Episode Recap: Pay Pal

You know, when I was looking up some information the other day for the upcoming episode, it was making me giggle. All my searches get trying to get me to sign up to the company with the similar name. Or try to change my searches to “spell it correctly” like the other company does. Lol.


…you know the drill.

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The Episode started out with a lil Mario getting a coin out of a brick, so I had a lil giggle at the gamer concept in it. Then of course it launched into the couch gag, which also made me giggle. Oh all the many many times I played that game in my teens.

Marge is busy doing what she usually does, making meals for the family in the kitchen.From the flyer on the fridge, looks like there is a block party coming up. Bart meanwhile is sitting at the Kitchen table trying to watch Itchy & Scratchy: Catatouille on an older style tuner TV/Radio. Looks like Itchy is forcing Scratchy to essentially chop himself up and serve himself to all the other cats in the restaurant. Apparently, from all the parts in the walkin in freezer area, this is also not the first cat Itchy has done this too. Bart gets annoyed at Marge for making too much noise with the blender. “It’s not funny if I can’t hear the cats drowning in their own barf. So he turns up the volume and she continually turns up the speed on the blender. Unfortunate for her, this causes the red velvet cake she is making to splash out of the bowl and go everywhere. Of course Homer is delighted at the mess and asks if he can lick the ceiling.

Marge is upset that now the homemade cake is ruined and she will have to turn to … **gulp** …store bought. On to Swapper Jacks she goes. She tries to hide who she is with sunglasses and a scarf over hers and Maggie’s hair. Oooooh, looks like she picked a fantastic checker…my favorite Bad Girl Shauna. Of course the bundt cake won’t scan so Shauna announces the price check over the loud speaker and everyone gasps and turns to look at Marge. Marge is so embarrassed she just tosses a $50 bill on the counter, grabs the bundt cake, kicks over the shopping cart, and runs off with Maggie. Gil, who is the bagger, starts rambling off in his usual fashion. Shauna offers to make out with him to shut him up. Looks like even the loosest of lips won’t quiet Ol’ Gil.

Back at Evergreen Terrace, the block party is in full swing. I wonder if Dr. Hibbert’s Syringe Toss comes with 5 free donuts after you pop so many balloons, or at least a vaccination from all the infected needles. Lol. Even the bullies are there to rock out the party with their band Ear Poison. The start out with what you would assume is some thrash death metal music…to quickly turn into quite a different song. The Beatles: Til There Was You (or for you classic movie lovers, a version can also be heard in The Music Man). As Marge is laying her cake on the dessert table, so does a new neighbor. Booth Wilks John (oh that can’t be a good start to a name). Him and his family just moved in from London.  He invites Marge to a game night him and his wife are hosting Saturday next. She really wants to go but quickly remembers who she is married to and kind of hesitates.

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That night in their bedroom, Marge asks Homer why they don’t have any couples friends. Because they are a myth started by restaurants with tables for four. Lol. Marge really wants couple friends. Well, anyone but the Van Houten’s. Lisa, happens to pass by and puts in her two cents. She gets by just fine. That saddens Marge to think that Lisa is fine with no friends. Bart is next trumping the sad bit with yet another. Tells Marge it would be sadder if she was texting Lisa while she was driving and hit her and the last thing Lisa responded with was “got your message”. Then he heads off to bed. Maggie chimes in with a couple binky sucks and she is off.

Next day, Homer is sitting on the couch watching Topiary Wars when Marge comes in and turns it off. Marge starts to “nag” at him about the party. What he can and can’t do. What he will and won’t be allowed to do. It progresses through the entire day. Even while he is trying to shower. On n on n on n on n on. Finally they head over to the new neighbors. Even worse for poor Homer, Marge allots him only ONE drink.

At the John’s residence, the party is in full swing and it looks like most the couples in town have shown up. Booth greets Homer with a kiss on each cheek. To which Homer informs him he has more than two. Lol.

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He introduces them to his wife Wallace. (Wonder where Gromit is. Lol.) She has decided to have them all play a murder mystery game of You Done It. They have even gone so far as to have costumes for the period and each character, food and drink to cover the time period, and even hired a foley artist to provide sound effects. Homer is confused about his card and blurts out the name of the murderer. Booths is quite upset. Homer just ruined it all. So Booth smacks him across the face. Homer, in his usual fashion, punches and fights back. They have to be pulled apart. Wallace is so upset, she withdraws into melancholia. (What a strange movie.)

The Simpsons are kicked out of the party and Marge is not happy. As they walk back home, Marge tells Homer she just wants to be alone for a while. So he goes across the street. Then he loudly asks her if she wants to be MORE alone. She does. So he goes up on the roof tops. As he crashes down from a roof to the cement floor of a house under contruction, Marge states, “That’s good.”

The next day Marge still seems to be sad. Homer slept on the couch and even flipped the sweaty cushions over. He doesn’t know what else to do. Marge has given up. She figures the neighbors didn’t even want them at that party and they should just live with being ostracized. Sounds to me like she is just giving up and trying to explain a way to make herself feel better. She has given up. No more parties. Just a life of TV and Homer at Moe’s. Homer seems fine with this of course. Instead she is going to change their focus to Lisa. Help her make friends.

