To Tap or To ZAP!! Bunny Stunner

Hey there Hoppereenoos….WHOA WHOA WHOA…Watch it there mister! PUT THE STUNNER DOWN!!! Easy. Easy now. I am NOT the enemy. I WILL not give you eggs if you zap me. SERIOUSLY!! Don’t make me go get the Crazy Bunny Lady.

crazy cat lady bunnies

So what what was I doing? Oh, yah…The Bunny Stunner. It…Huh? Awwww ***blush*** Thanks, but no…I am NOT talking about me (for once. Lol. Thanks for the compliment though alunited1961.) I am talking about that fun lil device they added into our games to helps us knock out several bunnies at once.





Bunny Stunner Dialog


“How on earth does this thing work? How do you get the electricity to start up and the bolts to fly out? HELP??!!!”

No worries my Hoppereenos, we are here to help out. First off, you need to activate the Bunny Stunner/Zapper. To do this go to the lil Bunny Stunner icon in the top right corner of your screen.


Once you tap on it, the pop up “explaining” how to use it will appear. Tap OK and you have it ready.

Bunny Stunner Zapper 2

Now comes the part that trips people up. So a few pointers first. Myself, I have the touch screen sensitivity turned down low AND a screen protector. What does this mean? It senses my fingers enough to play the game with a simple tap, but may have a lil harder time picking up on the amount of sensitivity needed for the Stunner/Zapper. So this will be a lil trial and error til you get down just how soft or hard to push to get it to pick up. You may have to adjust YOUR device sensitivity.

Next suggestion, try and tap when you are really close to at least one Bunny. NO NOT ME!! Lol. Just look for a group of bunnies in your town to try it on.

Bunnies in town

Press one finger to your game and hold it there. If it picks up on your finger, you will see lightning bolts start to shoot out from underneath. DO NOT LET GO!! (Once you let got the Stunner/Zapper will stop.) As the lightning bolts continue to shoot out…move your finger across the screen.


Bunny Stunner electricity

Bunny Stunner electricity 2

The screen will adjust and move along with you. You can cover all areas of your town, getting the bunnies you might have not even seen hiding behind buildings and decorations (you can also “hide” all your buildings and decorations to see them if you want).

Hidden Bunnies 5

Hidden Bunnies 4

Hidden Bunnies 3

Hidden Bunnies 1

It is kinda funny because you all of the sudden see a lil flicker of the electrocuted image or an egg pop out (the eggs you get will vary depending on the Player Color you are).

Bunny Stunned Electrocuted

Bunny zapped


elec 6 elec 9

elec 4






No worries, they are just fine. They just burrow back to the basement and will come back again and again and again.

Bunny burrow under ground




If you are a Pink Player, you will see more Pink Eggs pop out. If you are a Blue Player, more blue. Also the random Easter Basket here and there (0.3% chance of Player Color, 0.6% chance of Non Player Color). So don’t spend so many donuts on them.

Bunny Stunner Eggs

Bunny Stunner Eggs and Basket


“What bunnies can we ZAP/Stun?”  

There are ONLY 3 that you can. (Of course you can just tap on them too and they drop THUD, then burrow underground.)

bunny 1 bunny 1 tap


Yellow Bunny




bunny 2 bunny tap


Pink Bunny




bunny 3 bunny 3 tap


Purple Bunny



“Can we do anything to the Chocolate Brown Bunnies?”

Well, you CAN tap on them…but all they do is stand up and hiss at you. They are really only there for decoration and to add ambiance to the Easter Event. So they are only there to look at. Nothing more. Sorry. SO NO TAPPING/ ZAPPING BUNNIES IN NEIGHBORS OR KRUSTYLAND. Lol

bunny 4 Bunny 4 tap


Chocolate Brown Bunny



chocolate brown bunnies 3



“How often do the bunnies pop into my game? Is there a max amount that you can have in a game?” 

1 Bunny every 5 minutes
40 Max (with 20 additional in the bank for 60 total)

The Bunnies will regenerate at a pace of 1 every 5 minutes. They will keep popping into your game until there is a total of 40 Bunnies each. Now if you are away for a long period of time, the game “bank” will store an additional 20 Bunnies to your game.  Bringing your max to a total of 60 Bunnies waiting in your game. This way as you clear some out, more will be placed into your game until the 20 are all out of the “bank”.


“How can I get MORE Bunnies without waiting?”

Once you get to Part 8 in the main questline, you will get the chance to plant Carrots at Cletus’ Farm. After they finish and you harvest them, 10 Bunnies will be added into your game. IMPORTANT: Make sure you clear out a few Bunnies before harvesting the crop so you have room for the 10, otherwise they are lost.











(If you have Witch Marge from the Halloween Event, you can get them quick from Cletus’ Farm.)




Bunny Stunner Dialog Homer


Fine fine fine…get back to your game and all those Bunnies. Let me know if this post helped you out. Need more information? Have more questions? Having fun yet? Lol. Sound off in the comments below.


Until Next Time…

elec 11 elec 4


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  1. kurdtkobain67

    I’ve had the same issue with the Zapper – was working perfectly then I leveled up and it stopped working. I made a second account and Zapper works fine through that account, so I know it is not my tablet playing up.

    Have had to play via BlueStacks since yesterday as my tablet has been sent away (battery issue, not touchscreen that could cause problems) and I can zap fine in one account and not the other.

    Relieved it isn’t just me though!

  2. Hi all, I’ve been having the same issue with my zapper and it’s really annoying lol! I think I’m one of the unlucky ones because all of a sudden I’ve had a few bugs! (First time I’ve ever had a bug ((iphone)) I’m having the zapper trouble, the 200 instead of 400 eggs and missing eggs. I’ve got like 9 or 10 baskets and none are filling up lol.
    Maybe I’ve just got a couple of tight neighbours!
    I’ve been trawling comments to find out about help and reporting bugs etc… And haven’t worked out how to actually report it but came across this feed

    On there you can click a thing under the question that says ‘me too’ which tells EA that you’re having the same issue, I guess it doesn’t resolve anything but thought it may be helpful to others if they wanted to report the issue or something!

    Happy tappin’

  3. My zapper is also broken ( I’m being forced to the edit screen.) Phew, glad to hear I’m not the only one. Hope the glitch is fixed soon because tapping bunnies is getting a little tiring.

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