Everyone out the water! It’s a Shark Week post from Wookiee!

“Ello.  So, what’s a couple of bites like you doing out so late?”

Duuun dun… duuun dun… dun dun dun dun dun dun BOM BOM dun dun dun dun dun dun doo dedoo doo dedoo dede doo dede doo dededoo!

Oh no!  Shark in the water!  We’re gonna need a bigger boat.


Oh… Shark Week… one of my favorite things on TV during the summer. Colossus, Submarine, Giant Hammerheads, Shark after Dark… what a great set of programming.  Gotta love how they found a way to discuss zombie sharks and there were even sharks with frickin’ laser beams!  All week, in between tapping and blog stuff, my TV has been tuned to Discovery Channel for all the amazing shark stuff.  Additionally, lots of extra schtuff inevitably pops up on the interweb and I figured I’d be remiss if I didn’t add a Simpsons version of the above pic which makes me think of TSTO.

Donut Shark

You got that EA?  Tappers our like sharks.  We need to keep swimming and are happiest when we’re not hungry.

Sharks inspire awe, fear, movies and much more so it should really come as no surprise that they appear in the Best. Show. Ever.  For fun, I thought I’d highlight some shark appearances for your entertainment.

Starting off… there was a shark siting in the infancy of The Simpsons.  Do you remember the Simpsons short in The Tracey Ullman Show entitled “The Aquarium”?

Simpsons Short The Aquarium

But it didn’t stop there.  The eating machines pop up over and over.  Let’s take a look.  First up, “Lisa’s First Word” (S4:E10).  This is one of those great flashback episodes.  When Homer & Marge find out Lisa is on the way, they know they need a bigger place but why buy a house when you can get a houseboat?

Simpsons Jaws

This is a great JAWS reference IMHO.  Love the Sea Captain saying excuse me and jumping in after the shark only to appear back in its mouth to recommend they check out the real shag carpeting.

“Bart of Darkness” (S6:E1) – Where to buy a pool because the Springfield Pool-mobile only operates one day of the summer?  Well… Pool Sharks of course.

Pool Sharks

Not to be confused with those menaces who steal your money in billiards halls or the true terror of the backyard.

Pool Shark

“Itchy & Scratchy Land” (S6:E4) – In a flashback, Marge remembers the Simpsons family vacation to Sandy Beach.  Reminds me of Amity Island, especially Homer scaring swimmers with the fake shark fin.  Of course, most die-hards remember this montage with “Aaaaaaahhhhhh…. Shark Boy!”  Gets me every time.

Homer & Shark Boy

“Lisa the Vegetarian” (S7:E5) – In an educational film starring Troy McClure, Meat and You: Partners in Freedom, we learn about the food chain. “In nature, one creature invariably eats another to survive.”  Lions eat gazelles, eagles eat sheep, dogs eat Frisbees and sharks eats gorillas.  It’s science!

Shark Eats Gorilla

“Bart Carny” (S9:E11) – Lots of goodness in this one but when Bart and Homer taunt sharks while in a glass bottom boat… I find it priceless.

Glass Bottom Boat Shark

Homer: Yeah, come on, sharkie!
Bart: Hey, you want a piece of this?
Homer: You call yourself the King of the Jungle?!

“Bart the Mother” (S10:E3) – One of the games in the arcade of the family fun center is titled Shark Bait.

Shark week is all about documentaries right?  Do you remember this one from “Lisa Gets an ‘A’” (S10:E7)?

Seaweed Shark

“Nothing attacks its prey with more ferociousness then the seaweed shark. The struggle…is soon over.”

“A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love” (S13:E4) – Bob’s Big Buddha – lest we forget, one of the offerings on their menu is Shark Butt with Butt Sauce

“Sweets & Sour Marge” (S13:E8) – Moe eats a shark covered in sugar.

“Gump Roast” (S13:E17) – This whole thing is a clip show but it does feature some catastrophic nincompoopery from Homer and ends with a really funny song.  “Have no fears, we’ve got stories for years.”  Hilarious that this is sung with an image of Homer jumping a shark.

Homer Jumps the Shark

Me thinks the writers knew folks preferred older episodes even back then.  Best part is they weren’t lying… 12 seasons past this joke and still plugging away. Take that Happy Days!

