Weekend Update: May 4th -10th

Hey there Hoppereenos. I am almost back to 100% so beware. Lol. I know everyone is getting to that “is it over yet?” grind. Hang in there. Still some really cool stuff that went on this event. Not to mention Level 40. Did you forget about that one?

Anywho…ON WE GO!!!

Weekend Update Addicts

SATURDAY: After last weeks update, Alissa posted the Episode Reminder for the much anticipate LEGO Simpsons Episode: Brick Like Me. Also, due to our absence, she provided you with the recap of the previous Sunday’s Episode: What To Expect When Barts Expecting.

Now for this weeks fun…

SUNDAY:  Wookiee wanted to add a lil geeky nerd pride to the week by celebrating May the 4th (May the Force…for you non Star Wars people. Lol.) 

Alissa then gave us a great background in this weeks Mad Men of Springfield: Father Sean. She then popped back in with our favorite feature of the week the Sunday Night Open Thread so  you could all share what YOU had been up to with your fellow readers/neighbors.

Father sean rap

MONDAY: Alissa started off the day by announcing the winners of Tapper of the Month for May. She made us all giggle as we try to come up with this weeks Caption This. She then brought you the quick quick version for our new Level 40 Turbo Tappin Premium Character: Dewey Largo.

Bunny broke down all the funny stuff that happened in the amazing LEGO Simpsons Episode: Brick Like Me. Then bounced back to give you an idea of the Random Changes that Level 40 brought.

~TSTO~Promo Images Season 25~Brick Like Me~Brick_Like_Me_promo_3

TUESDAY: Wookiee started off the day by letting us know just Where Did THAT come from for the Kang and Kodos Topiaries. Then on to the same for the Ah Fudge Factory and Cocoa Beanie. He then brought us some laughter in the Silly Simpsons News: LEGO, Make-Up, and more.

kodos head

WEDNESDAY: Alissa started the morning off, innocently enough, with a look at what YOU’VE won Three Weeks in during the Easter Event.  What have you unlocked? Then for a Wednesday Favorite of Hump Day Humor. Then for a Walkthrough of Level 40: Hoover and Beanie Romance. Then a bit of great information and back story from one of our Tappers of the Month: Archheretic1.

Cocoa getting kicked 2

THURSDAY: Bunny stayed up in the wee hours of the morning to see if the files proved true and released the Update: Gold Eggs for Purchase.

Alissa then popped in with the Complete Walkthrough: Dewey Largo.

As everyone was still venting over the event, many may not have even noticed that HEY WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER CONTEST WITH FREE LEGOS!!!! So you know if you are interested in something like that at all, you may want to take a look.

LEGO 71005_All Minifigures

FRIDAY: Alissa started Friday off by giving you a little more details to help you determine Should I Spend Donuts On: Fireworks, Candy, & Puppy Dogs.

Wookiee gave you a lil shock with the title but really just wanted to grab your attention with this weeks TSTO Anon: The G Spot.

Bunny reminded you to get in your submissions for the Showoff: Easter Stuffs while there is still time.

happy easter sign

SATURDAY: So what do we have in store for you all today??  Well you’ll have to wait and see… 🙂

So there you have it. All the weeks activities. PHEW!! What do YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Anything in particular you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Til Next Time…

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33 responses to “Weekend Update: May 4th -10th

  1. I’m so frustrated 🙁

    I keep hearing people say that after they get the fabrege egg, baskets begin dropping again. I got the fabrege egg days ago and still not a single basket! They have just stopped dropping for me. My mom plays the game and is a blue egg person, while I’m pink. She has well over 2000 blue eggs she can’t give me and about a dozen baskets in her town, and I haven’t had any for well over a week now. I still haven’t received Johnny’s, Egg Council Guy, or anything out of the Gold Box except the Bunny. I’m lucky to open one box per day now. I’m sorry to rant like this, but it is a fiasco.

    • The rant is understandable. It’s frustrating when you’re in a holding pattern like that, I get it. Hopefully EA will do something at the end of the event to help all the players that experienced one glitch or another.

  2. I need fiestas and the two characters in the gold box very frustrated that we can’t complete events and once past events are gone they gone forever 👎

  3. So lessthan2 days to go I still need the lizards building brick store the priest and nanny. I can’t bare to make them.

    I do like the update and I’ll be disappointed not to win every thing but that’s the game.

    Should I spend real money on a chance to win the rest of the prizes. What are the odds I don’t want to be left with a load of eggs I can’t use..

    I do love the things I have got. Maybeishouldbecontent with those?

    • I’ve counted up I have 32 separate prizes and maybe 6 are gold egg box prizes add 5 more for winning gold eggs pink eggs and blues eggs that totals at least 43 boxes opened I ain’t going to winshary and may have 3-4 more chances to open further boxes….fingers crossed.

  4. I had saved up 50 doughnuts and splurged ($4.99) on 60 more doughnuts to be able to have at least 2 “truck loads” of golden eggs, which gave me 18 gold boxes. All I got was more gates, fences and topiaries. I was hoping I would get Shary Bobbins and/or Father Sean (the last two prizes I have yet to win). Before that I had opened at least 5 gold boxes. I have been playing a lot daily and I only get enough gold eggs to open one gold box every other day. at this rate I do not foresee getting either prize. Bummer. I thought that we would all be able to get every prize. Is that not the case?

