Weekend Update: October 26th- November 1st

Bringing Home a Rigellian Queen …won’t my mommy be so proud of me!

Bringing home Rigellian Queen….OUCH!  She bit me!

Oh no wait..that was Bunny!  I really gotta stop letting her out of the basement…

Weekend Update Addicts

SATURDAY: After last Update,  Alissa reminded us it was CANDY TIME!

Then Wookiee popped in to tell us just where the heck he’s been..and to remind us about the THOH Marathon on FXX!

And now for this weeks fun…

Leaf Maple Leaf Leaf 9 Leaf 8 Leaf 7 Leaf 6 Leaf 5 Leaf 4 Leaf 3 Leaf 2 Leaf 1

Mr Burns UBO

SUNDAY: Bunny  got our Sunday started right with a recap of THOH XXV! Did you enjoy the episode?

Alissa then brought the conversation back with our favorite Sunday Night Open Thread!


MONDAY: Alissa began the day with our Monday Morning giggles…in a very funny Caption This!  Did you giggle over this week’s image?  She was back later that night with a look at Greta Wolfcastle…and a breakdown to see if she’s worth your donuts.  Did you buy her?

Bunny hopped in during the day to give us a break down of just where some of those items of Halloween’s past came from!  Did you learn anything new?

Hugo Victory Pose 1

TUESDAY: First thing Tuesday morning Bunny hopped in with Part 2 of our items of Halloween’s past WDTCF.

Alissa then gave us a look at the quick version of Greta’s walkthrough…with an all new Turbo Tappin’ Greta!   She was back later that night with a breakdown of the final Ray Gun Prize..the Hover-Copter!  Did you win it?

Greta Wolfcastle Re Read Love Notes

WEDNESDAY: Bunny dropped on by with her glasses to bring us the final WDTCF redux post.  What did you think of the Halloween history?

Alissa then gave us a look at the Clamphitheater and helped us decide if it’s worth our donuts.  Did you buy it?


Alissa jumped in with the rundown of just what this little update had in store for us.  Did you get the Ghostly ship?

pirate airship

THURSDAY: Alissa began the day with a look at some tips to follow to get a head start on the Protein String phase.  Did you take her advice?

She then gave us a look at the Full Dialogue version of the Ghostly Pirate Airship walkthrough.  What did you think of it?

She worked triple duty that night to remind us that the Ray Gun phase was ending…so grab what you can and run!

       Tapped_Out_Jack-o-Lantern    Tapped_Out_Jack-o-Lantern    Tapped_Out_Jack-o-Lantern

FRIDAY: Happy Halloween!!!

Alissa kicked the morning off with a rundown of the final phase of the Halloween Event…and just what you’ll need to do to get all the Protein String prizes!

Long Protein String

She then gave us a look at her favorite Halloween memories..and her favorite THOH episode!
She was back later in the day do give us the breakdown of the Pirate Airship and to help us decide if it’s worth the donuts.  Did you make the purchase?

Bunny was then on the clock and gave us what we all wanted…the Protein String Calendar!  Are you on track?
She was back later with a look at just where all the Rigellian swag came from (oh and the Hover-copter too!)


She wrapped up her night with a look at just why she loves Halloween…and what her favorite THOH episode is!  (Redrum….)

Wookiee closed out Halloween with a look at his favorite Halloween memories…and just why Alissa thinks he has ESP when it comes to TSTO!


SATURDAY: So what else do we have anything else in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to stick around to find out!



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And that about does it for this week here at TSTO Addicts. What did YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Something specific you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

35 responses to “Weekend Update: October 26th- November 1st

  1. Nice re-working of the Bumblebee song there Bunny and Alissa. Haven’t got round to teaching my Guides that song yet but on Tuesday I might when we are around the campfire celebrating bonfire night.
    I was all on track for the long protein strings and then I did a Guide sleepover last night in a location which has no internet signal. I can’t say I’ll be buying the ghost ship though. Way too many donuts for me.

  2. Can someone tell me what the ghost zapper is

  3. I have a question that doesn’t really have a definite answer… guesstimate please. When do you think Brandine will make an appearance again? I hesitated on getting her last time and now I’m stuck waiting for months.

