TSTO Emblem Prizes: The Second Prize #36 (Krusty)

Hey Howdy Hey Stonecutters!

By now you’re all in the thick of emblem collecting and you should have (at least) unlocked the first two Emblem Prizes, the Sacred Parchment and #36 (Woohoo free prizes!).

Once you reach 4,000 Emblems collected you’ll unlock the 2nd free personal prize in the Stonecutters Event…#36 (aka Stonecutter Krusty)!  #36 is an all new skin for Krusty the Clown that comes with a whole new set of tasks!

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Let’s take a closer look at #36 and just what happens when he enters YOUR Springfield…

WARNING…Dialogue and task spoilers below

#36 Krusty

At 4,000 Emblems #36 will automatically be awarded to you.  Once you’ve hit the unlock number you’ll see this message popup:

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If you don’t currently have Krusty in your Springfield, Number 36’s skin will automatically go into your inventory until you’ve unlocked him and select it.  Otherwise, Krusty will automatically become Number 36:

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And he’s part of the Stoncutters Character Collection:

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Once you’ve collected enough emblems Krusty will unlock and he’ll prompt some dialogue to launch between him and Number 1.

Welcome to The Stonecutters, Number 36
Krusty starts

Number 1: Number 36, I have a task of the utmost importance.
Number 36: Lay it on me, I owe you guys for “taking care” of that little incident between Mr. Teeny and Barack Obama’s dog.
Number 1: Like every powerful secret society, The Stonecutters are highly dependent on a subsidy from the Corn lobby.  We need you to sell corn in your restaurants.
Number 36: Dude, everything in my restaurant is made of corn and some kind of adhesive.  The buns, the pickles, even the Laughy Meal toys.
Number 1: Excellent.  Now figure out a way to double that.
Make Number 36 Promote Corn-Sumerism– 4hrs, Earns $190, 45xp

Once you’ve completed the one task Number 36’s questline will end, but he’ll still be required for other Stonecutters tasks as you progress in the game.

As mentioned above this new skin for Krusty comes with a whole new set of tasks & fun things to make Krusty do.  Let’s take a look at these new tasks…

#36’s Tasks:

Task Task Length Payout Location
Quick Drink at the Stonecutter Lodge 1 hr $80/ 17XP Stonecutter Lodge
Run the Stonecutter Daycare 2hr $125/ 27XP Stonecutter Daycare
Promote Corn-Sumerism 4 hr $190/ 45XP  Krusty Burger
Attend a Secret Meeting 8 hr $300/ 70XP Stonecutter Lodge
Sing the Stonecutter Song 12 hr $495/ 100XP Outside w/Stonecutter Table
Feast at the Stonecutter Lodge 24 hr $700/ 150XP Stonecutter Lodge

So there you have it my Stonecutting friends, the second prize of the Stonecutter Event!

Have YOU unlocked #36 yet?  What do you think of him?  Are you happy they added so many skins for new characters?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


23 responses to “TSTO Emblem Prizes: The Second Prize #36 (Krusty)

  1. Add me please rbfgmail

  2. I have earned krustys stonecutter costume but it’s dissappeared – help! Anybody else have this issue?

  3. I’ve been locked out of the game for a week now and finally received confirmation from EA as to why. Apparently, this is a large problem, with many users affected (game crashes when attempting log in) and they are trying to push an update soon to address the issue. I was told to be patient and the issue would be resolved soon. Just thought I would let some of you know who might be locked out as well.

  4. CALENDAR?! Where can I find this piece of genius?

  5. Hmmm…
    With Stonecutter Krusty’s CORN-sumerism task (and corn’s apparently vital importance to the Secret Brotherhood), do you think that will have any effect on Cletus’s most expensive farm crop?

  6. Friendly tip 🙂
    So what sounds better 1 emblem for the next 60 actions or 5 emblems for the next 60 actions lol yea i know 5 sounds better n if u have 100 friends u good…so basically im ahead of the cound by four days because i only tap on the stonecutter lounge for the five emblems n nothon else i choose my 60 actions wisely so i get 5 times 60 every 24 hours from visiting towns n only clickin on the action per town n of course after rhe 60 is sone i go back n complete the rest of the two actions left on each town 🙂

    • lol that is a great tip! Just gotta make sure you (and I know you said you already did…this is a general you) go back and get the other 2 actions. We’ve had some players complaining that their neighbors are only tapping their Stonecutters building and not going back for the other 2 actions.

  7. I noticed you don’t have the lil alien, Alissa do you think he is not worth purchasing ….does he come with tasks etc or npc

  8. scott kasperowski

    Is anyone else having an error problem w Smithers?

    • Yes. It is an ongoing issue. You can contact EA about it. I have also seen posts in the help forums. Right now, only option is to NOT send Smithers to the plant and if you do, store Mr. Burns Mansion to pull him out of the game. Then replace it to put him back

  9. I am only 400 away from 10000 emblems 🙂

  10. pewpewshazaam

    I’m sure this has already been said but Frink ‘s stonecutter outfit is only 12 donuts right now.
    Snagged that up fast.

  11. Quick question. Would you be nuts to rush a number 1 task to get the 450 emblems before midnight or is it better just to wait and let it roll over to the next day?

    • That’s 40 to 45 donuts lost. With so many other ways to earn Emblems…I personally wouldn’t

      • I think you are right. It is now 23:46 and the task won’t finish until nearly 02:00 tomorrow. Too much of an investment (and thanks to your wonderful calendar I am ahead at the moment).
        I shall abstain (and continue to watch the replay of the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix, where by the way, Daniel Ricciardo, young Aussie superstar who replaced the older statesman of Grand Prix, Mark Webber, won his first ever F1 Grand Prix – Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi. !!!!!)

        As always, I admire your wisdom and assistance 🙂

      • Also, I found out that if a task runs over and doesn’t finish, it counts as your first task of the next day, so at least you’re ahead and likely to finish the next day – still worth putting your character on the last task, even if you know they can’t finish before midnight.

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