In-Game Update:Level 42….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah such fond memories of Halloween 2013.  Not only are we SMACK DAB in the middle of Stonecutters BUT EA has now dropped Level 42 on us!  You wanted more content…more content we’re getting!

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More as we go through the update ourselves (and I get my phone to stop saying device is full…good thing I travel with my iPad and Tablet!) for now Krusty gets things rolling in Springfield.  I’ll be back with more in a bit my tap, tap tapping friends!


UPDATE: Looks like this update comes with a bit of a server crash as well.  At the moment Origin Servers are down, and having an issue connecting to games.  If you’re currently logged into your game you should be good, but if you play multiple games (like I do), you’ll get a Origin Error when you try to log out and in again.

Looks like this is a relatively small update, as far as content is concerned.  It still comes with a Freemium building/character combo & a Premium Building/character combo, but not too much in the way of decorations.  Here’s the rundown:

Krusty kicks things off and will prompt you to build….the ITCHY AND SCRATCHY STUDIOS!!

Freemium Stuff:

itchyandscratchystudio_menu – Itchy & Scratchy Studios- $800,000.  14×9 (it’s HUGE) and takes 24hrs to build.

unlock_rogermyersjrRoger Myers Jr.- Comes with Itchy & Scratchy Studios.

Premium Stuff:

rocketcar_menu Rocket Car- 120 Donuts.  Instant Build.  Comes with a 2% bonus on all cash and xp.  (requires Level 15)

unlock_chesterlampwickChester Lampwick- Comes with the Rocket Car.

itchyscratchybillboard_menu Itchy & Scratchy Billboard- 40 donuts.  Not unique (can have as many as you want).  And awards a 1% bonus on all cash and XP.


KBBL stationLevel 9: KBBL Radio.  (Similar to Channel 6, with different broadcasts you can make)  (more info coming…we keep getting kicked out of the game)  4,500FP (after you reach/complete Level 8)

There you have it my friends, the complete rundown (basic stuff) of Level 42!  We’ll be back with all your favorite posts, like walkthroughs, Should I Buy, and Where did THAT come from soon!  For now happy tapping and enjoy Stonecutters AND Level 42!

What do YOU think of the new content?  Are you happy the finally added Itchy & Scratchy Studios?  How about content during an Event?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


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  1. Markoo Bimbamboo

    Is there a new theme coming soon? On level 43 or a new Gill special where I can get really old stuff?

  2. I have an iPhone 4 and TSTO still isn’t working on it (I did the latest update) any word on fixes yet? I hope they fix the issue before stonecutters is over with! I just spent over $100 in doughnuts the other day too…so frustrating

  3. The tasks have stopped! I’ve built the itchy and scratchy studio and the tasks were going fine but suddenly they stopped happening. I know because whenever the level update tasks seem too short I check online to see the whole walkthrough and I most certainly didn’t even get to the point where the children were involved.

  4. My quest won’t start for the itchy and scratchy studios help

    • Can you be a lil more specific? Are you just not getting the dialog to start? Or something else going on? What level of completion for game play are you at? Did you build Vulgari yet and finish Bernice’s tasks? 😉

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    Wanted to hop on long enough to let you know EA finally replaced the missing flowers & trees from my inventory. Still is blocking storage of some items. Hope everyone else has luck getting missing items too 🙂

  6. guys i need help, everytime i try to log in at my TSTO, i’m getting a message that my email is invalid, and i cant remember what email i used to register in origin, anyone here know how can i retrieve my email from origin? I NEED HELP PLEASE :'(

  7. Off topic question here but it will be off topic more or less on any thread. Is there a Gil deal looming in the near future? a good friend gave me a couple of iTunes GC’s good for a boatload of you know what so it’s be great if EA has something similar to Xmas coming up. That would be a whole lotta sprinkles! 🙂

  8. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I just noticed there is a tsto update and I’m over 26,000 emblems … If I update will that erase my progress in the event?

    Thank you

  9. I am very happy with all of the content… I just wish this game would work for once. I’ve had problems on my Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7 inch since I got it in December now I have a new 8 core processor Samsung Galaxy Tab pro and the lag time makes it unplayable.and yet the game plays has smooth as could be on my old Samsung Galaxy s2 phone. At this point I don’t care about new content anymore for the first time and would just like to see the game actually work on new devices. I know ea has done a bunch of updates lately to supposedly fix these issues however I’ve seen absolutely no result or improvement.I’ve been playing since the beginning and have almost everything and at this point I’m finally willing to give up very shortly here.

    • Totally get the frustration. Thankfully you have another device that does work. For the device specific stuff, EA is working on it all but every update brings new glitches, etc. for them to track down and fix also. It can take quite a while. Bunny was unable to use her Galaxy for a long time. I honestly prefer to play my game on my 4S vs my Galaxy S4 even though the screen is so much smaller. Unfortunately, you just have to keep being the squeaky wheel with EA until they get ya to the right guys to fix it. Still might take awhile though.

