Diary of a Wookiee: TSTO Classifieds?

This site really is one of the funniest things in my life right now and I never cease to laugh at the comments from our resident peanut gallery.  Every Sunday, we have an open thread which tends to have all sorts of conversations.  A little while back, there was a running joke about someone turning Addicts into a dating site.  While I know that’s not the truth, it made me wonder what a TSTO dating site would look like.  We all are kinda pandering to each other to make sure our towns get tapped regularly, right?


I think the idea of a TSTO dating site is hilarious.  Would the site be called TSTOMingle?  How about Tapmeyouknowyouwantto.com?  Plentyofbuildings?  Seriously laughing.  Special props to anyone with funny ideas for this.

Even more gut-busting to me is the idea of classifieds.  What would THEY look like?  I brainstormed a couple.

–       Tall, furry tapper seeks like-minded strong-fingered individual to tap his town daily.  Must like juggling, snow monsters and sunbathing.  Ideal date would be something weird at El Chemistri.

–       Looking for something to tap?  Well search no further, my town’s doors are wide open.  Reciprocal tapping is a must.  Must like bunnys.

–       Mildly rotund comic appreciator seeks Klingon speaking female with at least a hot avatar.  Mylar know-how is highly advisable.  Love sci-fi, comics, nerd snark and manga.  May the force be with you.

Wow and wow… these could be so funny.  You got any better ones?  TSTO Addicts isn’t a dating site but we certainly are a community where tappers can get together and talk about life, the universe and everything TSTO.  Where else could we admit we’re all like TSTO pimps as we send all our streetwalkers out to earn for us?  No shame in this because how else would you earn the money to build the Vulgari jewelry store?  A pimp needs his bling lol.

Cletus Pimp

In all seriousness, I do know of a couple who met through this silly little game and are completely sugary in how much they dig each other.  Add to that they are from two different countries and it’s one of those love stories that make you go whaaaaaaaa?  Double D and the Rev’s daughter are great people and I wish them all the best.  We all meet through this tapping device amazingness and I know a bunch of us have made friends.  Some of us are also probably guilty of mild flirtation.  We are humans, right?  Is romance too much to believe as well?  What kind of relationships have blossomed from games of all types?

VD - Itchy & Scratchy Romance

Off topic but kinda similar, I had another thought about being a TSTO Sugar Daddy.  Before you get your mind completely in the gutter, this actually has to do with a convo I had with reader Flowbeth.  We discussed how it’d be cool if EA gave the option to donate money to our neighboreenos.  Maybe a decoration that you tap on and can give certain cash amounts to people.  1K, 10K, 100K.  It’d be tappable every X number of days.  Just some thoughts.  I know I’d be more than happy to be someone’s Sugar Daddy.  Can’t do it in real life so why not in the game I enjoy?

Well, this was all random but just some stuff in me noggin.  Please sound off below with any thoughts, jokes, etc.  Keep on tapping on and stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

wookiee 3

36 responses to “Diary of a Wookiee: TSTO Classifieds?

  1. Bloodangel736

    Has anyone else had their TSTO icon on their phone not change? My icon is still easter.

    • Well that’s crazy…it should have changed an update ago. Perhaps try uninstalling and reinstalling TSTO on your phone…if it bothers you that much. (personally i think bunny would be happy if her’s still showed Easter lol)

      • Bloodangel736

        I don’t mind it, definitely not worth uninstalling and reinstalling though since I already had to delete all the data and let it download again. I keep getting that device is full message.

  2. Bloodangel736

    Things I really want:

    Being able to tap on neighbors buildings in progress and shave off a few minutes of the build time.

    A send all button, so I can send all on 12 or 8 or 4 hour tasks because clicking 60+ people when I have to go to work in 2 minutes is too much pressure!

  3. VGN/FP-always looking for a new VGN. Must love to have your school vandalized lol! Hola to all my great neighborinos!

    • Oops, I’m not FP, I’m PP! I’m just so dang excited for only one more day of school! *insert happy dance*

  4. “No Freemium”
    I am tired of dating only SVTs who think they can tap anything they see for free. Well baby I am premium and I know it. If you have enough sprinklies to spend I might even let you into my Volcano Lair.

  5. GN good neighbour
    VGN very good neighbour I will visit everyday and have over 30 current neighbours has a life outside tsto showers most days
    RGN really good neighbour maxed out on neighbours but will delete one for that special neighbour…has a lot of neighbours and has even spoken to some of them in real life
    EGN extremely good neighbour maxed out on alpha beta towns have space but won’t ever talk to you in real life or on the message boards
    GNE rgood neighbour extreme will visit all neighbours everyday in their 4 towns
    VGNE+ Very Good Neighbour Extreme plus + will visit all neighbours towns 3-4 times a day just to make sure you are playing and tapping.
    EVGN++ extreme very good neighbour double plus a cyber stalker will check the timeneighbours spend other games when thy should be playing tapped out.a cyber stalker but harmless never levels their own house.

  6. glossary of terms we needto keep ads short and sweet as they cost a fortune……..
    MN = mature neighbour (I remember Tracy Ullman)
    FP freemium player (expect to split the bill)
    PP premium player (leave your credit card at home)
    RP regular player (I play most days still havetime to shower every day
    RRP really regular player (everyday but will shower before we meet though it may meaning miss tapping time)
    RRRP regular regular regular player (multi times a day shower yeah when that invent a waterproof tablet)
    RRRRP locked self in attic celler so I don’t get distracted by dumbass ideas like showering.

    WET well endowered thumbs for the alpha males of tapped out 😉

    That’s enough acronyms for now

  7. *TSTO as A Matchmaker!!!*
    DDs and my blogposts on our overly sweet, disgusting story… Pt III will come soon. I will get a ring when DD makes the 4,500 mile trip overseas in less then two months 😀
    *Pt I : https://minicha.wordpress.com/2013/11/25/tsto-as-a-matchmaker/
    *Pt II : https://minicha.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/tsto-as-a-matchmaker-pt-ii/

  8. e-Taponme.com
    OKHomer.com (take-off of OKCupid)

    These are the ideas that flew to mind when I saw Wookie’s site names.

  9. SWF not looking to play house.

    Well cr@p, that didn’t work out right LOL

  10. BTW, was that last ad you? LOL!

  11. LMBO @ all your ad suggestions. Still picking on me over the comment Ryan made? I guess it probably didn’t help what I posted last night LOL, it did kind of sound like a dating site ad ;/
    I can’t help it that I’m a flirt, always have been, & always will be LOL
    I’ll be in a walker saying hey honey, I’d tap you 😉
    I am totally harmless though (most of the time)

  12. I take it you guys are on top of the latest TSTO facebook post. If not, you should totally check out the latest TSTO facebook post…

  13. “TAP DAT?”

    ­ ­ ­ PROFILE#: 0123
    ­ ­ Single young male with hypoglycemia seeking post-adolescent
    ­ ­ female with excessive donuts.

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