The Lag Is KILLING Me!

Hey there Hoppereenos, just passing on through to update on something that is still in progress. That dreaded Lag Issue we are all still running into. I have been in talks with EA in regards to this since the issue hit hard after the Easter Update. Some devices have slowly resolved to a lil better, but most are just unbearable.


If you’re living in slow-mo glitch land like poor Homie, hang in there, they are WELL aware of the issue and have responded…in a way.

[ISSUE] TSTO Decreased Frame Rate (Lag) Issue After 4.8.1 Update

Some players may be experiencing an issue with decreasing frame rates after the 4.8.1 update. The decreased frame rate issue may cause the application’s display to lag when scrolling and in rare cases cause a crash.

We appreciate your patience. Our team is working to have a solution very soon.  Please note the frame rate issue will be improved by the small update just released on 5/16/14.

We will continue to provide updates as our team works on resolving this issue. Our thanks.


So one of the many fixes they are trying to push through hit not long after I got done talking with EA. So far, only Android devices via Google Play Market. So go update it if you have not already and let us know if any changes.

I know how terribly frustrating this is as I am experiencing it too on my GS4. Some are not able to even get into one of my towns due to it, so I am in the process of pulling it apart to lesson the amount of activity in it to help.

In the meantime, PLEASE keep contacting EA. Leave your stamp on the forums. I say this mainly due to some of you are/did miss out on Limited Time items due to the inability to play your games. If you have documentation of this, you can request compensation and to have the item placed into your town in many cases.

Hang in there. As always, I am keeping an eye out for you and not letting issues go. (I wonder when they will “ask me kindly” to stop bugging them. Lol.)

Til Next Time…

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56 responses to “The Lag Is KILLING Me!

  1. Are they ever going to fix the lagging issue!! I have 100 friends and once I get to my 3rd friend it goes into slow motion. Very irritating

  2. Still kinda laggy on and off. I play mostly on a Kindle Fire HDX and I am kind of crushed because I used to play on a first gen Kindle that HATED TSTO. And then my husband bought me this new one for my birthday and its been running like a dream til the Easter removal patch. 🙁 I get in daily but its a stop and go operation. (Please don’t unfriend me tapperinos! I try to visit daily but sometimes it crashes constantly when I try!) I do notice I have no lag whatsoever in Krusty Land in my town or my friends towns. Hopefully it will be resolved soon!

  3. I to have the dreaded LAG! on top of that EA is really hard to sift through to get answers or file a complaint!.
    But I keep playing!

    I do miss zapping bunnies! No offense Bunny! lol

  4. I don’t have a noticeable lag problem in my own town, only when I visit neighbors. At the moment, I just visit about 10 or 15 each day, because it takes forever, and I hid the 3 that always kick me out of the game. It seems cruel to take them off the list when they already have trouble with their games. I will try visiting them again after all these bugs are fixed.

  5. My 2 cents worth on EA:
    Really wishing EA would get their stuff together. I’ve spent quite a bit of money on their products, between TSTO, ***every*** platform available for Plants vs Zombies for my laptop & several gifts,** many** other games for Nintendo DS for my grandson. I’m getting the impression EA needs to get back to basics, the outsourcing for customer service is absolutely terrible. I quit using all products from Zynga for these exact types of problems. The money I’ve spent is probably nothing compared to others, so I imagine they are feeling more so than I am right about now. To top it all off, the Origin desktop manager doesn’t even work properly for TSTO. I wont walk away, but will be closing my pocketbook until some changes are made.

  6. The games crashes all the time for me and has been since the introduction of “next free character” functionality was introduced. In that case I think the problem is “use same length of task for next character”. If the next character doesn’t have an 8 hour task the game can’t handle it and crashes. It’s not all the time, but some characters causes a lot more crashes than others. Rex is the worst one. I don’t use “next free character” until I have problem finding the last 4-5 free, it takes longer to restart the game than to search and tap manually.
    The game also crashes when I use “next friend”, but there are some specific friends with too much land and items that causes this.
    I just updated, the lag problem has not gone away.
    I play on a Nexus 4 (Android).

  7. This is worse than an across the globe jet lag LOL

  8. Damn the lag…I got Cool Lisa…she’s being cool right now… 🙂

  9. update update update, an my SG3 is still laggy, wurkd fine rite after the update, but as time goes on it lags an lags more, almost like as if the fix is wearing off like an asprin on a headache!! : (

  10. just updated my android…still jerky, have to tap something 5 times to get it to react. I’m so frustrated with this game and EA for screwing me on the golden egg deal. I’m about done. I’m definitely taking a freaking break.

  11. After getting the Google Play update this morning I managed to visit friends with just a few lags here and there and, for the first time in ages, wasn’t booted off in the middle of doing it. I think we have progress!

  12. I’m sorry I’m having Simpson withdrawal I think I need another tstoaa post

  13. I just stopped playing as often. So I decided to “come on down to Quahog gonna have us a real good time”wait!! no that’s not it, oh it’s southpark well Quahog fits just fine dammit

  14. My town is okay…til three people visit at once…lol 🙂 …hey y’all!!!

  15. After a week without, and missing an event, I can finally play again! I am able to tap on my Samsung, but the iPad still crashes. Major thanks to all my friends who are still with me. :). You are the best!

