Happy St. Patrick’s Day…From EA!


Top o’ the morning to ya Tappers and a very Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you all!  

Be sure to log on to your Tapping Devices today for a special treat from EA!

2014-03-17 08.00.59

This will run from 4AM EST 3/17-3:59AM EST 3/18 so be sure to hit your device between those times so you don’t miss out!  Remember..once it’s gone it’s gone!

Now back to your regularly scheduled St. Patrick’s Day drinking of the green “water”…..and in honor of my late Irish “Grandfather” (like a Grandpa to me..but not actually blood)…his favorite toast:

“Here’s to those who wish us well…
All the rest can go to hell!

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39 responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day…From EA!

  1. Add me svargo605 need friends bad

  2. I put up a sign in my Springfield, “Zombie”, The Cranberries as part of my tribute to honor St.Patrick’s Day…while I seem to be stuck in the ninties, Happy Birthday Billy Corgan, of The Smashing Pumpkins, a mere five years my youth…!!!

  3. Half way through the St Patricks quest and homer visited by ghosts of his liver asks what is this Halloween or st Patricks day…hilarious as ea recycle a Halloween homer image.

  4. I’ve had no free donuts and my St Patrick’s day statue has also disappeared 🙁

  5. is anyone else having server problems? i haven’t been able to log on for the past day and a half. any advice if always welcome.

    • Everything is good in my town but I suspect a lot of folks have played today because of St. Paddy’s. Hopefully it fixes itself soon for ya. Check out our troubleshooting section for some tips you could try.

      • well, i have done a “hard close” and restarted the device. Now I am in the process of re-installing. Hopefully this works. I really don’t want to pass up on some free pink sprinkled goodness. Thanks

  6. You sure it’s 5 donuts??? I got 10!!! Cause I have 1 donut and after the pop up message I have 11!!!! Still no sign of donuts for me visiting my neighbours

  7. Bunny has a baseball field!!!! It’s awesome!!!! as is the whole town…oh, I almost forgot…we can say “hell”??? 🙂

    • Lol uhhhh if you’re using it as a toast on St. Patrick’s day…yes. Otherwise..no. 😉

    • You just did Freak…you just did. 😉

      It is ok, as long as it does not portray a form of abuse or slander. It is one of those borderline ones.

      • Well…that rain turned to hell…I mean hail and sleet…the same rain I didn’t wanna drive to Jersey in…
        So…green eggs and ham for supper…along with hashbrowns, biscuits…and bacon and sausage…oh and sausage gravy…oops, grits too!!!

      • You’re welcome…;) …hit 95 South, swing a right near Durham and take 40 West…to Greensboro…the ACC crowd is gone now!!!

        • Problem…I’m back west now…so a lil more that a small drive. Lol 😉

          Nearest to me would probably be granmamaDar, Wandering Caveman, and Wookiee.

      • 🙁

  8. Woohoo…I got me my 5 donuts from this morning and and three since getting Stampy, who will be riding Bart around indefinitely…but this morning I tapped about 40 or so neighbors and no donuts…boohoo but I’m still happy…still two brownies left and my new mustache and unibrow are pretty cool…

  9. Between the st. patty’s day goodies and visiting friends Im up 8 free donuts today! 🙂

  10. Hope everyone is enjoying their saint paddy’s day and you addicts aren’t having too much drink (Im looking at you wookie 😉 )

    I just wanted to ask the addicts team if you’ll be getting anything now you have 5 extra donuts whether it be a percentage boost or a building you were saving up for? Or, will you keep them until the next event to get something special.

    Anyway, I’m now at 70 donuts so I was wanting a bit of advice on what to buy or if I should just horde them. Anything anyone can recommend would be greatly appreciated.

    Yet again, everyone enjoy the day and get some good drinking in!

  11. I’ve been letting my grandson play anonymously, and it’s even giving 5 to them 🙂 Needless to say he’s thrilled.

  12. i did not even see the black box. I pulled up my game and blam there was 5 donuts added. lol

  13. Happy St Paddy’s Day Everyone!!

  14. Mmmmmmmm donuts. WOO HOO!

    Freak, thanks for accepting my friend request! I breezed through and no paint to spray so I’ll check back later. I know how much you love a little graffiti action. Your Pink Floyd art is kick butt!

    • …a french pussycat…???…I cannot fake any real knowledge of french so I won’t try…lol

  15. Is there a quest that must be completed first? I’ve logged in a couple times this morning and found no free donuts 🙁 I also killed the app and restarted and still nothing. (Homer is currently doing the _Make Homer Reflect On His Life_ task.)

    • No it’s just an auto black popup box that will appear when you start your game. Try hard closing your app (application manager, close) then restart TSTO. If that doesn’t work try restarting your phone.

  16. Dia dhaoibh ar maidin! I hope everyone has a great St Pattys Day!

    • Kiss me…I, ah…hate england too!!! Sounded better when I said it outloud…
      (As a Scot, enemies of my enemies are my friends)
      (Okay, no…I don’t really hate england…)


  17. Yay! Free donuts!

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