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From The Mouths Of Addicts: Showing Thanks!

From the mouths 2d shout out


Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us form a few different tappers. It is really cool to see how our lil blog about a silly lil game has grown and blossomed. We have really come to appreciate and adore our readers about as much as you do us. We love it even more when we see some lil items in peoples games that let us know just how many fans we have out there.

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Ladies and Gentlemen… start your whackers!

Note from Alissa…in fairness to Wookiee this post has been sitting in drafts for well over a week.  We got slammed with Level 39 and had to push it back.  So we’re happy to be able to finally post this awesome read for you guys now! 🙂 (composing myself as I try to stop chuckling… this might take a sec) snakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnake It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to write a post with a title as silly as that but I’m definitely not complaining.  I’m sure all our TSTO veterans get the idea but for any one relatively new to the game i.e. started playing after May 2013, I’m referring to Whacking Day and the probability of another Whacking Day Event in the future. Whacking Day Continue reading

Where Did THAT Come From- E.A.R.L.

New Level 39 Update!! WOOHOO!  How far are YOU already to those next 5000 FP? Tappin like mad yet? Well no worries, we got all the details on the New Social Event item coming for you. Starting with THIS post. 🙂

EA likes to drop lil items into our game that we have no clue even existed. Items that were such a small blip or not important/memorable enough to grasp where we even saw it. That’s what I am here for. To poke deep into the brain storage and pull out these lil blips for you.

E.A.R.L. Unlock Screen

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Friendship Level 6: Unlocking E.A.R.L

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers doing this hump day?  Making your way nicely through Level 39?  Racking up those FP’s by visiting your neighbors?  Just a reminder, remember to help out your fellow neighbors and clear those handshakes!  Are you in need of more Tapping Friends?  Remember you can always find friends on our Add Friends Page (and here for ones who pledge not to vandalize you)…the best (and only way) to submit your Add Me requests on TSTO Addicts!

So with the introduction of Level 39 EA also gave us a 6th Social Currency Event Prize…E.A.R.L Lighthouse!  So now my friends let’s break down this 6th…and final for now (at least until EA decides to add more)… Friendship Prize.  Just want to remind you all with this update it’s important to remember to SLOW DOWN.  There’s no rush to get the FP’s, so take your time and enjoy it!  🙂

Anywho…E.A.R.L is unlocked once you’ve unlocked Stampy AND earned an additional 5,000FP…so many of you should be unlocking it sometime in the next few days (depending on how many friends you have).  So what happens when you unlock this Lighthouse?  Does it do anything?  Or does it just sit there?  Where can it go?  Is it going to take up MORE land in Springfield?  Well let’s answer all of your questions by taking a closer look at E.A.R.L…



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Where did THAT come from: Bumblebee Man’s Tacos

Holy new Krustyland decorations!

Wowza… Level 39 came finally with new stuff and the programmers remembered the Krustiest place on Earth.  I wondered if the recent appearance of KL in “The War of Art” was an indication of cool things to come.  While I think it’s so funny we recently dished on KL here at Addicts, I totally think it’s a coincidence they added 8 new items with this update.  What it does prove though, is that great minds think alike and for yet another time, us crazies here at Addicts share brainwaves with EA… spoooooooooky.  Anywho, I’m here to dish on one of the new items… Bumblebee Man’s Tacos.


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