father? Lol

Here is a 2 minute clip from the show if you want to get an idea what’s in store.


Reminder: New Simpson Episode Sunday and a Tribute

Hello there fellow Addicts. Patient Zero here again. Yes, I am still out of the basement. Shhhhh. Can’t lock me in if I locked them down there first. 😛

Anywho, what did I want to tell you? Oh yah. There will be a few things going on tomorrow night in the Simpsons TV world. Fox and The Simpsons producers wanted to make some changes to the programming line up to allow them to pay tribute to the late Marcia Wallace aka the voice of Edna Krabappel. They originally were going to air the Emmy-winning episode, “Bart the Lover”, but ran into some issues with the 20-year-old episode. Instead, the time slot normally showing American Dad will now be replaced by another of her past episodes, “The Ned-liest Catch”.


Followed right after by the new Simpsons episode, “4 Regrettings and a Funeral”. Keep watching to the very end of the new episode as there will be a tribute card from the producers honoring her.


Here is a link to the couch gag for the new episode if any of you wish to watch it prior to the shows airing.

So set your DVRs, VCRs (I know some of you still have those), and any other devices to watch The Simpsons on Sunday. Then check back here later that night for a recap from Wookiee.