iOS update 4.8.3. !!!

Hey Addicts!

An update has appeared in the App Store.  First word is this may be the lag and lock out fix we’ve all been waiting for.  We’re checking out the files right now and will update the post as we have more info.  Please let us know if you’re seeing improved gameplay and/or can finally get back to tapping for those locked out.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

82 responses to “iOS update 4.8.3. !!!

  1. I can’t get back into my game, I’ve done the basics and got back on for about 2 min. This has been going on since 4:30 am. After reading others posts, I guess others r having troubles also. IM HAVING WITHDRAWLES, can’t spell, frustrated”. Think I’ll check into Calmwood for a couple of days

  2. I’m on android and the new update hit. I too got 20 donuts and an apology for the recent problems. Did anyone get a cap of the apology? I didn’t read the entire message.

  3. Wow a update to fix the Lag AND 20 free dognuts! Time to go buy a PowerBall ticket…

  4. Mystery Tramp

    Lag is gone and potential increase in donutation. Three freebies since update.

  5. Jessica shaffstall

    I got 20 free donuts after I updated, did anyone else get this? I love free donuts!

  6. Im android, but just received 20 free donuts for lag issues, thx EA. Made the late Real Madrid goal a little easier to stomach :/

  7. 20 free donuts comes with update!

  8. OMG! Just got the forced update while visiting neighbors & got a message apologizing for lag issues & 20 free donuts! What a nice way to end a very stressful week (end of school year +BFF passed away 🙁
    TY EA! I am most appreciative!

  9. Seba Van Rentergem

    I just got 20 donuts to compensate the lag! 😀

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