“Old Yeller-Belly” (S14:E19) – The ending of this episode has a great shark sequence with Homer trying to get Duffman back his job and prove Suds McDuff (aka Santa’s Little Helper) is a coward.  End result… Duff has a new spokeshark… Duff McShark.

Duff McShark

“The Squirt and the Whale” (S21:E9) – This episode is better known for its connection to our super expensive TSTO whale (Bunny wrote all about it here) but it does include Homer trying to save whales from sharks.  Did he succeed?  Well, read Bunny’s post and find out.

Homer Sharks

“Treehouse of Horror XXI” (S22:E4) – In the Master & Cadaver segment of the Halloween episode, Marge & Homer are off on a romantic second honeymoon.  Right from go, we see Marge looking nice in a bikini and Homer being spit out of the mouth of a shark.  “Man, it’s been a crazy morning.”

Treehouse of Horror Shark

We later see a shark dead in the segment but I like sharks so no image for you!  Seriously… for every human a shark ever killed, humans have killed 2 million.  That just seems stupid.  The ocean is 71% of our planet so why would people want to destroy the apex predator and mess it all up?  Considering vending machines, pigs and lightning kill more people every year, I’m on team shark.  They’ve been around for 420 million years and for the most part, haven’t needed to evolve much besides getting smaller.  Pretty cool IMHO.

(gets off soap box)  Anywho… those are some shark appearances in The Simpsons.  Got one you love I didn’t include?  Did you watch Shark Week? What do you think of this image?

Scary Shark

No Shark Week would be complete without a special mention to Addicts reader Toxic Shark.  He’s been with us for a long time and every time you see the banners on this site or our facebook, you’re looking at his work.  Special thanks to him from this Fuzzball and I hope your week was great.

Toxic Shark

We like this guy so much, Bunny made a special 2D of a shark just for him.  Did you see it?  Much love sharky but I bet you didn’t know I was going to share a baby pic I found of you.


Wasn’t he the cutest little cartilaginous eating machine you’ve ever seen?  I thought we’d finish up this fun with a little quiz I stole right and proper from my friend Em over on TOuk.  What famous shark are you?


My results were spot on!


Hope y’all have a great weekend and be safe in the water.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

16 responses to “Everyone out the water! It’s a Shark Week post from Wookiee!

  1. OMG, How could I have missed this….huge props wookie….Rl has consumed me as of late..and know with Raiding and Pillaging thrown in the mix…well shame on me for neglecting the best People and Site on the interweb….YOU GUYS ARE MY CHUMS!!!!….lol great article Mr.Wookie

  2. Great article Wookiee! I enjoyed it very much and lol a few time. But the baby photo of Toxic made me hoot! 😀

  3. I got Bruce too!! Great post, I’m headed up north to chase a few sharkies at the end of the month and can’t wait! Duff McShark is one of my favourite Simpsons moments (obviously) beer + shark is pretty much as aussie as you get, so glad he made the list. Thanks Wookiee

  4. Thanks Wookiee. I also got Deep Blue Sea shark (which makes me slightly afraid of myself!). But my boredom & addictive personality also led me to find out I am: Groot, Walter (Breaking Bad), The Stranger (Big Lebowski), from District 4 in Hunger Games and Wylie Coyote. And Jennifer Lawrence would play me in the movie.

    Very productive afternoon 🙂

  5. I got Deep Blue Sea – doesn’t fit at all, though

  6. I got “Deep Blue Sea Shark” for my quiz result.

  7. We don’t have SharkWeek here 🙁 but then again, I have no channels since I disabled my cable when I realised I had not turned on my TV in six months, too busy tapping…

  8. I’ve mentioned elsewhere but Sharks on a Plane

  9. I got Sharknado. …what is that…lol

  10. Lol great post. Apparently there were a lot of pissed off ppl when they realized the Submarine “mockumentary” was not real.

    • I was definitely one of the folks fooled by it. While I won’t boycott shark week because I love it too much, not a big fan of the fake stuff. Makes too many people doubt all the other good info they have.

  11. I got Don Lino from Shark Tales 🙂 Kind of sums me up good

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