Weekend Update: April 20th-26th

Lil Bunny Foo Foo…Hoppin through her Springfield…seein all the Bunnies…AND ZAP ZAP ZAP PEW PEW PEW TAPPA TAPPA TAP…errr…ummm…I think I’ve officially lost what lil was left of my mind…Take it away Kent!

Weekend Update Addicts

SATURDAY: After last weeks update, Bunny decided to toss out the Showoff for a SPUR OF THE MOMENT FREE DONUT CONTEST!! Congrats again Cybersilly.


Now for this weeks fun…

SUNDAY:  Alissa, Bunny, and Wookiee took the day off to spend it just kicking back and relaxing. Wishing you a Very Hoppy Easter!

Knowing you would miss us if we were gone for too long (Lol) Alissa put up the Sunday Night Open Thread so you could all share what YOU had been up to with your fellow readers/neighbors.


MONDAY: Wookiee started off the day with some background on one of the many new items with this event in Where Did THAT Come From : Blocko Store.

blocko building

Alissa gave us all some great information on the Characters of TSTO Easter. She then came back with the short short walkthrough version of Turbo Tappin: Fr Sean.

Bunny then announced the winner for the Surprise Contest (gotta watch out for those) as well as remind you all submissions for our Cross Blog Monthly Contest were due.


TUESDAY: Alissa gave you the run down and some information on Should I Spend Donuts On Mojo. Did you buy him? Then some more information with the Should I Spend Donuts On The Egg Generators.

Wookiee wanted to have a lil fun for our reader Phil, so he made him a 2D TMNT. Take a look at his cool art! He than came back with a Where Did THAT Come From: Banana Dictatorship.

banana dictatorship

WEDNESDAY: Alissa helped to quiet some nerves of our frazzled readers by offering an idea of Where Should I Be?: Easter Week 1. She also wanted you to tell us what YOU have won so far. All of us here love to hear from YOU, our readers. We even feature posts and random things from YOU. Just take a look at this weeks From The Mouths Of Addicts.

Wookiee gave us some great info on just Where Did THAT Come From: Mojo the Helper Monkey.

Bunny wanted to give you the heads up on a cool way to Chat with YOUR Neighboreenos in the game you may not have known about. Just take a look.


THURSDAY: Bunny decided to restart last weeks Springfield Showoff: Death items. Did YOU send your pics in yet?

Alissa gave us all some cool information on that lil teeny tiny item in Should I Spend Donuts On: Faberge’ Egg. She then announced that an Update had hit, sadly not the basket glitch fix …yet.

faberge egg

Wookiee wanted to start a lil Color war in his Diary of a Wookiee: Go Team Blue! What color are YOU?


FRIDAY: Bunny brought you some information on the Egg Glitch…that wasn’t really a glitch. She then gave you some information on the Growing Carrots and Getting Bunnies Glitch…that wasn’t really a glitch.

Wookiee showed us just Where Did THAT Come From: Faberge’ Egg. He then came back to make us all giggle a little in the Silly Simpsons: Nerds, Voices, and Fan Art.


SATURDAY: Well my lil Hoppereenos, That just about does it. Just wanted to remind you all that there is still a small window of time for you to get in your town pics for this weeks Springfield Showoff: “Death” (graves, cemetaries, and burial grounds…oh my.) Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the Comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com. We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 

Springfield Showoff Deathly Hallows



So there you have it. All the weeks activities. PHEW!! What do YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Anything in particular you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below.


Til Next Time…



flying bunny


52 responses to “Weekend Update: April 20th-26th

  1. erikclark138@gmail.com

    I’m a level 40 player, I’ve played EVERY day except for 3 maybe, over the last 8 months. My origon ID is kern138. Add me! I have about 10 friends spots left, and would like to fill them with higher level players that tap everyday. I pretty proud of my all free Springfield. I’m only missing a few buildings, and my town is at a solid 4. Also I really like this Easter update.

