Where Did THAT Come From – Cornucopia

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and thank goodness EA brought us some new FREE stuff for our games.  For this edition of Simpson origin goodness, I thought I’d talk about that little item EA gave us at the end of Part 1 of the Thanksgiving questline… the Cornucopia.


This beauty of a decoration not only gives us all a 0.50% bonus to all cash and XP, but it hails from a truly classic Simpsons episode… Bart vs. Thanksgiving (S2:E7).

The whole family is gathered for the Thanksgiving feast and Lisa had hand crafed an extra special centerpiece for the family dinner table.  Behold… the cornucopia.


I love when Lisa has Maggie help with it… too cute.  Of course, Bart destroys it which is what drives the rest of the action in the episode.  I am so happy this made it into our games and that we all got one for nothing.  EVery time I’ll see it, I’ll remember the great story it hails from.  Extra cornucopias in game cost 15 donuts but one’s enough for this fuzzball and that wraps up this origin story.  Y’all stay classy and all that jazz.  I’m off to eat some leftovers.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

15 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Cornucopia

  1. My boyfriend walked past and was like “It’s too large”. Seeing pictures of the episodes again, I’d have to agree. I’m glad they put it in though, for nostalgic reasons.

  2. The waiting is hard. lol

  3. I didn’t get the cornucopia! 🙁 anyone know of a reason for this? Did I not finish the job in time?

  4. I thought the Thanksgiving update was great! All they did last year was have the skin for Lisa and a turkey. And the Gil deal was for the Springfield sign and the Duff Brewery. They did a lot more this year.

    And Mrs. Bouvier went on a date with either Mr. Burns or Grandpa at that restaurant she came with.

    Now bring on the snow!!

  5. I appreciated the cornucopia much more after seeing the episode.

  6. It is rather fun to be a Jimmothy, thanks for asking.

  7. The wait for Xmas…. sigh. Hurry up already!

  8. Lame Thanksgiving event this year, why bother

    • Why lame, you ask?
      Didn’t liked Premium Stuff, Balloons? I really enjoyed it. Waiting for the next mayor event which will hit tomorrow/today/next week

    • lol ya I certainly never cared for it. The only good part was getting the grandmother which should have been added years ago. How she was added was dumb though, she has nothing to do with a disgusting resturant

      • Well not nothing, after all she and Abe went there when Marge intended to set them up. That’s what EA chose for the quest and the character’s introduction. Her introduction and quest could have been a lot more better though, especially considering she was highly demanded.

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