  16. The lag is still pretty bad with me, playing on iOS (iPhone4s)
    Managed about half of my neighbours before I gave up. I kept being kicked out of the server and needing to reconnect.
    I’ve probably said this before but my hubby hasn’t got the lag at all and he didn’t get any of the Easter glitches either. I’m just wondering if this is the same for others? I experienced the basket and zapper glitch so I find it curious that I also have the lag and he’s had none lol!

    Thank you bunny and the rest of the TSTOA team for keeping us all updated and getting onto EA 🙂

  17. The lag is still terrible & when trying to visit some neighbors ( quite a bit actually) Just loses connection to the server . I mean overall nothing that 1/2 price donuts wouldn’t mitigate 😉

  18. The lag is only when I go to others sites… It actually crashes every time on that game. I feel bad for not visiting my friends… Sorry everyone.. And I cannot wait for this to end!!!

  19. Just a reminder to all…..animations are what drive the lag. If you have a lot of characters doing tasks….it slows way down due to the processing space needed to execute the animation sequence. If you have helicopters flying, Maude haunting, Homer fighting…etc. you’ll just make it worse for yourself and visiting friends. I only assign tasks that are needed to move a quest line forward. When your characters are not doing anything, they will stop and stand still for a brief time, thus there are only about 1/3 actually moving at any given time. This has helped tremendously.👍😉

    • I did notice when I got frustrated & assigned some tasks that my town lagged for me, which generally hasn’t been an issue. I’ve put as many characters as I could in KL, stored my NPC’s, stored my fountains… a bit frustrated that I can’t just play my game like normal & that I have all those fountains in storage instead of on display 🙁

      • Your town has a bit of a lag, but not too bad… doesn’t slow me down while carrying a arm full of spray cans.😉

        How’s the lag in my town?

        • LOL@ arm full of spray cans. Actually, your town is one of the few that I don’t have problems with.

      • Because me S M R T. I’ve outwitted the lag.😉

      • Why haven’t I thought to put everyone in KL? I’ll be doing that tomorrow, thanks Granmamadar! Cyber, how’s my town? I read what you said about not sending anyone on tasks. Yours is the easiest visit for me so I guess that’s why.

        • Yes, I figured the less characters the better, plus I’m getting more KL tix which always helps… I want to expand & do a little more with it. I wish EA would give us more tasks there, more rides, more something. That’s part of the reason why I haven’t spent any donuts there.

  20. Oh yeah, “in rare cases may cause a crash.” As rare as finding a penny with Lincoln’s face on it…

  21. I just downloaded the Android update… went into my town to see if it had made any difference and it seems slightly better but the lag is still there. I usually go in 2 or 3 times a day, but have started just going in once a day now, putting everyone on 24 tasks, as it’s too frustrating and slow to do more than that at the mo. I put in a ticket with EA a couple of days ago and got a standard, “we’re aware of the issue and are working on it” reply. Thank you for pushing EA with regard to this issue. Their response/fix is seriously lagging.

  22. My lag is still horrible. Taking me 4.3 times as long to visit my neighbours than usual. 🙁

    I’ve actually split my neighbours into two times, morning and evening as it would take me nearly two hours to do at once.

    • App market update is hitting all over. Try to download it and tell me if it makes a difference.

    • My visiting has become a nightmare at times, just trying to scroll to something tappable makes me want to scream LOL

    • The worst is when you visit a “lag” town, then a notification pops up of a Sideshow Bob sighting and the auto scroll kicks in for a sloooooooow motion chase to locate him. LOL

      • ODL! Isn’t that the truth! This stupid tablet… Do I go to the “play store” to adjust my settings & do updates?

      • You update thru the “Play store”, but you change your game settings from within the game, just like on your other device.

  23. My iPhone seems to be working out okay. For one neighbor it crashes whenever I try to visit them =[. I wish there was more I could do to help my neighbors out. I already posted on the EA forum though so I guess I just have to keep visiting and saving wilted crops when I can. Hang in there friends! ^_^

    • Another update is hitting slowly. Check you app market and load it and let me know if any changes to IOS as I only see Android changed. 😉

  24. The disconnects are getting me more than the lag.

    • If you are on an Android, check your app market as another “fix” was just pushed through. Let me know if any changes.

  25. I love that “in rare cases may cause a crash.” 😉 May I be blessed with such a rare win of the lottery!

    Thanks for the update, and thanks for being our advocate with them too….

  26. Christian Goddard

    There is a Google Play update in the android dont know about IOS but it is a new update in app store update thought yall might want to know

  27. At least you can play Bunny. My games keep crashing upon launch. I’m going through serious withdrawals. My tapping finger has been shaking for days on end.

    • Post about that issue coming soon… 🙂
      Figured best to keep them too separate issues since it’s impacted different players

  28. Yea im still geting lag 🙁 but not as bad as before

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