TSTO Emblem Prizes: The Seventh Prize Stone of Triumph

Hey Howdy Hey Stonecutters!

If you’re following along with Bunny’s Emblem Calendar, by now you’re all in the thick of emblem collecting and you should be nearing enough emblems to collect the 7th Emblem Prize!  You can find posts about the other prizes here the Sacred Parchment, #36, Chest of Sacred Artifacts, #85 & 600, Money Pool & #29, & #50 &#79.

Once you reach 22,500 Emblems collected you’ll unlock the 7th free personal prize in the Stonecutters Event…The Stone of Triumph!  The Stone of Triumph is an all new decoration for your Springfield that will unlock a new task for Stonecutter Homer!

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Let’s take a closer look at this giant stone and just what happens when it enters YOUR Springfield…

WARNING…Dialogue spoilers below

Stone of Triumph

At 22,500 Emblems The Stone of Triumph will automatically be awarded to you.  Once you’ve hit the unlock number you’ll see this message popup:


Once you’ve collected enough emblems the stone will unlock and Homer will start a prompt for you to place it in your Springfield…

Game of Stones Pt. 9
Homer starts

Number 1: Number 908, we would like to honor you for re-building our beloved lodge.
Number 908: I would say that you guys shouldn’t have…but i think you really probably should.
Number 1: Attach the Stone of Triumph to the Chosen One!
Number 908: D’oh!
Build the Stone of Triumph (it’s in your inventory.  Just place it in Springfield, no building time required)
Make Number 908 Wear the Stone of Triumph (Homer)– 10hrs, Earns $400, 90xp
Completed Task Earns 100 Emblems and 10xp

As mentioned above this new decoration will unlock a new task for Number 908 (Homer):

Task Length Earns Location
Make Number 908 Wear the Stone of Triumph 10hrs $400,90xp Outside

It results in a rather embarrassing task for Homer, but a hilarious task for the rest of us!

Homer pulling stone

So there you have it my Stonecutting friends, the Seventh prize of the Stonecutter Event!

Have YOU unlocked the Stone of Triumph yet?  What do you think of it?  Are you happy they included this task for Number 908 in the Event?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

31 responses to “TSTO Emblem Prizes: The Seventh Prize Stone of Triumph

  1. I am getting an issue after getting this stone and the treasure box.. Both are place but every time I go back in it says they have been placed in my inventory and it’s blocked out in my items screen.. It’s says -60 donuts to get this item.. Not sure if I can collect the rest of the items if I am stuck here.

  2. Help im stuck on the hint with a picture of a viking hat!

  3. I received the stone of triumph and and told homer needs to wear it, but it isn’t in my inventory! I closed the game out so many times and homer isn’t working so that isn’t a problem, any ideas anyone?

  4. Hi there! I have a little problem with my town… Number #1 it’s ordering that a whale do the task “ordenhe uma vaca” (something like “milk a cow”), but that taks does not appear for any of my characters! Anybody know why? I’m a little worried because I am behind on emblems and I REEEEALLY want the prizes #9 and #10
    Thanks for any help!

    If anybody wants to add me, my ID is MariWinger

  5. I got two of the Stone of Triumphs! BUT, one of them is stuck in my storage box. So, I have one in my town, and also one in storage, but I can’t place the one storage, it says “already built” when I try.

    Doesn’t worry me, I just thought it was strange.

  6. Sorry, off topic, (I do Love the Stone of Triumph though) but I’m getting an update just now. Like a full update, not in game. Anyone else?

    • Android or iOS? Nothing in files. Nothing in my games or app market. Did you recently clear cache/data on your device or uninstall? Both will trigger the app to go through all downloads again. Let us know.

  7. Is it just me? I have @ 50 neighbors that don’t clean up their Springfield. It’s hard to get any 5 point emblems. Then it seems I only get spied on by half a dozen of my neighbors….. Just frustrated

    • If you do not like the neighbors you have, get new ones. Some people just cant play often as others. Also, some are not in same time zones or even country you are, so your time clearing and tapping may differ from theirs. It is why you have 24 hours to tap in their town. So you can try later.

  8. Yes I did have the stone of triumph . Did the task with homer then it disappeared it hasn’t been stored and it’s now telling me to place it in ye task menu ?????????

    • Try some basic troubleshooting to see if something triggers. Go to Krustyland and back. Try collecting a few Emblems from neighbors. Restart device. Uninstall/Reinstall. If all that won’t resolve it, EA is the next step honestly.

  9. D’oh! Still playing catch up, being internetless until the 8th really killed me. Have just over 13000 emblems now, not massively far behind, but an extension and neighbours visiting would massively help.

  10. I’ve just had to update but I don’t see anything different. Anye else had this? It was on my ipad.

    • Just random changes. I think it is the same one that hit yesterday. Most likely glitch patches.


      • Thanks Bunny – I missed that post. I’ve just seen someone else say they were forced to update so I guess that’s what happened with me. I wish the update had removed that annoying pointing finger on the quest bar that points at the Stonecutter emblem every single time you get an emblem. I keep thinking it’s the thumbs up finger so I’ve shut the quest bar but that means I can’t see what characters I’ve got free.

        • Not a problem. Happy to help. 😉

          The finger thing is silly. I get they want you to know you are earning them to get the bonus, but yes…gets old fast.

  11. Hi there, I received the stone of triumph and it disappeared within seconds and can not get it back or locate it.
    Very frustrating.

    Any suggestions?


    • If you go into your menus and click on the lil brown cardboard box in the far left corner (inventory storage). Scroll through it and see if it ended up in there.

  12. Minutes ago, I unlocked Satan’s Anvil, but the counter for the bonus donuts every 3000 emblems started already when I was still at about 34000 emblems, i.e. 1000 emblems away from the last prize. Not that I’m complaining, but did this happen to anyone else?

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