Where Did THAT Come From – Johnny Fiestas

Ay ay ay, una restauranta mejicana en Springfield.  Es muy bueno!

That’s right wabbit whackers, Wookiee’s back with another WDTCF.  This time it’s Johnny Fiestas.

johny fiesta

Coming to us as one of the unique prizes in the blue egg box, it’s a good looking building.  This building contributes to your tough to crack gluttony rating and earning $90 and 10 XP ever 4 hours for “Serving Margaritas with Random Sides” is not too shabby a payout either.  Did I mention it can also be placed on your Squidport to spice things up a notch?  That’s where I plan on putting it.

As far as the Best. Show. Ever goes, it comes to us as another quick blip from Season 17, Episode 7: “The Last of the Red Hat Mamas.  I always think of this as the Mayoral Springfield Easter Egg Hunt where Ralph has a hole in his basket, Homer has his version of a chicken fight and Mayor Quimby has many lies he told his wife about what the buttons in his office do.

But this post isn’t about the Quimby mansion, you know, the house with the beautiful wainscoting, or other items Bunny would whack me over if I mentioned.  It’s about Johnny Fiestas.  We get our glimpse of it right after Marge meets Tammy and the Cheery Red Tomatoes.  They’re all about to “have margaritas and poke gentle fun at their husbands”.  Jebus knows Marge has a ton of stuff to dish about hers so she joins them at the obvious choice for margaritas, a Mexican restaurant.

Johnny Fiestas

And not just any restaurant but our new one offered in this amazing TSTO Easter Event.  One quick glance and blamm-o, it’s in the game.  My guess is an EA designer watched this episode for Easter stuff and liked the restaurant so much, they decided to also include it.  I’m happy they did because this Wookiee loves him some Mexican food.

Just for fun… this episode also include the origin of Sherri and Terri’s 4 hour “Use Their Secret Language” task and also included Homer losing a bet that the Crazy Cat Lady couldn’t throw a cat over the Simpsons House.  Now that’s a task I’d have like to have seen.  Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter event and you know we’ll be back with more info about all this crazy pastel eggery and bunny tomfoolery.

TTFN… Wookie out!


21 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Johnny Fiestas

  1. Try and try as I may I can’t seem to get this store. P’ing me off.

  2. As I’ve been playing the game I noticed that you can send Otto to Johnny Fiestas. Just like you can send Chalmers to Blocko store, and Ralph to the Firecracker Puppy store. Am I missing any new tasks? I wish tasks were added for all the buildings.

    • Nope that’s it. We’ve got the rundown on who can go where with the new buildings (minus the puppy store…that’s for a Should I Buy post 😉 ) here
      I agree with you on the tasks…but I do like that at least a few of the new buildings will be used 🙂

  3. How I wish there was a good Mexican Restaurant in my home town *sigh*

  4. It is weird how 2 of the buildings in this update came from the season 23 episode “The Doh’cial Network”…. They must have been watching that episode for thoughts on what buildings to introduce into the game!! 🙂

  5. I’m excited that it can be put on our Squidport! I’m totally putting it there!

  6. Another excellent WDTCF post, Wookiee McFurball, I too like the looks of this “refried eatery” and am sooo glad I can put it on the “port”. Can hardly wait to win it!! But I do have to correct you on one item from your sterling report………………..


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