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Hello hello Addictereenos!

I hope everyone is having as much fun possible with this very different Medieval Event we have going on in TSTO right now.  With new levels, there’s lots of new stuff that comes with it and this time… WE ACTUALLY GOT MORE LAND.  You asked and EA answered.

The last time EA gave us land was way back during Halloween 2013 and here at TSTO Addicts, we’ve been seeing quite a few questions about buying it.  Makes me think EA drug their programming feet so long we may have all forgotten how we bought land once upon a time.  Seeing a possible need for a quick tutorial, I figured I’d just pop in with a refresher for young and old tappers a like.  Click more if you need the help.

NOTE: There’s also an image of all the available land currently in the game tight at the start of the post if that’s your bag.

First up, the promised land image from above the fold.  Like me, you may have been wondering just how much land is available in TSTO.  Well, I like playing in Excel so I figured I’d show you.  With the latest addition, we have a 15×16 rectangle available.  The two left rows are water, the next is beachfront property and the remaining 13 are green terra firma.  Click on the image for a bigger view.

TSTO Land August 2014

With money burning a hole in your digital pocket and more and more buildings/decorations available in the game, land is a precious commodity so HOW do you buy it?

Eazy peazy my friends.  From your Springfield, you’ll see icons on the bottom right of your screen. To get to the buying land option, you have to tap the one with the saw and hammer on the bottom right.

Buying Land

This takes you to the buying menu.  You next tap on the bottom right icon. Basically looks like an undecorated square of land.

Buying Land 2

The next screen is pretty self-explanatory.  Tapping the Buy button takes you right where you need to go.

Buying Land 3

This will take you to the land buying screen.  Your screen will show the available land that borders your current town.  As you buy squares, the plots around it will then become available until you have purchased all of it. I’ve been playing a long time so all I have left is the bottom three squares. Right when this event started I bought as much of the bottom land as I could. Goodbye Sit-N-Rotate… see you in a few months.

Buying Land 4


Well there you go tappers.  A quick refresher/lesson on buying land and a current map showing everything you can buy.  Hope it was helpful.  If you have any further questions, please drop them below.  Until next time, keep on tapa-tapa-tapping in the free world.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

52 responses to “Addicts How To: Buying Land

  1. Does anyone know how much new land was added since this post was written? In the past year, I think recall at least 2-3 strips on each the top and right of the grid in Springfield, but I’m not positive; and totally forget how much was added to Springfield Heights. Any addicts with a better memory than me?

  2. What is the maximum cost of a single land piece?

  3. I am having trouble getting the muntz house. Is there a quest line or is it just something you buy? I am level 23 and have not seen anything about it

    • It is linked within the questlines. The area from 18-23/24 kind of skip around a bit. Just see what’s open in your task menu and compare it with our Walkthrough page for that Level. See where you left off and where you need to keep going.

  4. Hello there, is there any news around land expansion? Need more… Lotz more and ocean would be cool to 😉 my town got so full i needed to put some stuff in mine inventory. Ty for replying

  5. I believe the prices for the last row on the map have been cut in half. I wonder when that happened..

    • It has. They added a new strip of land since this post. When the added the new strip the old strip pricing was cut in half.

  6. Need more land…. level 51 and I’m maxed out with the terwilligers event.

    • Haha same.. And now with level 52 out I barely have any free space at all. I have every item since the game began with a bunch just sitting in my inventory and nowhere to place them without my town looking like a mess.

  7. I love this. I have a question though, did we get more land in an update a little bit ago? After CoC?

  8. With decorations, parking, etc,, I still need land even after the update. EA didn’t give enough land in the update, and I still have a lot in storage. I would love to use my Springfield sign in my town, but it takes up too much land. EA, please give us a lot more land please.

  9. Hi guys aswome post quick question can we put buildings on sand like ones that give a payout? If not if not or if there’s only a few I think that area would be a good spot have some that we can cause theres alot of unused land there. Now I’m thinking what all Simpson’s shows had a building like that in the past that we could get in the future. A surfboard shack or a lifeguard post or maybe a breakfast on the beach restaurant these our just some of my ideas gonna go rewatch some old episodes an Google the idea an see what comes up.

    • You can get right up to the sand but not on it. Beach buildings would be very rad.