Forward to the party Marge put together. She is confused why no one has shown up. They invited everyone that Lisa has met. Only one kid shows up and Marge panics. ABORT ABORT!!

Lisa gets to the frontroom just seconds after Homer and Marge make it there. They play it off that all is fine. Great news, pizza for dinner. Lots and lots and lots and lots of pizza.

At school, Lisa is doing her usual and is nose deep into a book while all the other kids are playing together. Marge is in Miss Hoover’s classroom asking her if she could tell her why Lisa doesn’t have friends. In a very “teacher” fashion. She writes her responses to Marge on the chalkboard.

During gym, the divider between the boys and girls is opened due to they are required to square dance as part of the curriculum. The boys are told they have to find a girl right away or there is something very wrong with them. Everyone finds a partner. Including Ralphie. Lisa is left with…Groundskeeper Willie? Poor girl. She better watch out, he has cleats on. Just when it seems all hope is lost, Tumi says she will dance with Lisa. The gym teacher is annoyed. “It ain’t gym class if a fat kid ain’t cryin.” He picks up his violin and plays…quite beautifully. Lol. The bell rings and the kids start to leave. Tumi asks Lisa to wait. She wants her to go to All Sales Vinyl with her. Lisa gladly accepts.

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At the store, the girls are enjoying listening to the Vintage Vinyl on headsets. (What titles do YOU remember seeing on the shelves?) CBG sadly can’t even get them to fit over his head…so he forces them too…and they crush his skull. Lol. Bart just happens to be skateboarding by and notices the girls inside. He is a bit puzzled. “Nobody likes jazz THAT much, even the guy playing it had to take drugs.”

Back at the Simpson house, Lisa and Tumi are sharing their love for the NPR show on a classic radio.

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Marge is painting the ceiling what looks to be a pinkish color while Lisa and Tumi are in the kitchen having a smoothie. A lovely green Kale and Chia seed loaded smoothie. Mmmmmm MMMMmmmm delicious. Bart is again in the background watching. No one can like veggie smoothies that much. Something about Tumi is really bugging him. He vows to follow her til he finds out just exactly what is going on with her.

Insert a quick Bart following Tumi montage.

He finds a Jazz conversational items list in her wallet. After their mani and pedis, Bart follows Tumi to the kids play area at Krustyburger and snaps photos of who she is talking to. A shocked look comes over his face.

That evening at the Simpsons house, Bart offers Lisa an envelope that will change her life…for the low low price of $5 of course with a bonus of advice. Lol. She pays up. His advice, do not open the envelope. Well of course she does and now is gonna be sick. The images are of Tumi and her Mom. Exchanging what looks to be money. It seems to Lisa that Marge is paying Tumi to be her friend. Lisa is in tears.

Lisa heads to the kitchen where Marge is ironing. She grumbles at Santa’s Lil Helper that he don’t want to be there…same with Homer who is trying to sneak in. She then turns her angry gaze at Maggie, who high chair hops away quickly. In tears, Lisa demands her Mom tell her why she paid someone to be her friend. Marge tries to explain the money was just for records and ice cream. Lisa is destroyed. “I would have found a friend eventually. You couldn’t wait a damn decade til I got into college?” She storms off, sobbing in her hands.

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As she runs past Homer, he is frightened. This means he is the smart parent.

That evening Marge, Homer, and Grampa are sitting round the kitchen table. Homer is devouring the “I’m Sorry” cake most likely intended for Lisa.

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Abe offers some advice to Marge (uh oh…another short story long…). Abe explains that he paid a few small boys, Carl and Lenny, to make his chubby lil boy Homer feel loved.  A paid relationship that continues to this day. But Barney was tossed in for free. Lol. Marge runs off when she hears Lisa’s door unlock and Homer asks Abe if the story is true. NO WAY! Wouldn’t pay a lion to stop eating him.

Marge hurries into Lisa’s room. Begs her to say something. Lisa is staring angrily out the bedroom window.

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Lisa states she is going to explain to every psychiatrist she goes to what Marge did to her. Now Marge breaks down and starts crying. Lisa sees this as a possible opportunity to get anything she wants. But the compassionate heart in Lisa just wants her Mom to stop crying. So she begs Marge to stop. Lisa explains that hurting her Moms feelings in turn made her feel better. In the end, she will always love her Mom. Oh and she tells her Happy Mother’s Day…which in turn makes Homer and Bart panic and run off (to find a gift?)

Tumi and Lisa are swinging at the Elementary. Tumi explains she was trying to save up some money, but she really likes Lisa and wouldn’t mind hanging out with her. Lisa is fine with that, as long as they are totally honest with each other. Tumie goes on to say she is not vegetarian and asks if Lisa has ever tried horse meat…to which Lisa promptly disappears.


So there you have it. An interesting lil episode. Still not quite sure what I think of it. What did YOU think of it? Any favorite moments? Sound off in the comments below.


Til Next Time…

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  1. I think it would be a cute episode,, I also think you should add mona as a character to.. she looks pretty cool…. I can not wait till the next quest…. I haven’t been doing this for very long but I’m hooked..only 8 months into this game and very devoted…Ty for all your stories and updates to all….

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