Silly Simpsons News: New Names in the Cafeteria

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Wookiee popping in with a little spot of Silly Simpsons News.  I know not everyone has the compulsions I do to look for new and exciting news about the Best. Show. Ever.  but since I do, I figured I’d share something I came across.

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So, as you saw in the title, there is a new name in the cafeteria at Springfield Elementary.  No they didn’t rename the Sloppy Joe’s (although I wish they would, I’m tired of being called sloppy) or Mac N Cheese.  They renamed Lunchlady Doris.

In the most recent episode (“You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referree”, S25:E16), after a riot at the school over a historical assembly, several newspaper headlines are shown.  In one, a picture of our favorite lunchlady is shown but the article’s title names her as Lunchlady Dora.  What the french toast?

Here’s a great article I found while searching for the answer to this.

And that really explains it all.  Maybe a future episode will explain what the difference is or maybe we’ll actually see her cook once for her son, Jeremy Freedman aka Squeaky Voiced Teen?  Maybe he went Latin too and his name is now Diego and future episodes will include a thieving fox, booted monkey or leopard?  Nah… that’d just be silly, like a Rasta version of Itchy & Scratchy or a Spongebob parody, right?  I’ll defer to Shakespeare by simply saying what’s in a name anyways?  Roses still smell as sweet, the sky is still blue and wookiees still love some crunchy Cheetos.

That sums up this edition of Silly Simpsons News.  I’m your host Joe the Wookiee.  Now off to Bunny for the weather….

R.I.P. Doris Grau (October 12, 1924 – December 30, 1995)

TTFN… Wookiee out!  (P.S. I did re-watch “Dark Knight Court”, S24:E16, and Willy does call her Dora.  Totally missed it then.  Guess I’m a better reader than listener.)


17 responses to “Silly Simpsons News: New Names in the Cafeteria

  1. I never caught the Jeremy Freedman episode either (also news to me) but at least I can live with that yet not use it. My happiest Simpsons Name moment was when we finally learned the name of the Sarcastic Guy aka Raphael (when Sideshow Bob thanked him “kind innkeeper” for the storage facility). Which leads me to the Plee for Raphael (sarcastic guy) to be the next character on my wish list now that I finally have Lunchlady Dora-is :p

  2. Call me old fashioned but I’ll still call her Lunchlady Doris. This name change is almost worse than Armond Tanzarian.

  3. I doubt we’ll see a soapy reasoning behind the Doris/Dora debacle. A different (looking) lunch lady would have been much Better.

  4. A bit unrelated but thought I’d share. (Wookie will understand). Sitting in the theatre and waiting for the Lego Movie to start. So cool. My son has taken me for my birthday 🙂

  5. Thanks for bringing this up. I find it really weird that it’s taken 7 seasons for any mention of “Dora” to appear and 8 seasons for “Dora” to be spelled out in front of you.

    Do any of you find it disrespectful to bring back a character that looks exactly like Lunchlady Doris, except change two letters of the name? I feel like when Doris Grau (the original voice actor) died, the character should have been fully retired, just like Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure were when Phil Hartman died or like Edna Krabappel was when Marcia Wallace died. They could have created a completely new lunchlady instead of bringing the same one back and renaming her Dora. I think that’s disrespectful to Doris Grau, even more so because they did it for Hartman and Wallace but not her.

    • It’s weird. Doris was retired but since Dora looks just like her, it just feels like a 10 year break. I agree that a different lunchlady would have been better. Maybe they’ll explain it all in a future episode now that people are talking about it. Once can only hope. I’d love to see a soap operaesque reveal with identical twin sisters, an intriguing murder mystery plot and more Squeaky Voiced Teen.

    • Yeah, I think someone kinda slipped up on this one. The character may not have had many appearances but she deserved either to be the same character with the same name or retired all together with a new character.

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