  10. Farfallaapollo

    Hi, my Itchy and Scratchy Studio just finished building and the bonus doughnut box popped up. I got three free doughnuts without levelling up. I just wondered if this had happened to anyone else? It seems a pretty sweet bonus.

  11. Yesterday I got this message, “, Krusty popped up and said “Hey euni, you’re about to get hit with a money fist”…and then nothing happened….do you have ANY IDEA what that was about?
    Also, ant chance of a donut sale anytime soon?

  12. The new schedule for His Oneness (aka Number 1) is *much* easier. Looking forward to your take on it as always!

  13. Andrew Wildes

    theres another update in the app store too !

  14. Just got an updade in my iTunes. Any idea what it was for?

  15. Mike ( not S )

    Kind of a missed opportunity to bring in Itchy and Scratchy 🙁

    • Itchy and Scratchy don’t live in Springfield. They live in a cartoon so I doubt they would bring the characters in here. However, wouldn’t it be a great game extension if tapping on the studio took you to the cartoon world where you could do a whole load more tapping and building.

  16. It has been great having all this new content but I have had to literally strip my whole town to find way to re design it as I have no room left and still don’t know what I’m gonna do I think it’s defiantly time for ea to add at least two more strips of land, I’d love the option for Sand also for a desert area! Been great last couple of weeks but I think everybody is suffering from lack of land we got more then we bargained for all that complaining lol

  17. I sympathise with Alan beard, I,too, am tired of getting kicked out and am about to give up this game. The only thing keeping me playing is the fact that I’ve dumped hundreds of dollars into it over the years like a dumb***. My game has been down since JUNE 3rd!!! I can only get in for about 10 seconds before I get kicked out and some days I can’t get in at all! The stonecutter event seems like fun but I wouldnt know because I can’t play it! And EA is NO help! Do you think I have heard anything from them since I contacted them on the 3rd? No I have not!!!! Its bull****!!!

    • Have you tried direct chat with them? Or are you primarily doing emails?

      • I have tried doing a direct chat since the first chat and they told me to stop contacting them because there is nothing they can do at that level and it has been passed on to a specialist. But I haven’t heard anything from a specialist. I have tried emailing but can’t get a response that way either. And now level 42 has hit but I can’t get into my game to access it. I’m very frustrated with the whole situation. EA should contact its players within 48 hours if they value them as customers. I mean, how many people do they have working over there for them? Two? Three at most?

        • Unfortunately there’s not much we can do from our end besides encouraging you to keep bugging them. If live chat doesn;t work, keep e-mailing and if need be, open new tickets referencing the original ticket #. Sometimes over there, it’s the squeaky wheel technique that works. I’m not sure the exact number of folks they have to fix all the issues but I can say it’s probably a lot less than you would think for such a successful game.

  18. I got a radnom dialoge from krusty after I visited my friends (I am level 40)

  19. I have a gs2 and gs3 tablet, the gs3 just wont let me in, and the gs2 keeps telling me that tapped out has stopped working then kicks me out. anyone have a soloution for this? I have logged multiple tickets with EA without a single response

    • No solution other than your basic Troubleshooting. I have the same issue from time to time with my GS4. You can try uninstall and reinstall and clearing your cache & see if that helps. I know it helps me from time to time. Sorry, I wish I had a better solution for you…but at the moment beyond basic Troubleshooting & contacting EA there is no quick fix for it. 🙁

  20. Is there any chance that EA will finally give us some more land?
    I’m running out of space quickly…I have room only for a couple of buildings 🙁

    • The more land issue is there for a lot of people. Takes a lot of tricky redesigns to get there. There’s always a possibility that EA will add more land (they added a strip during Halloween).

  21. Josephine Kick@$$

    Hey neighbors, still around lurking a bit. Back surgery a good possibility. Will do what I can.

    • My best wishes and warm fuzzies coming your way from Oz. Hope all goes well and you are on the road to recovery soon.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Thank you Alpine, I appreciate the good wishes 🙂 Still have a few hoops to jump (haha) through for the insurance co., but dr says it is more than likely since nothing is helping the pain. Still having to work & that’s my priority at the time. Not much else to do except play the game, (other than laying on my back) :/

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I figured when I got ready to post that someone would make a smart@$$ comment, but et tu Alissa? LOL.

    • Awwww, I do pray it all goes well and with a very short recovery GD!! 🙂

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Thank you Runic 🙂 I see the dr tomorrow, and he’s gonna set me up to try a spinal block, but I’m not getting my hopes up. If it works, he’ll do a nerve ablation. (still no guarantee). The epidurals he gave me did nothing except make it worse. I’m getting less & less relief from the pain meds, & I don’t like being doped up on pills anyway. Just glad I don’t work til Tuesday now. They’ve been wanting to do surgery for years, but I told them that until I crawl into their office, I’m not going to have it done. I figure every single day I put off surgery, the better the technology will be. I just hate the thought of using all 5 weeks of my vacation this year on medical leave 🙁

  22. I must admit to being a bit dissapointed at level 42. The studio is a great addition, but I was expecting that level 42 would bring life, the universe and everything!

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