Donuts in Lampwick

Hey there Hoppereenos. Just jumping in to let you all in on a lil sweet treat I was able to verify while playing out the Level 42 Update questlines.

unlock_chesterlampwick rocketcar_menu

As with all the other items we post here, we like to test them out in the live games. That way we are not just pulling the info from the files, but seeing it in progress and able to verify it for YOU. I am happy to say that I was just able to verify that Chester Lampwick’s quest “Bindle There, Done That” Part 5 does indeed award you some sweet sprinklies at the end. WOOHOO!!

Donuts Part 5 bindle there done that


So not only do you get a cool looking car, a playable character, but also some of your sweet pink sprinklies back too!!

Lots more to come on the ins n outs of the new Level 42. Stay tuned.


27 responses to “Donuts in Lampwick

  1. I’m lost, how do I get the car?

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    Makes buying it a little more tempting 🙂

  3. Seems to be a lot of Chesters about at the moment! There was also a Chester in season 25! Hopefully the name doesn’t get popular over here (UK) cause it’s my son’s name 😱

  4. I bought 300 doughnuts, then get kicked out of the network for the day!!!!!!
    I finally get back in and I dont get my doughnuts I paid $19.99 for!? WTH is going on?????

  5. Nothing worked. I have vulgari completed all the tasks. When i open the game its not even downloading the update in the first place.

    • All I can suggest is the basics of troubleshooting. Uninstall/reinstall. If nothing triggers it. All tasks done from previous levels (Part 9 on 41). All characters free. EA is the next step. Sorry.

      You can even try to store and replace Vulgari to see if that helps. (I would say Krustyburger but EA disabled that with the Nuke.) Send Krusty on a mini task just to see if that triggers.

  6. Oh im well past 41 but i click on the game no update. Newest thing to buy is the duff yacht. N the unfinished shack. No new material

    • Try some basic troubleshooting. Restart device. Uninstall/Reinstall etc. You just need to be sure you actually built Vulgari and completed Bernice’s tasks. Krusty also has to be free to start the dialog.

  7. My game isnt updating to level 42??

    • How do you mean? It won’t load the new update? Or you are still on a lower Level and have not completed tasks to get to 42 yet?

  8. Oh I could totally see Chester having a task where he is lounging outside his gold house haggling people lol

  9. What are his jobs after the quest line? Any viewable?

  10. Another car for my Duff Show and Shiny 🙂

  11. CentralCali559

    Got him. Made a makeshift drag strip lol

  12. Should I buy Dr Herbert cutterstone 60 I have 46 donuts save so far? I got professor 12 donuts so far. I also have the alien. I’m stuck on the dog quest who gives daddy 30 pairs of shoes I think? Sorry if I posted here bunny there to many reply if posted there it be hard to find it lol.

  13. Do you get his solid gold house too to park his rocket car?

  14. now…if we could just place the car on a street… 😉

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