  4. My game is bugged, Rigellians keep respawning in Chief Wiggum’s head constantly, so I tapped him 3000 times while watching TV last night and got the Burns skin, and the bags that dropped gave me the Queen and finished the Grand Pumpkin for me. Best bug

    • What device do you play on? I’m playing on droid maxx and iPad air1 with no luck getting this fantastic glitch. I will not be able to earn all items, and I have my preimium game alarming every 4 hours. Need to save my doughnuts for Christmas too. I only buy when Gil gives discount or extras. I’m glad for those who get awesome glitch and a bit of envy. Want it in either A or B game oh well. 3am wake ups shall continue.

    • I keep hearing about that bug. What device are you playing on? I want that bug so badly.

  5. Spent my donuts on the collider but it is not in my Springfield! It is also not available to buy anymore. Has this happened to anyone else?

  6. Hi can someone please tell me what is vandalism I mean how do you vandalise ppls towns and what does it actually do that’s bad for the neighbours? I’m asking as I have seen that some ppl prefer none vandalising friends and I always thought it made no difference I’m just curious that’s all lol

    • Vandalism is when you tap the lil spray paint can over a neighbors building. It tags and vandalizes that building and takes points from that neighbor’s conform o meter. You can combat this by putting up a lot of training walls in your town, but many people dont want to.

  7. What’s the point of the nails? Is there a prize for constantly upgrading ?

  8. Just wondering if anyone else are not getting a lot of broken fences? I’m hoping the hut doesn’t require them or might not have enough time to get enough pieces to make it.

  9. Would it be possible to get a “what should I CRAFT?” Sort of guide? I’ve only been able to get Hugo so far, and I’m not sure what else would really be worth using up the few supplies I’ve got. It would be super handy!

  10. I enjoy all of your posts. I didn’t know it was 3 of you. I really like how you encourage everyone to keep trying for the prizes on the last phase and breaking it down step by step. THANK YOU!!! I used to visit the simpsonswiki website but a month ago I stumbled across this website and I love it

    • Wookiee is busy lately with real life but he’ll be back. Otherwise it’s mainly myself and Alissa. The other site is only us girls. 😉

      • Hi Bunny. I sure hope your hopping back to health and that your fever is down today. 104 fever is miserable…the back pain, headaches, and fatigue are almost worse than whatever caused the fever to spike. 🙁
        I noticed in a couple comments you said that you guys (or I guess I should say you girls) work another site…is it another TSTO site?
        Sending all my nurse healing power your way. -Marion

        • We run the familyguyaddicts.com as well. Still sick. Fevers better…not so high. Wrapped up in bed, hot drink, warm fuzzy blankey…hanging in there. I am allergic to cillans so I can’t take a lot of antibiotics. So…when I do get sick I got to just let it run its course. I also hate meds…so am stubborn to take most. Lol. Don’t like how they make me feel.

          Thing is I am not one to give up. Alissa tries to force me to rest and get better. Even threatens to lock me out of the sites if I don’t, but she knows no matter what she does…I won’t stop trying to help. It is who I am. Always helping. Sick or not. 😉

          Thank YOU for your kind well wishes. 🙂

      • Sounds like your doing all you can. Understand about the antibiotics, evil little pills…terrible side effects, so I’m like you, let it run its course…The hallucinations from the fever eventually stop. 😉 Sounds like a virus anyway so antibiotics won’t do you any good.
        Alissa trying to lock you out of the sites made me giggle. Sounds like she has quite the stubborn bunny on her hands! Take care, drink lots of fluids, and stay warm.

        • ME? Stubborn??!! NAH!! NEVER!! 😉

          Hallucinations? That is an everyday thing for my mind. Crazy lil world my and all my personalities live in. 😛

      • I love crazies, all of my favorite people are crazies…does that make me crazy too? I wondered why I was so drawn to this site. 😉

      • You are a funny bunny. 🙂 Patient zero…hahahaha…no wonder Alissa locks you in her basement…She’s afraid you may spread the crazy.

  11. Two questions for folks: Is It possible to win the raven or the Victorian UFO?


    • Until they bring them back…we don’t know.

      • Thanks so much. I read on some…other website…ahem…that the Victorian UFO was bundled with Number 51 and the Raven with the Bad Dream House. Didn’t sound right so I wanted to check with the experts.

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