Silly Simpsons: Nerds, Voices and Fan Art

You say goodbye I say hello… hello, hello!

What’s up party people? Wookiee here and admittedly I’ve been listening to quite a bit of the Beatles lately.  Trying to find some new karaoke songs and since “Hey Jude” and “I am the Walrus” are already in my repertoire, looking for new things.  Got any suggestions?  Anywho… just dropping by for some more Silly Simpsons.  Click more to see what I ramble about today…

So, first off, a while ago we had a discussion on this site about geeks vs. nerds.  I didn’t really chime in too much during it but yesterday my best friend sent me this venn diagram to put the matter to rest.

Simpsons geek-nerd-dork-venn-diagram


Classic smart kid stuff to try and settle a debate with probability, logic, statistics, linguistics and computer science.  Do you know all the nerds in this image? Anyone else think my brother was implying I’m a nerd and not a geek?

Anywho… not completely Simpsons but since it had the image I figured I’d share.  I found some other things this week while surfing the ultraweb during school.  While I probably should have been learning about the Victorian Era and Human Sexuality, I found this stuff.

A cool chart showing the voice actors of the show.  I’m sure we all knew Hank Azaria is one of the main voices.  Funny to me that in “Luca$”, he practically was talking to himself the whole time.  In his tweets, he even revealed he was the voice of Scooby Doo in one of the commercials that was aired.  Talented fellow that Azaria.



This chart is definitely not all inclusive.  Tress MacNeille does a ton of voices too.  I actually wrote about it once upon a time during a WAWW.  Pretty sure this was to show main characters and primary supporting characters.

Next up, a really silly poster suggesting real life actors to play the roles of the Simpsons.  Not sure I agree with all the choices but it did make me laugh.  Who do you think should play every character?


This is obviously fan art and in that vein, I found some images I just really like.  There is so much out there that it is hard to pick specifics but these made my list this week.  Pleas know if you are afraid of clowns, not to click continue reading.  There is a scary image of Krusty.  You’ve been warned.  No worries if you stop here.  You stay classy if coulrophobia is one of your bugaboos.

Brave enough to continue?  Cool Beans.

This first one is Homer and Marge as real people but not disturbing like other images I’ve seen.  It’s definitely designed in a Norman Rockwellesque manner.  I really dig it.



The other one is a fan made image of Krusty as the scary clown from one of my favorite books and movies.




Can’t sleep, Krusty will eat me.  Why do I really want to get this tattooed?  The last little thing is a magazine cover I found.  No need to mention what inspired me to share it, just something funny and current even though it’s an old issue of MAD.



Thanks for stopping by and hope this you enjoyed the stuff.  Please comment below with any thoughts, feelings, opinions, questions, or discussing below. TTFN… Wookiee out!

16 responses to “Silly Simpsons: Nerds, Voices and Fan Art

  1. I’m giving another vote for Blackbird, my other half used to sing it in an acoustic set and it worked REALLY well, or maybe Come Together, or one of my personal favourites Getting Better, or… I could go on but I think I better shut up now cos otherwise I’ll be here all night, there’s just so damn much to choose from.

  2. wildthornberry88

    I really like doing Octopus’s Garden at karaoke 😀

  3. The voice artists of the show and the Beatles drew me into this post, and then you had to throw in Stephen King…gah! I’m kinda geeking out here right now…

    Anyway, you’ve gotten some great suggestions above for karaoke so far, and I’d also like to humbly throw in “I’m Only Sleeping” and perhaps the album version of “Revolution” if it’s available (but hey, the single version will work too).

  4. Rockwell, King, and Mad magazine?!!? (That rhymed… I’m a poet and totally know’d it) I think I just had a nergasm! Wook, you’re the kind of dude I’d have a beer with whilst discussing a buncha nerdy stuff.
    Btw everyone, you know I’m a nerd when I use the word ‘whilst’. The only other people outside of nerd culture that use that word are a certain animal scientifically known as ‘the pretentious douch (douchius pretentiASS) My latin may seem a bit rusty, but I’m a professor of made-up Latin, so therefore I’m totally qualified. So trust me when I say avoid the pretentious douche.

  5. Try blackbird or happiness is a warm gun… both fun but challenging songs to play and sing

  6. BTW….


    (Couldn’t resist) :p

    • Big smiles brought by Uncle. Not the same book but first thing I thought was SSDD. Now off to the dark tower…

      • Dark Tower! Obsessed. Still waiting for that one to be made into a series. As long as they don’t ruin it like they did The Dome. Not that it’s not entertaining, just different. I read your warning and looked at the Krusty pic anyway *shiver* It will forever and always be the most terrifying movie to me, but as a fan of King and the Simpsons I appreciate that fan art. My karaoke suggestion is Happiness is a Warm Gun.

  7. Obladi oblada: if you want sing something fun & easy.

    Oh Darling: if you want to sing something fun… but not so easy.

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