    • It depends on how you play and how many boxes you open. You have to open at least 15 in Pink in Blue for the bigger prizes to even start the “chance of winning” odds. In the Gold, all but Shary are immediate. You need to open at least 20 to even have her put into the “chance of winning odds”. All the boxes are random and when you win items all varies. As we stated in the start, it is if you hit the high marks for the boxes, the “worst case scenario” if you will…only at that time will it start just automatically hitting the prizes. All the exact odds of minimums and maximums are in the post below. The rest, just random. Some get them right away, some in the middle, some further out. It all is just…random.


  5. Do u think that they will extend the event? I know they do that sometimes, I still haven’t got the faberge egg, so no baskets for 2 weeks, still haven’t finished blue or gold box.

    • No indication as of yet. If they do decide to extend it I just hope it’s announced soon and not just extend the event. EA’s usually good about announcing an event extension with plenty of time. So I’m thinking they might be pulling the plug on this event as scheduled. Hoping they’ll do something to get players the items they missed, but there’s no telling what they’ll do until they do it.

  6. HandsomeHank8

    Bunny so happy you r feeling better, I have asthma so when I get sick it lingers… Take it slow till 100% we all want a healthy Bunny hopping around!
    I love the weekly review as can catch up if I miss a day!
    Thank you for all u do!

  7. Try to get the last 2 people with gold hard

  8. Glad to see your back to almost 100% Bunny! Still holding out for the freemiums! as you want us too! Thanks for everything!

    • Thanks so much 😉

      I prefer people to try and get all they can for free up til the last day. Then you can decide what is worth letting go of your precious pink sprinklies for. 😉

  9. Baskets are dropping much more frequently now. Probably because we are near the end of the event. I got 3 today and 3 yesterday! Oh, and finally got all my fences and thus my 15 donuts. Nice start to the weekend. 🙂

  10. I still need johnny fiestas…so I’ve been trading all my pinks in for blues. ..I spin get more golds…..spin the golds….get 250 more pink…cmon man!! Very frustrating

    • Musclepug930 – I’ve done the same. 1000 pinks traded with friends for 500 blues. 500 blues then win a spin in the gold chest. What do I win in the gold chest??? 250 blues…..!!!! So I lost 750 eggs…was this a deliberate design or can the developers not add up??? Very very annoying & totally ridiculous.

    • Happened to me too exactly like that. Switched all pinks to blues, blues gave gold, gold gave 250 pinks. Keep at it Muscle. I finally got Johnny Fiestas about 24-25 hours ago, it just finished building. I’m sure you’ll get it too.

      • Jealous of your Johnny F’s. About 53 spins in…still no Johnny’s…. I’m thinking EA’s trying to tell me to lay off the Margaritas! 😉

      • Lol @ Alissa’s post! So ya drank all of Bunny’s water and started on the margaritas’ LMBO! Anywho, Musclepug, Hiya neighboreeno! I have had that same happen numerous times to me as well! Very frustrating to say the least! I have been visiting and looking for baskets to drop blues. I will continue that! Thanks to Alissa, Bunny and Wookie for all these wonderful posts, contests, show offs and and and and and and and and and!!! Anyway Thanks fir everything! Love this site so much!! I think i have said that before but who in the world does not love to be acknowledged?

      • 53 spins of blue Alissa? Or 53 spins total? Cause I didn’t get my Johnny Fiesta until exactly my 100th box overall (though it was just my 24th blue box).

        • In Blue. Just Blue. And I stand corrected. It’s 58 spins in Just Blue and NO Johnny’s. 19 in Pink (complete), 58 in blue (need JF), 22 in Gold (need Shary and Fr. Sean).

        • 62 Spins in Blue…still no Johnny’s.
          However, I did just win Shary in my 28th Gold Box. So now just missing fr. Sean and Johnny’s. About 50 eggs shy of another blue spin…so we’ll see how that goes once I get that spin.
          Debating if I should spend anymore donuts on eggs. So far, just this morning, I spent the free 25 donuts I’ve won during Easter (sucking out and from tapping). Debating if the last 2 are worth it for me. Really want Johnny’s & Fr. Sean but not at a massive premium price tag.

  11. Got my Faberge egg with four days to go on the event so now have baskets again. Today I blew 50 donuts on gold eggs and Hey Presto got Shary and Hugs. And to say I am OVER IT is an understatement. Phew!
    I just hope that that 80s band don’t have any legal loopholes prepared to stop us all reaching “Level 42”.

    • Haha, I’m ready for it to be over too. Kind of getting sick of visiting all my friends every day. 😉

  12. Hope you recover soon!

  13. Ms Bunny, you may think i am cray cray but i will love and fully embrace you (figuretivel speaking) when your 100%!! A glutton for punishment you think? Nah, i am just a sucker for soft, furry bunnies wearing glasses!! 🙂

    • Well thank you? 😉

      Gotta love geeks in glasses 😛

      I just think I have over done it this last 3 months. Finally caught up to me. Not to mention my body going from the freezing cold, to burning heat, then back to freezing cold again. There is some weird flu/pneumonia going round that has the docs here completely baffled as to its origin. So all I can do it let it run its course (as I am allergic to the meds that help) and just hope for a complete recovery soon. Lol.

      • i understand!! my wife is like that too! She can only take certain things but most of them are a no no! And YES it was a compliment (saw the ? lol). All that traveling is easy to catch colds, etc… Easy on the “water ” girl!!

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