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From the Mouths of Addicts: From the Addicts Mailbag


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us form a few different tappers.  Everyday we receive TONS of emails from you guys with fun shots of your town, random thoughts about the Simpsons & of course…we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t…our favorite admiration for TSTO Addicts!  So we thought this week we’d share a few of the emails we’ve received recently.

We like to think of these two emails as PSA’s.   First, we’ve got a GREAT tip for Kindle players looking for a deal on donuts from one of our long time readers LadyPandi.  And the other is an important warning about Easter Basket Placement from one of our favorite trolls readers…the one the only FREAK!

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Let’s Chat Neighbors

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing on in to let you in on a lil secret. Well, maybe not so much a “secret”. I have been so crazy involved in the fun and excitement of the “BUNNY EVENT”, that I forgot to tell you all about a cool new feature in the Origin Desktop Manager. Sit tight, this is a good one.

Origin logo


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Where Did THAT Come From – Mojo the Helper Monkey

Hey there Addicterinos!  How are all my favorite wabbit whackers doing?

Easter is upon us and of course with a big event like this, it means lots of new content.  You know what that means, right?  Yup… more WDTCF fun from your resident writers.  For today’s edition, I thought it might be nice to turn our heads away from all the fluffy cotton tail antics and concentrate on an anima near and dear to this fuzzball’s heart… MONKEYS!  And not just any monkeys, but helper monkeys.  More specifically…. MOJO!

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Easter Event 1 Week In….What Have YOU Won?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So we’re 1 week in from the start of the bunny invasion, with 3 more weeks to go!  Now that everyone is busy tapping and zapping I want to know…what have YOU won so far?  Are you keeping track?

And apparently you do to…one of our readers Runicgem left this comment/suggestion on another post:
Hi Everybody!!! i would love to see a post on who has received what so far pertaining to the boxes of Easter. To date but not whining, I’ve received 4 ponds, 1 Kang Topiary, 2 Beach Umbrellas, 2 egg piles, 1 Easter Main Gate, The Banana Dictatorship Bulding and 20 easter gates plus Gold coins of 100 and 300 a few times. I hope i get some characters and other buildings but if not then donuts will be spent LOL. Hope everyone is doing well and Keep On Zapping!! 🙂

Well my friend…here’s my list from my A town:

Note: In my A town I’m playing as freemium as I can get with this event.  I have not purchased a single Egg.  The only purchase I’ve made at this point was for the MKII and that’s been more a test to see if I experience the same glitch a few of you are mentioning (where it gives you your dominant color instead of your non-dominant color).  Beyond that not 1 item has been purchased.  All baskets have been won and all Eggs have been tapped or zapped.  I am growing carrots and using Witch Marge…so I earn about 10-13 eggs/2 hrs with that (when I remember to go in and tap it!).  Also…I am NOT maxed out on friends.  I currently have 75 neighbors.  

I’m Team Pink in my A game…
Pink Boxes: Fence, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, fence, fence, tree, 100 gold eggs, umbrella and towel, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, Chirpy and Bart Jr, umbrella and towel, 100 gold eggs, fence, 100 gold eggs, Blocko Store

Blue Boxes: 300 Gold Eggs, pond, Fence, 300 Gold eggs, egg pile, 300 gold eggs, Pond

Gold Boxes: Kodos Topiary, Hugs Bunny, Gate

For those not wanting to count…I won Chirpy and Bart Jr on attempt #13 and Blocko Store on attempt #18.  Ended up with 6 Fences (18 total towards Sucking Out quest), 700 Gold Eggs, 1 Easter Tree and 2 Umbrella and Towels.  So…I’ve now stopped attempting on pink since I’ve unlocked both items and am converting pink eggs to blue.

In the Blue Box i’m still at least 5 attempts away from having a shot to win a unique item and in the Gold Box I got lucky and won Hugs on my second attempt!

So now…what have YOU won?  Sound off in the comments below with the prizes you’ve unlocked 1 week in!


Easter Event…1 Week In Where Should YOU Be?

Hey Howdy Hey Bunny Zapping Tappers!

Well here we are 1 week in from when all those little bunnies invaded Springfield…how are you holding up?  Still having fun with the update?  Going crazy trying to find those wascally wabbits?  Sick of all my yolking around?  Wondering if this update is all it’s cracked up to be?  Worried you’re falling behind?

Yesterday we received an awesome email from Addicts reader davadrtol.  Here’s what he said:
Dear Addicts,
   I was wondering if you could do a post giving your readers an idea of where they should be in the present event if they want to get everything.  This really only applies to freemium players, of course.
I’ve been very dedicated and have collected 22 blue boxes (haven’t picked up the building or character yet), 3 pink boxes (just the fence and golden eggs) and 3 gold boxes (Fr Sean, gate and pastel fence).
With such a disjointed style of event it’s very difficult to know exactly where you should be.
Your help would be appreciated by not only myself but your other many readers.
Thank you for reading this.
P.S.  I am a blue box person.  To clarify what I have received in the blue boxes = 5 x ponds, 11 x gold eggs, 4 x fence and 2 x egg pile. 

I’m sure there are many of you out there that are starting to get nervous that you’re not unlocking the prizes yet, or that you’re running out of time to get everything.  So all yolking aside…let’s break down approximately where you should be at this point in the Easter Event..

 ico_stor_easter_100gold ico_stor_easter_125pink ico_stor_easter_125blue

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