Where Did THAT Come From: Apu’s Apartment

Oooooh another cool looking Apartment Building has been brought into our games. This particular one is a 2-for-1 buy. For 160 donuts you get the complex AND Apu’s wife Manjula. WOOHOO!! Now the question stands, just where in the Simpsons world did Apu’s Apartment come from?



Well Apu was originally seen washing his Firebird outside of a home on Evergreen Terrace, not an apartment (Season 7, Episode 13: Two Bad Neighbors). So I was curious when he decided to move into the apartment, but didn’t see or find a clear change to the location of where he lived (the house could possibly even be Sanjay’s). I only can assume the change of location happened when he decided to marry Manjula. He still kept his cool Firebird though.

Apu Home Two Bad Neighbors (2)



Let’s jump into the episodes where we actually do catch a glimpse of the exterior of the ever changing Apartment complex that has become home to the Nahasapeemapetilon’s.

Season 10, Episode 14: I’m with Cupid
Apu calls Sanjay from his apartment to see how many pennies he has left at the Kwik-E-Mart. Apu freaks out when he says only seven and claims he will be right there, until Manjula takes the phone away and tells Sanjay Apu will not be there as they are having the Simpsons over for dinner. You can see that Apu and Manjula live on the 2nd floor of the building in the corner. The apartment looks quite nice inside. A fight erupts as Manjula learns that it is NOT the American way to work 18hr days, 7 days a week. Apu makes many attempts to woo Manujula with 7 days of amazing Valentine’s gifts. The other men of Springfield are not happy about it and plan to destroy his next attempt. They can be seen in Homer’s car outside the apartment. Watching for Apu’s next move.

Apu Apartment Im With Cupid



Season 11, Episode 7: Eight Misbehavin
This episode cracks me up as it is a jab at the furniture store IKEA with the Simpsons instead at a store called SHǾP. Apu and Manjula are there too. Manjula giggles and plays with Maggie which sparks the question…Are they going to have kids soon? Back at the apartment, Apu and Manjula decide they do want a child. (Lil did they know that everyone was sneaking Manjula fertility drugs and they end up with Octuplets.)

Apu Apartment Eight Misbehavin


Season 12, Episode 16: Bye Bye Nerdie
Homer and Marge are paid a home visit by a saleswoman attempting to make money off “baby proofing” their Home. Homer refuses her services and sets to do it on his own. He then decides he needs to share his great wisdom and sets off promoting his own business “Wee Care”. His first stop is Apu and Manjula’s Apartment where he places giant “We’re #1” foam fingers on all the pointy hands of their Shiva Statue.

Apu Apartment Bye Bye Nerdie


Season 13, Episode 19: The Sweetest Apu
Apu is run down and tired of his Octuplets and unloving wife. He ends up turning his wandering eye to the Squishee lady, Annette. Homer finds out that Apu is cheating on Manjula when he tries to return his dented empty beer keg to the Kwik-E-Mart. After a bad nightmare of the encounter, Homer decides he needs to confront Apu. Apu refuses to stop the affair and Manjula, who suspects something and watches the security tapes for the store, kicks Apu out of the apartment. Later at her divorce lawyers office, she realizes she still loves Apu. She goes home to the apartment. Marge convinces her to take Apu back, by making him suffer and complete a list of tasks she has made up.

Apu Apartment The Sweetest Apu


Season 21, Episode 21: Moe Letter Blues
It is Mother’s Day in Springfield and the woman, along with Krusty, are encouraging the men to go on a cruise to Weasel Island. (And you thought Kamp Krusty was a sad place.) As they are leaving, a letter arrives from Moe addressed to Lovejoy, Homer, and Apu. Moe claims that one of their wives is going to leave them for him. During one of the flashbacks, Apu and Manjula are seen arguing outside the apartment as one of the Octuplets got left behind at Moe’s when they were trying to find a warm place to get out of the rain. Interestingly, the bottom floor now seems to be a garage instead of windows.

Apu Apartment Moe Letter Blues

Apu Apartment Moe Letter Blues 1


So there you have it. Apu’s Apartment that can be seen throughout a few different episodes (mostly the interior). It is cool though to see the differences in the style and color scheme that changed over the seasons. What do YOU think of the Apartment? Figured out where you are going to place it already? Still debating whether or not to put up the donuts for it?

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  1. The apartment was first seen in Lisa On Ice, season 6 episode 8.

  2. Location-wise, I try to keep it as close to the series as possible where possible.. looks like it’s near the square or downtown?

  3. Manjula (speaking Hindu and playing with Maggie)

    Marge: Maggie loves baby talk

    Manjula: that was Hindu


  4. I’m torn… Luann & the Cracker factory or Manjula & the Apartments. Glad they aren’t limited time. I’m still playing catch-up since I only started playing last August. I am still envious of the helicopter, what do I have to do to get it, or can I even get it anymore? One of my neighbors even has Santa & his reindeer, on top of having the helicopter. I want LOL

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