  2. I Only started playing a few days ago and I am looking for friends and advice violentzen708

  3. Yesenia Rodriguez

    Daily use and would appreciate some friends so please add me 🙂 Yesenia420_

  4. I’ve been thinking more and more about this. I think we’ll want Blue and Pink neighbors because you’ll be winning blue and pink baskets. I’m blue, so I don’t need any more blue eggs but have blue baskets. I just take the eggs from the basket and go to friends and convert them to pink. I haven’t had a basket drop in a very long time or the elusive faberge egg. I’m surprised to see how people are winning doughnuts daily from their friends. I have 100 friends, and I’ve seen a doughnut here and there. That’s ok, I really just want eggs. Oh Blocko store, I must have you!

  5. First of all, thanks for the posts, they really help! =) Bunny, just a question, I cleared my dominant blue box, got the block house form the pink and need shari bobbins, father sean and hugs bunny from the gold one, also I’m at 28 fences, so, I should be well on my way sweeping the event in the time left right?

  6. I am getting a little tired of Easter. I think EA did a better job with Halloween and Christmas personally, but I wasn’t complaining about Easter from the get go like others. I didn’t mind getting the “bad” prizes, I liked the fences and was at least opening a couple boxes a day, and ended up getting a couple buildings. I used to get tons of baskets too- since the update I have only gotten one. The lack of baskets plus having finished the quest line (no more 250 egg rewards) means I am hardly able to open a box a day. I scraped together enough blue eggs (trading with neighboreenos) to open a blue box today and got a pond. Lol. At the end of the day it is just a game, but I feel like for Christmas and Halloween there were even more freemium/in game cash decorations to buy. Anyway, like I said at the beginning, I can’t complain too much about an event that gives out free prizes. I have more than when I started. But I hope the next event is more like Halloween and Christmas!

  7. i’m new here but i like what you guys are doing. anyways i no longer need my eggs since i have all the things i wanted so if there are any lower level players that need some free eggs then add me. my origin ID is theidiotking – i prefer to add lower level players b/c they seem to need the help the most

  8. Scott10889
    Add me, LVL 39, play everyday

  9. BTW I have atleast four pink egg baskets that are empty so if u could also b kind enough to tap on them then that’ll b great thanx lol

  10. Idk about you guys but I like this game a lot I play at least once a day if possible but I lack a few friends so if u guys need friends and are daily players add me knightmare569 I would really appreciate it thanks

  11. Frustrating event. Just opened 32nd pink box as I am pink. Still no Blocko store or chirpy/Bart jr. Eleven tries on blue with no luck. Right tries on hold and best I have is the bunny. I have completed the quests so that is about 250 eggs less per day. Without buying eggs at this rate I will never get any of the good prized. Ugh.

    • Sorry about that. Keep in mind the main prizes in pink and blue don’t unlock until 12, so almost there. If anything, step away and just tap/zap, play, and have fun. Let the eggs pile up for a bit. Then go do a bunch of spins at once. We have til May 13th. That is still a ways away. 🙂

  12. WOO HOO! One of my bunns popped out the faberge egg! AND I got 4 donuts today! What a lucky day!

  13. Just wanted to THANK YOU all for the great posts. I come here regularly and always find something interesting and funny to read. I am loving all of it. Great job!! (And: Go, Team Blue!)

    • Well thank YOU for being an Addict reader and coming back time and again. Glad we could make you laugh. We do like to have as much fun here as possible. After all its all about a silly little game. 😉

  14. Can’t wait to see the show off, I see I’m a Lil late to add in, but that’s OK. I love seeing everyone’s designs 🙂
    Finally got banana dictatorship! Still working on everything else. Mostly seeing gold eggs out of my boxes.

  15. Something weird happened, I was going from neighbor to neighbor, tapping and giving eggs and all of a sudden I’m in a town I don’t recognize and a name I don’t know. I haven’t recently acquired any new neighbors, have you guys seen this before? I even logged out and logged back in. .???

