In Game Update

Hey there Hoppereenos. Looks like some of the fixes we were waiting for hit our games.


So far the few things I am noticing right away…

Castle Walls and Towers are unlocked so you can buy more at anytime without having to wait to upgrade again. 


They have changed the image for the Elixr won to reflect the dialog. It now shows a Bundle (what the dialog said) instead of a truck.Screenshot_2014-08-27-13-04-14


Personal Prizes before

More info to come as I look through a few items.

Players are now stating that the “Roll With It” Cheaters issue is resolving itself. I am now testing out whether or not the Shield issue is resolved too.

Shield issue is still here. Contact EA if you are impacted and lose some. Another patch is still coming for glitches. 

Few more changes as I am going through it all that I notice. 

Prince and the Premise Part 21. The Reward is now showing as 15 Donuts instead of the standard 100 Elixr Payout. Not sure why the change. Maybe for those that did not get the 15 Free Donuts for playing early? I have one more test game I am going to use to try this out and see what happens. I DID get the 15 free donuts in it.

The Main Event Icon has been swapped out. Instead of the Castle that took you to the event details, it is now the Trophy of Gold that will take you right to the Personal Prizes list. A good change in my mind as many wanted that info more than just the Event rundown.

Clash of Clones Event Icon Personal Prize Icon

Outside of the Castle Walls and Towers unlocked, other items are now locked or disappeared. No more Balloons or Catapults in the Menu for purchase. Not until you unlock them at least. Still looking into this one. Basically overall what I am seeing is that once you unlock an item like the Gates and Balloons, then they become available for purchase in your menu too.

Also, this was already in effect but some are just now noticing. As a safety method, the option to buy MORE Nerds than your MAX will lock out so you do not waste precious donuts for Nerds you can’t use.

Shock to the System has changed its name in the Game only (still same otherwise). Playing it through again in test games to get full details for a later post. “Pointless Yet Compulsive” is the newer name.

I will continue to look to see if I notice any other changes. A lot to still go through.

Don’t forget to check your confirm donut spend!!!


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  1. Hi Bunny. Finished collecting all the prizes for this event…oh yeah..Anyways. after I had completed the part 21 quest I got 15 Donuts. I had received 15 donuts before too as being an early starter. Plus this weeks mystery box gave me 10 donuts. Am I just lucky or what? Dont understand why other are stuck with 2 donuts or no donuts after that quest

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