Hey there Hoppereenos. So sorry again that me being ill put a delay on the Showoff. So let’s try this again. I know most are frustrated right now with how the event turned out, but there still are some really cool items and design elements to those silly lil colorful decorations. I want to see what you have done with them. SHOW ME YOUR EASTER GOODIES!!

crazy cat lady bunnies

kodos head kang hedge Bunny entrance easter ribbon tree easter hedge easter fence easter flower banana dictatorship yh1W94M eggs easter treelily pond johny fiesta  Bunny gate beach towel and umbrella blocko building plant easter machine 2 easter machine 1 faberge egg firework store house happy easter sign Easter Float


The post will go live Saturday Evening, so you have til then to get your submissions in.

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the Comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 

HOPPY Tappin’

Bunny Icon 2


18 responses to “SHOWOFF REMINDER: Easter Stuffs

  1. 9 ponds, 3 eggs, 1 tree, 30 some fences, 1 egg guy, not one thing I wanted from any egg category

  2. 150 fences and counting, still missing the 2 gold characters

  3. Hey Bunny take care and don’t push too hard these things tend to sneak back up on you if you don’t recover fully


    Here’s the Easter section of my ‘Holiday-Wood’ area of town.

  5. Hi there, I uploaded my Easter photo via Flikr. I can see it on the Flikr page but not in these posts. I am not sure if I did it correctly. I may of missed a star, or two, or three. Do you have a link to instructions on how to send you photos via Flikr?

    Hi all here’s my Easter stuff area. Still trying to figure out what to do with all the other new stuff

  7. Has anybody else noticed homer can now battle the grumple now same animation as hugs or am I just really slow lol

  8. Mine is here! 🙂


    I’ve spread my faster stuff all over my Springfield and have also focussed on a new building…..Egg Commisssion. Irony is I am desperate (slight exaggerator) for easterfences as well as blocko building.


    It’s not really a design, it’s more along the lines of a hastily-created dump to throw all of my decorations in.

    I love the irony of that “Happy Easter” sign, though, because in the future, when I look at all of these “wonderful”decorations, I’ll remember what a “fantastic and easy” update Easter was.

    End sarcasm.

  11. Hope you’re feeling a lot better & hopping around.

    • Thanks so much. I am almost recovered…it still lingers and some days I am exhausted more than others and have to stay in bed. Frakkin weird flu/pneumonia going round (even docs locally are puzzled). This site keeps me pushing myself to get well. I enjoy it and miss it. 😉

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