    • On your friends list? Are they a friend from Facebook? A lot of people have been changing their names on their accounts and Origin.

      • I’m not on Facebook! That’s weird, right? I thought maybe someone changed their name but that Springfield is totally unfamiliar. It’s a mystery.

    • Same here…I have everyone that I ever deleted visiting me and two new people showed up in my list of neighbors…did I hit you girl or have you been glitching…I ask because I have been swapping with many, many neighbors…Alissa, you still glitching??? I got to swap with all the pros but Bunny… 🙂

      • Woah…what’d I say? …Lol…oops?… 🙂

      • I think you got me. I haven’t been glitching at all but there’s one pink basket out that hasn’t been hit at all and I’m wondering if it’s dead.

        • I think you reminded me that we’re both blue…I give out pink when I can…I finally had a day without getting a basket…so I be tapping for both colors…and hopefully some baskets…I’ll get you when I can… 😉

      • Not able to play as much as I’d like to the last couple of days (or the next couple of days) but trying to get in to clear handshakes as often as I can. Little crazy here & limited access to Wi-Fi…but working on some fun stuff for you guys 😉
        Look for my town to be back at 100% soon 🙂

  16. Today i got my final prize (Hugs Bunny)!!! WoooooHoooooo! I’m gonna keep on zapping so I can donate eggs to my neighboreenos.

  17. Hey Freak i have a pic of what you have out now 🙂

  18. Hey Freak, if you want to arrange anything different then let me know before i snap pics! we have till midnite tonite

    • Lol…ummm…no. I said this EVENING. Not midnight silly. 😛 Post goes up by 830pm EST

    • You peeking in my window??? LoL… 🙂

    • Oh, runi, my new neighbor, MrsMLKnight, turned me onto how to do a screenshot with my kindle…I appreciate it, though… 😉 …oh but when I mentioned the showoff, I was saying that I didn’t get much last halloween…no buildings, just that KL ride and a crap load of pumpkins…I got no showoff tonight…you don’t have to peek in the window, come on in…just starting some burgers and hotdogs…going to see “RoboCop” in a bit… 🙂

      • Man, that sounds SWEEEEET!!! Enjoy My Neighboreeno!! Glad you have a handle on that Kindle!! 🙂

        • …actually…I got the handleless version… 😉 …but I love it…Hey Busy Bunny sweet thang!!! Thanks for helping me so much in the past…now I must blow up your inbox… 😉

  19. Great week for me. I cleared my dominant Blue Box with the Egg Council Guy and Johnny Fiesta’s, and two days later, I got the Blocko store from my non-dominant Pink Box. Now, all I need to get is Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr., and I’m off to work on the gold boxes!

    Thanks for being very optimistic about this update, guys. Even though the numbers can make the task seem impossible (81 boxes…ouch), when you just sit down and downright PLAY the game, it’s actually not so bad.

    My only worry is Shary Bobbins, who requires a minimum of 20 gold boxes to unlock. Unless that limit changes, I doubt I’ll be getting her.

    • Yah, we only put the numbers out there due to we KNEW everyone would want to know the odds. But they are all a “worst case scenario” thing. Most people are clearing all prizes in no time. AND…only 25% way through the event. So much time still left to get a lot of cool prizes without speeding up or spending donuts.

  20. Howdily doodily addicterinos! (Shut up Flanders) LOL

    How are you this fine weekend? I just stared doing a major redesign and I was wondering if any of you had come across a fairly accurate map of Springfield. I know the animators do move things around for the sake of jokes and things aren’t always in the same place but I’m not try to make my town look exactly like the show, I just want to get some ideas from the show to give my town a nice flow to it. Thanks guys and gals.

  21. Good week for me…well…okay, so I didn’t get any premium prizes but it was still a good week…patiently waiting to see the showoff tonight… wish I had Halloween stuff to show with you guys!!! 🙂

  22. Just something you are planning or may want to do, where did bunny #24601 come from?

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