LEGO Contest Winners: Friday

We put all the names from the entries on yesterday’s submissions into the Randomizer. Congrats to our top 5 LEGO Contest Winners for Friday. They guessed the words correctly. Who do YOU think they were referring to?

LEGO Friday Bunny 5LEGO Friday Bunny 1 LEGO Friday Bunny 2 LEGO Friday Bunny 3 LEGO Friday Bunny 4

Here are the Winners:






















And here are for the prizes for Friday:

LEGO Friday

All the Winners will be contacted to get their choice in the following order…Winner #1 will pick first a character or blind bag, the remaining 4 items will then pass on to Winner #2 to pick a character or blind bag, and so on as each item is taken until all the prizes are awarded.

Remember, All can keep on entering each day until they win twice…so those winners above are only allowed one more win. For all the details on the contest, take a look at the main post here.  Saturday will be the last one, so if you have not entered yet…hurry as once midnight rolls around the contest will be closed for good.


77 responses to “LEGO Contest Winners: Friday

  1. 1KarlSanDiego

    Woohoo! My first time entering one of the contest. Happy to get Millhouse. I’m glad I didn’t have to choose.
    Thanks to the TSTO Addicts Trio. You are my source for insights, problem solving, and back story all with a nice dose of humor.

  2. What a great day😊, won a fun contest, got my 20 free donuts (Thanks EA), and just got 3 axes on a Kwik-E-Mart scratcher.

    (Ps….. for those wondering, check out the link to see my prize pick)

  3. EA is giving away 20 free Donuts – woo hoo!

  4. OMG I’ve been like playing this tapped out game since whackingday so clearly I should win…..but nothing. I am really tempted to give up on this because I am really whiney and think I should win everythingandiam sure it makes my abacus run slow. I off to play pack an it so much cooler, but don’t in friend me just in case there’s an update……

  5. Yay, thank you! Simpsons and legos, can’t go wrong with that! 😀

  6. Congrats to everyone and a woohoo to my buddies!


  7. Congrats everyone and a special shout out to my neighboreeno, Cybersilly!! What was your pick? 🙂

  8. Hooray to all the winners! 🙂 Cybersilly, first pick! What to choose??

  9. Cybersilly FTW!!!

    Congrats everyone, but a special shout out to Cybersilly!

  10. I have a sneaky suspicion all these words were relating to a staffer. I am guessing… Wookie!

  11. WOO HOO! Huge thank you to the addicts team. This contest was a great idea and fun from the start (even if I hadn’t won it was still fun). I just want to say you guys rock and this is the best TSTO site ever.

  12. Why is there no fifth winner?

  13. Congrats cybersilly! My first and likely only nieghbor-eeno to win! There is still one more day for me, but I expect I will be making my own trip to target soon.

  14. WOO HOO…🎵”EVERYTHING IS AWESOME”🎵…….I am so happy right now!!! Thank you so much Team Addicts, you guys are the BEST. Plus, to win on Wookiee’s day, is extra spec…..(someone whispers in cyber’s ear)…What?!….not fuzzball’s day…err….Plus, to win on Alissa’s day, is extra speci…….(more whispering)….Who?!… .um…..Plus, to win on BUNNY’S day, is INDEED extra special!! But seriously….Thank you all again!😃

    • The amazing Cyber! WhooHoo. And congrats to you all

      • Thank you, Ma’am😊

        • I was wondering, do you know how to reach Origin on an ipad? ‘Cause I’m still getting “Origin Friends list is full” I have 84.

          • You need to reach them the same way you reach EA.


            (At one point it will ask you to log in, just use the same email and password you use for the game.)

            Select the option that looks like a game controller “Help with game”. Then you will see a list of games, but first should be Origin. Tap on the origin picture. Then it will ask you to “select a topic”. Select “Account management”. The page will refresh. Go all the way to the very very bottom and on the right select the big “Contact Us” button. Select PC or Mac when the screen refreshes and keep following steps from their for “Contact Us”.

      • Missterry, follow Bunny’s directions, she has dealt with problems on her devices MANY times. Like you, I also play on an iPad. And also, like you, I get that same stupid “Friends list full” warning, even when I know my list is below 100. I got so tired of it that I downloaded the Origin Desktop Manager to my main computer. It works much better for adding and deleting friends. If you have a computer or laptop or Mac, go to:

        Then select the tab on the upper right of the page that reads….”Download Origin”…follow the instructions that pop up.

        This Addicts site also has an awesome post titled,”Origin Help for iOS Users” go use the search feature to find it…(Hopefully, Bunny or Alissa will attach a link to it for me…wink wink)

        Now, this is ONLY an option if you own a computer, and you access the web page….FROM the computer, not your iPad. Hope this information helps.😊

          • Don’t know what ‘nudge, nudge’ means I realize I am not good at reading, following directions, and sarcasm makes me feel even more stupid. The process of adding new friends thru Scrabble on my ipad is awkward. And a ‘pending’ response is just that – leaves me hanging doesn’t add anyone. I’ve got to be doing something wrong. . I didn’t go thru this to add the other 84 neighbors.

            • The nudge nudge was for Cybersilly because he asked one of us to post the link for him. That was implied for him because he asked for the link.

              Generally a pending response means you’re awaiting the response from the neighbor you just added. It’s not instant since they have to approve it on their end too. 🙂

        • My stubborn resistance to Origin on my computer has weakened and later today I will follow the suggestion of you, The Great Oz, and DO IT. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          Many thanks to you and to you, very special Bunny, for the many things you do for me and for putting up with my grumbling.

      • missterry….So glad I could help😊! (and my ego likes the “Great OZ” comment, but I think Bunny and Alissa are the true Wizards behind the curtain). You are NEVER “snarky”…you are “feisty”…and I like feisty!

        Alissa was correct, the “nudge nudge” comment was a pun directed to me. It’s from a Monty Python’s Flying Circus” sketch call “Candid Photography”, but known by fans (like me) as “nudge nudge”. In it, strangers Eric Idle and Terry Jones, meet in a pub…..long story short…Eric’s character says lines like, “Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge. Wink wink. Say no more”. Bunny knows I’m a fan and was just being HER “silly” self.😉

        Let me know how the Origin download goes, and remember, like myself, we are ALL here to help you😊

    • You won on BUNNY’s day – (Nelson points at you and laughs) “HA HA!”

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