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Where Did THAT Come From – Happy Sumo

Sashimi, Sashimi! Raw, Raw, Raw!

Oh laughter. How are my favorite tappers doing today? Wookiee back with another Where Did THAT Come From for all of you. This time, I get to talk about a building that serves one of my favorite foods ever… sushi and sashimi. For those of you who don’t know, I lived in Japan for 6 years while in the military and some of my friends and families describe the effect as me becoming peacefully Asiatic. I love me some raw fish served thin. Of course, our newest location for this Japanese amazingness is none other than the Happy Sumo.

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Make New Friends, But Keep The Old…

We’ve added a new feed just in time for Halloween.  Check out our new Add Friends feed to add your name to find TONS of TSTO Friends to help you with Halloween!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So this new Friends feed is LONG overdue.  Sorry about that!

Level 44 plus TWO NEW Friendship Prizes (and Clash of Clones still going on)…time for an all new Friends Feed! (After all if Database is looking for a friend for the end of the update, why can’t you! 🙂 )

So now…hit up this post with your Origin ID’s and Add Me Requests!  Who wants to be first?

Pssssst….If you’re looking for a thread to find neighbor-eenos who WON’T vandalize you check out this Add-Me page…now Graffiti free! 🙂

And remember…if you’re looking for ways you can THANK your neighbors for visiting, tell them you LOVE their designs…or even yell at them for stealing your designs…you can hit up our THANK YOU Thread!  The only place in the TSTO-verse where you can freely Thank and Admire your TSTO Friends and Neighbors!

Homer Barbarian Commanding Troops

In-Game Update: Level 44 has arrived (Updated and Complete)

Updated 9:30pm EDT:  Now includes information about Squidport Bloaters and the Bonsai Tree.  

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 44 has hit our tapping devices!  (nothing like a late in the day update to throw EVERYONE off!)

2014-09-05 20.04.39

More as we go through it all…but for now know that it should auto start for you and you’ll be prompted to build Honest John’s Computers.

New character/building, New premium building/character, new friendship prizes and more!

We’ll be back as soon as we go through it all!


More details below the fold…WARNING Mild Spoilers Ahead!

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Free Donut Reminders: Shout Out & A Whole ‘Nother Level Contest

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a Sunday reminder…we’re nearing the end of July and you know what that means?  Last chances to get your entries in to win some FREE donuts!   And who doesn’t want more donuts?  Especially when they’re free!

Click more to find out some great way you can win FREE donuts for TSTO!!

3 donuts3 donuts3 donuts3 donuts

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