Cyber Monday Gil Deal: Truckasaurus

UPDATE BUNNY: So a lil update hit our games with a patch AND an extension on this Gil Deal. Looks like it is going to push it almost to lunch time tomorrow. (About 16 hrs from now.)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Gil’s Black Friday Rebate Deal might be over but he’s back this morning with a limited-time deal…just in time for Cyber Monday!

2014-12-01 03.06.39

For today only you can purchase Truckasaurus from Gil for a whopping 225 donuts!

We’ll have a break down on whether or not you should buy Truckasaurus later this morning….But for now that’s it for this Gil Deal.  Just remember…it’s only available for the next 24 hours.  So if you want it make sure you pick it up before Tuesday morning.

What do YOU think of Gil’s Cyber Monday deal? Will you be spending donuts on Truckasaurs?  Did you take advantage of his Black Friday deal?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

54 responses to “Cyber Monday Gil Deal: Truckasaurus

  1. Truckasaurus! I’d buy him, but already spent quite a bit of donuts on Mrs. Bouvier and Tribal Chief. If this monster could go around town menacing the cars, I’d get him. Alas, he’s only a decoration. You guys mentioned throwing stones at ol Gill? I could cane him if you wanted me to.

  2. I’ve spent so much money since Halloween and plan on spending more for Christmas I cant justify 15 bucks on a decoration, regardless of how sweet it looks. I hope everyone was able to see past their bitterness and took full advantage of Gils Black Friday deal. If they discounted you 40 Donuts or refunded you 40 donuts it was still 40 donuts off. I got Lard lad, Disco Stu, Film Set, Duffman I wanted Jimbo but was asleep both times which was a bummer.

    • Lovin that McBain and film set. Now if only they’d make Mendoza playable. I wish they would have given Wolfcastle’s McBain skin McBain specific dialogue too, but that doesn’t take too much away from the awesome Black Friday deal.

  3. Just got an update that prolongs the truckasaurus sale. As if Black Friday weekend wasn’t long enough..

  4. stargazeruniverse1

    Is it just me, or is all the Gil’s surprise deals are getting way too expensive recently (Golden house, haunted ship, and the truckosaurs)?

  5. I read my fellow Tappers replies to another well written article and it appears enough agree with me (well, we all feel like “Homer is mad at Gil”) that EA didn’t deliver an impressive Thanksgiving 2014 Quest (we did get a free Cornucopia + Table that increase the % of $ and XP points, and a free Building with only Krusty to interact with – but it generates $)

    I hope EA realizes that Long Time Tappers need more Springfield land, more Squidport Pier pieces, more for Krustyland (equal mix of freemium and premium) – or else more Tappers will leave (FACT: 1/4 of my Neighbors haven’t logged into the game in a week & now I worry they have left the game)

    Have a nice day everybody, don’t have a case of the Mondays

  6. Looks cool but too pricey for my blood.

  7. I’m passing. I’m almost out of room & is to big. It’s to expensive. For that price I got mrs bouvier & the pet store + still had donuts left. I’m saving for Xmas. Things EA needs to bring : the monorail, itchy & Strachey land, Gil, Unibrow baby, bender, more land,more squid port tiles, & new stuff for the forgotten krustyland. EA please give more land for us addicts 😌

  8. I love truckasaurus, but for for decoration that big he should’ve been an aspirational item. I really really want him but I’m not sure I want to pay that many donut for him.

  9. I just woke up (it’s currently 5:53am in my neighborhood). When I saw this headline, I thought it was a sale on a truckload of donuts, which reminded me that I’m picking up a Google Play card after work at Best Buy for 10% off today and got excited. Then I tried to remember how much a truckload of donuts normally cost, and thought it seemed strange that they’re charging 225 donuts for more donuts but figured it tied into the whole rebate thingy. At that point I looked harder and saw that it was a robot. 😛

  10. Maybe if I were a donut millionaire, lol… So excited for Christmas! Does anybody know if the Christmas lights will be free? I need decorations. 🙂

  11. quite a rip-off, this game. one could spend lots of money to get all the cooler stuff. but still my favorite game, so far.

  12. You shouldnt…. Just a decoration, a BIG one.
    Just some tiny dialog for homer, and a silly animation

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