5/20/14: Google Play Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Little update in the Google Play Store (sorry iOS nothing out for you just yet).  So go on and download it now.  It’s another attempt to fix the lag issue.

For me on my GS4, I’m noticing some drastic improvement.  Although still spotty at points.  Much better than it was last night.

Let us know how YOUR game looks.  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

PS Don’t forget to check out Bunny’s post if you’re still experiencing the lag issues.

67 responses to “5/20/14: Google Play Update

  1. Surprisingly I have not run into this issue at all yet. I play on my Kindle Fire HD (1st Gen). I have not noticed any more lag than normal. Guess I got lucky.

  2. OMG! I have a working game!!! After reading this, I quickly grabbed my crappy old android tablet, deleted and reinstalled TSTO, and it works!!! Some minor lag issues in some neighbors lands, but who cares, it works!!! I was so worried that my account’s file was forever corrupted, and there wasn’t anything EA could to to fix it.

    I went back and reinstalled the game on my iPhone thinking that maybe being able to log into my game on the android restored my account, and fixed whatever bug (like maybe having Ralph still look for eggs was causing it to crash) Unfortunately no. Still crashes. But hey, at least it’s working on android.

    • WOOHOO!!! That is so awesome. I hope they resolve the iOS issue and can patch it soon too. At least you got your tappin back. 😉

  3. crisdoffer870

    So, it was still spotty for me initially and at times, but overall my lag issues have dramatically improved. I am on a Samsung gs3. Maybe it won’t take me 45 minutes to tap my friends tonight!

  4. Hey do we have a section on here where we can discuss which characters from the springfieldverse we would like to next see in TSTO ?

    My vote would be Lunch Lady Doris, Lionel Hutz or maybe Herb Simpson. Oh and Rabbi Hyman krustofski please for all us chosen types, we have a Rev Lovejoy and Fr Sean, its now time for the good Rabbi. Next animal has to be Blinky the 3 eyed fish surely.

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