      • May not be able to put a building on Sand —- but All Sorts of Other Items may be ! Plus, on sections of Pier, also, SOME items including Buildings, too may be put there. I usually check for such placement with a New Item — for Instance : i HAVE placed a Castle Tower, Banner & Hay Cart ON THE SAND !

  10. Tom please explain how to convert sold stuff into XP Donuts ??? Or, give a link to where that is explained ? Thanks !

  11. Myself ? Assuming that i keep current, my ‘bank’ will soon top $100 Million ! When the New Land popped up, i IMMEDIATELY scooped up all of it — and placed the six dozen White & Purple houses i HAD to put into storage (sold many of them, and a ton of Browns) due to wanting to add More New Stuff to my over-crowded city ! That purchase dropped me down about $10 Mil. Now, my bank is almost $90 Mil. EA indeed, seems to be pricing for those of us, like me, that will NEVER be Able to Spend ‘it all’ ! We are the Bill Gates of Springfield, giving Monty a run for his wealth ! 😉

  12. The extra land is great but I can’t put anything on it without getting a warning about having more than 4500 objects in my game. 😕 EA needs to increase that limit.

  13. Wow. This was a useful post. How stupid do you think your readers are?

    • Hey now…we don’t think ANYONE is stupid. We base most of our posts off of what we see in the comments popping up. And when we see more than 20 comments about something we know we should do a post on it. It’s been nearly a year since a lot of players purchased land, so when we see players saying “there’s no new land for me to purchase” we assume they just forgot. When we see a LOT of players commenting the SAME thing…we know we should do a refresher post.

      • Fair enough if people were asking for it. I guess some people need a lot of spoon feeding.

        My apologies. I didn’t realise this was something people had specifically asked for.

  14. Thanks for the “promised land” 😉 image. Through this, I am now able to discern where I am with my land use and how much I have left available to me in the future. Before this, I was working somewhat in the dark on just how much land we have available to us. I’ve read many posts here on this site of those wishing the game had more land, so from early in playing this game, I’ve been very conservative with my land use (also early on, it’s difficult to afford to buy land, so one doesn’t have much of a choice but to be conservative with it). I’ve been trying to ‘future proof’ my use of land so that I will what I need for the future. Though as I said, until now, it was hard to tell just how much I have in use and how much will be available to me in the future. From this image, I see I am using half of the available land in the game (the top half). I’ve been playing since March and I had topped out at level 42 (now topped out at level 43 of course). I’m not the type that must have everything that EA offers, so that has also helped in my land economy.

  15. I believe that land grid is wrong. There’s almost double that.

  16. Thanks for the post Wookie! This is 1 of the main things I’ve been wanting. Now my town isn’t just 3/4 of orange houses. I only keep them for the XP points to get those 3 donuts every know and then. EA did listen! Although the dialogue for this Clash of Clones is funny but interesting as they just outright acknowledge it’s a game finally. “Helen Lovejoy? Is she even in this game?” That was a good one. Anyway, thanks to you and everyone here for keeping this game addiction alive 😉

  17. Finally I got to use money that has been accumulating over the last few years. Had a little over $60 million. Dropped me to $45 million after the land purchase. And I’m almost back to $50 million lol. Hope we get more land in the next few months and not a year later. And looks like the prices are for players that have been playing for quite a while.

    • Buying and selling bloodmobiles is an (semi) easy way to convert all or most of that excess cash into donuts (via XP bonus donuts). 50 mil would make quite a batch of delicious pink sprinkles 🙂

  18. Sorry for hijacking this thread:D. Once a player collects 38000 gold coins is there any other prize such as donuts that can be earned for collecting more gold coins?

  19. I’m sorry, but the new land is WAY too expensive. I had $15,000,000 and couldn’t get all of it. If you look at the exponential increase in cost, nothing even comes close to this.

    • It is WAY more expensive. I think EA wanted to provide the land but also give long term players something to spend their megabucks on. I couldn’t even afford it all.

  20. TheRealestSitek

    I still have a lot of land to go. I’ve made almost everything minimal. I blew over half a million on 6 slots for my castles. Though I made it back up to almost two million so my escalator is building! Darn you two and a half day wait lol

  21. Thank you I greatly appreciate it.

  22. Question: EA wants us to buy Nerds?

  23. Has anyone figured out just how much it is all together cost wise for all the land and water

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