Where Did THAT Come From: Cool Lisa

Hey there Hoppereenos, figured I would bounce on in to give you a little more information about the new item that was just released for the Friend Points. The Cool Lisa skin. The question is, just where in the Simpson world did she come from?

cool lisa 5

So let’s dive in to the Simpsons TV world and see just where Lisa became “Cool”.


Season 7, Episode 25: Summer of 4 Ft. 2

It is the end of the school year and the yearbooks are being handed out. Lisa realizes quickly, after getting no signatures in hers, that she just doesn’t have any friends. Meanwhile Bart has a long line of kids waiting just to get him to write something in their yearbook. She returns home saddened.

Meanwhile Homer has struck a deal with Ned to use his beach house (though Homer of course got the better deal). Ned has jury duty and doesn’t want it to go to waste. Homer agrees, only if Ned fixes his septic tank.

So the family starts to pack up. Lisa is upset that she doesn’t have a friend to bring. Marge tells her to just be herself and she will get some friends. Lisa is still upset. She is tired of being herself. It hasn’t worked at all so far. So Lisa decides to make a change and dumps out all her clothes from her suitcase.

So the family makes their way to Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport and to Flander’s beach house. Of course Ned left a “few lil notes” around the beachhouse to keep the Simpsons in line. Marge tries to encourage Lisa to go swimming, too bad she “forgot” to pack a swimsuit…or anything for that matter. So it is off to the store they go. Marge tries to get Lisa to pick out a “cute” swimsuit, but she found something else. A “cool” new outfit.

Cool lisaunlock_lisa_coollisa


She tells Marge she wants to go find some kids and takes off to explore the town in her new outfit. They are no where in town, so she makes her way to the beach. Just as she is about to give up, she hears kids under the boardwalk. Lisa makes her way to the group of kids cautiously.

Cool lisa 2


Noticing they have skateboards and hearing them moan they have no where else they can skate, she leads them to the one place they could skate that’s practically abandoned… the Library. Lisa attempts to skateboard with the new group of “cool kids”. Bart of course is irritated at the attention Lisa is trying to get and he tries to showoff and get their attention instead, but fails miserably.

Cool lisa 1

Lisa is fitting in great with the kids and loving it. She keeps letting a bit of her intelligence out, but covers it quickly. She suggests they have a beach party to celebrate the 4th of July.

Bart is watching from afar and getting annoyed that Lisa is more popular then him and he just can’t stand it. He is determined to destroy Lisa now. Bart shows up at the bonfire they’re having by the shore with Lisa’s yearbook. He laughs as he points out just how “popular” she really is. Lisa is devastated and runs off crying.

Lisa is quite upset with Bart the next morning and the anger only worsens that night at the carnival. Lisa tries to fill his mouth with the water pistol from the balloon fill game. The try spitting on one another on the Gravitron, only to have it hit Milhouse in the middle instead. Even the bumper cars become a vicious battle as Bart and Lisa prepare to smash into one another, but Lisa’s car won’t work. Bart knocks her completely out of the track area and into a tree. She sulks off.

As she walks back to the beach house, she figures that she can’t be herself and she can’t be someone else…maybe she just isn’t meant to have friends. She overhears the “cool kids” doing something to their family car. Thinking its a mean prank she tells them off, but realizes fast it was a kind gesture instead. They glued shells all over the car. “Lisa Rules”. They liked her quite a lot. She had made new friends. Too bad they forgot to clean out all those shells before attaching them. Lol.

Cool lisa 3

So there you have it. Lisa making another desperate attempt to just fit in and be accepted turns into another cool costume for Lisa with some really cool tasks. What do YOU think of the Cool Lisa Skin? Glad they finally released it into the game since we first saw it when the FP were introduced? Sound off in the comments below.

Til Next Time…

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20 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Cool Lisa

  1. I really like the idea of character skins but they are almost pointless if a majority of the jobs associated with them occur indoors. EA should at least use character skins to give characters task at seldom used buildings. Instead of Cool Lisa hanging out with cool lids at the Simpson’s House, why not the Knowledgeum or Noiseland Arcade? Still I would suggest to EA that all “Skin jobs” should be visble.

  2. I’m excited to get to this skin, too! This is one of my favorite Lisa episodes so it will be fun to have a new set of jobs for “cool” Lisa. It’s amazing the difference it makes in the glitch vs. glitch free games, though.

    With my ios device (my C game), which is the least glitchy and seems to have the least glitchy neighbor group has about 900 points to go.

    On my tablet, (b game), which is the laggiest thing in lag-ville and kicks me out about every 5 neighbor visits (unless I only visit Krustyland, which on the one hand cuts it down to about every 20 visits, but means I have to wait to synchronize between each neighbor visit instead of the handy-dandy arrow), I have about 1500 points, partially because I just keep giving up!

    My A game on my phone needs about 1000. This is in the middle but which has the most problematic neighbor list (I’ve got about 15 neighbors in this group that automatically kick me out, or haven’t logged in to their game in over a week. One is still growing carrots. These are towns that seem really premium, fully decked out, so I’m not going to dump them until it’s obvious they have stopped playing rather than being shut out.)

    Since I didn’t start playing until Valentines, I’ve feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of the cool skins. Hopefully they bring back Witch Marge–I love it when I see her walking around someone’s town. Cool Lisa makes up for all of that!

  3. Yeah I gave up for the night it was making me mad. I kept getting kicked out. I will revisit in the morning. I need a recycle anyways because my group B wasnt getting visited until like 11:30pm So if I visit all at 2pm tomorrow everyone will be on the same cycle. Plus I have a few new neighbors that were just thrown in there randomly, It was almost like a group C.

  4. TheRealestSitek

    Oh, I’m aware of the cycle. Just saying that far too many taps in that cycle only give you one. It takes me about an hour give or take to hit all 100 towns everyday. Be nice if more points were earned for that hour. Thanks though!

    • Whoa! I want you to do my visiting, mine takes about 2x as long… except for lately, this lag & getting kicked out of the game occasionally when I visit has made it even longer.

      • Just happened again grrrr, I visit 5 people, kicked out, get up to about 10, the game freezes. I will be up until 2am before this is over LOL

  5. It’ll roll back over to 10 FP’s every 24 hrs.

  6. I love it, and can’t wait to get it!1400 more FP to go 🙂 I loved that episode, & it pretty much brought tears to my eyes when they showed the car all decked out & Lisa realized what they’d done.

  7. TheRealestSitek

    I am still awaiting this trophy. 1 FP a tap (once you get through a few towns) just isn’t enough! At least keep it at two a tap lol

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