5/24 Update: EA Apologizes for Lag Issues with FREE DONUTS!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Notice anything different when you log into your TSTO game today?

2014-05-24 16.45.12 Seems a little odd that an update is hitting our games on a Saturday huh?  Well this update is EA’s way of apologizing for the recent lag issues that plagued our games since Easter was removed.

And EA has a sweet way of saying their sorry…..FREE DONUTS!!!

2014-05-24 16.45.47

That’s right my friends pick up your favorite Tapping Device and logon to your Springfield to claim your 20 FREE Donuts!

2014-05-24 16.45.57

What do YOU think of EA’s apology?  Does it make up for the last week of game issues?  How’s your game playing since the fixes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

208 responses to “5/24 Update: EA Apologizes for Lag Issues with FREE DONUTS!

  1. THANK YOU for the free donuts! Also I spent 99 cents ans actually WON THE JACKPOT! Life doesn’t get much better than this!

  2. Has anyone else had an issue with their friend donuts? I haven’t been getting any this week, just wondering if its happening to anyone else. I’ve put in a request about it.

    • It’s random. Sometimes you’ll go a few weeks with out any and then the next time you’ll get 4-5 in 1 visit through.

      • Don’t know what that means. You mean you get donuts from visiting friends? Never happened to me that I’m aware of.

        • After you have reached the highest friendship level, there’s a chance to win donuts when tapping. I didn’t get any for the longest but during Easter, finally got my first. Probably about 7 since then including one yesterday.

      • Oh wow, I didn’t know it was THAT random! I used to get at least one a day! So I thought there must be something wrong (since the update).
        Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

  3. Jennifer Gregory

    I didn’t get any. 🙁 it says I should have gotten some but it didn’t show up.

  4. Hi Addicts. Now that the dust has settled with this update I just want to know if anyone is still experiencing lag on tablets? The game is absolutely perfect on my phone now (better than ever I’d say) but the lag is still just as bad on my tablet which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled numerous times but no difference.

    I’m not sure whether this has anything to do with the tablet screen being QHD (2x 1080p) but I can’t see why that should matter.

    I thought I’d just check with you guys before raising a new ticket with EA as I recall Alissa saying that she plays on a Galaxy Tab.


  5. i had the lockout issue too. now that i am back in i lost a few days worth of play, including several easter items i had won. EA told me they were working on this across all users to try to recover the content. who knows how long that will be…

    • Well hopefully they will give you decent compensation, I would say if they gave you a choice between Shary & Hugs, I’d take Hugs, he’s much more fun (especially the fight with Homer)

  6. I’m pretty sure no one will even notice this comment but I have been playing this game for a long time! On the first Springfield I had I reached level 29 but somehow it logged me out and everytime I tried to log back in it said no account exsists with that e-mail so I had to completely start over with a whole new Springfield and have been able to make it to level 1729 but the past two times I have placed a bet at the Springfield Downs I have won and not recieved the money or doughnuts for it! Please fix this because I should have 8 more doughnuts and 12,000 dollars. Ugh. I’m just about to give up on the game but I do love it so much! The free doughnuts are greatly appreciated for all the lags and black screens which is really thr only reason I haven’t deleted it!

  7. I meant $1.20

  8. I appreciate the donuts but realistically, what does that come out to… Twenty cents in real life? Admittedly I am more of a premium player and the donuts are great for the “freemium players”. Did not make a big difference to me, but i understand the gesture.

    • $0.80.

      Point is more that they didn’t have to do it. They could have just fixed the issue with out the donuts. It’s more the gesture than anything for most people. 🙂

      • I understand the point. Just putting it in some perspective, especially for those who have put significant money in it.

        • Oh I agree…as someone who’s put over $500 in the game in just my A game (B game we won’t discuss…since that’s the one we used to speed things up on the blog..don’t even wanna know that total) the 20 donuts mean little to me in the scheme of things. But I still appreciate the gesture from EA.

      • I enjoyed the timing of the 20 donuts; had just clicked on the “Mystery Box” for the day and received 30 donuts there, and already had 10 sitting in my account, so that totaled 60 – so I bought Kearney. I rarely buy donuts, as I enjoy just playing the freemium part of the game, so this was a nice injection of donuts that combined with some good luck, allowed me to buy a premium character.

  9. Cliff Bennett

    20 dougnuts is cool. But a free premium item would be better. Free shed? Free characters? Free building? U can only get a small item with 20 doughnuts. Thanks though. The lag didnt bother me anyway. As a TSTO player since day 1. Ive had much bigger headaches along the way

  10. Ok so I left this in another comment heheh but since this is where its supp to go I just want to say that I think this is awesome! They couldn’t have picked a better way to say sorry than free donuts… I would have been happy if they’d just fixed the issue… but im ecstatic that we get a gift as well. You rock EA!!! And also you guys at TSTOADDICTS are the best. You guys are always there to help us with anything we need and I think (hint hint wink wink) that each one of you at TSTOADDICTS should get 500 donuts a month every month just for being that awesome :-D:-D;-)

  11. Good thing, of course, but a rather small gift considering the high donut cost of so many “premium” characters and the insanely slow rate of earning them…..

  12. A rare sign of a business showing their customers that they appreciate them. Very impressed EA!!! Thank you!!

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