Where Did THAT Come From? Vulgari

Well hello there all my minions…errr…I mean…HEY THERE HOPPEREENOS!! How is YOUR day going? Mine is all sorts of crazy due to EA dropped on us this new Level 41 with some pretty cool items. So I decided to hop on by to give you some background…


Vulgari Jewelry Store. A location that seems to be quite frequented by Dr. Hibbert’s Wife, Bernice. It also seems to be stocked full of quite expensive items too. But why on earth bring this building into our games? Where in the Simpson TV World did it come from? Let’s jump on in…

Season 23, Episode 5: The Food Wife
After seeing how much fun her kids have with Homer on their “Daddy Fun Day”, Marge desperately wants to get them to see just how much fun she can be. She attempts to take them to the X-Games, but end up at the Cross-Games (it looked like an X). As they head home, the squirrel in the engine ends up making the car break down. The kids are hungry but they are in an unknown area. Marge decides to give it a try after the kids convince her to be adventurous. The unusual food is amazing. The kids love it too. Marge ends up becoming a “Foodie” with her kids. They go and try all sorts of food and restaurants together and then blog about them. (Ooooh I wonder what it is like to blog about something you enjoy. Lol.) Marge is in heaven spending the time with her kids.

Homer starts to complain that he feels left out. Marge feels bad and in turn invites him to El Chemestri with them. Then she realizes who she just invited. When Homer calls from work to get directions, she tells him it is at 1501 EAST Oakstreet instead of where it actually is at 1501 West Oak Street. While her and the kids are waiting for their table to be ready, it pans to the other side of town where Homer shows up at some run down place (Meth-taraunt? Lol.) Here is the tricky part…as it pans very quickly from one side of Oak Street to the other…if you blink you will miss seeing Vulgari on the “nicer” side of town not far from the Monocle Crafters.

Vulgari 1
Season 23, Episode 11: TheΒ D’Oh-cial Network
The Simpsons have ventured downtown to a swanky new Mall within Towne Centre at Springfielde Glenne that has just opened up (with stores like Nouveau Bitch, Cold Navy, Markups & Spenders, Nothing Under A Thousand, Banana Dictatorship, Expensive Bros. Jewelry, Forgotten Amos Cookies, Blocko Store, Mapple Store, Cinnabun, American Princess… to name a few). Set up not too far from Spiffany’s and Condos at Towne Centre at Springfielde Glenne is Vulgari.

Vulgari 2

So there you have it. A pricey store that literally was just a quick flash in a few episodes and now it is in our games. What do YOUΒ think of the Vulgari store? Did me listing off the store names give YOU some ideas for designs? Let me know what YOU think.

Til Next Time…

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34 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From? Vulgari

  1. TFF @ minions (too furry funny).

    I’m still having problems with where I want to put it, I know I want it by Banana Dictatorship (don’t know why, I guess they just look good together).

    • Kind of like your very own Rodeo Drive, Springfield!

      • Good idea Safi! I did a tiny little fenced in area (very little) With both buildings πŸ™‚

        I’ll still have to figure out more, I’m just a very happy camper right now that they added another building πŸ˜€

  2. It’ll take me forever to get it lol!

  3. Just got it…it would have to have my name in it…Sponge’s best friend…on another note…
    There I was today…one with nature…out in a flower garden…but I just had to stir up a yellowjackets nest…I mentioned the other day I have a fear of bees…so there goes freak, running all over the place, screaming like an eleven year old girl…LOL…they got me about a dozen times… πŸ™

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