Where Did THAT Come From – Truckasaurus

“50% monster truck, 50% monster, 30% truck, and 0% math skills.”

I don’t know about you but I’m still laughing at EA’s description of the latest item that was made available for purchase between 1-2 December. AI completely agree this was a skoshi expensive but I must admit I was one of the few tappers who immediately pounced on this robot dinosaur hybrid from the “classic” days of the Best. Show. Ever.  But who or what is a truckasaurus you may be asking? Well my friends, I’m here to let you know just that. Follow me as we look at just where the Truckasaurus comes from.


Our first appearance is in Bart the Daredevil (S2:E8), better known as the Springfield Gorge episode.  Homer and Bart are watching wrestling with their assorted friends.  I love how they groups are shown as being so similar especially Bart and his pops.  When the fight ends, the first commercial is…

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! The year’s biggest monster truck rally… “the amazing, the astounding, the unbelievable… Truckasaurus. 20 tons and 4 stories of car crunching, fire breathing, prehistoric insanity. If you miss this you better be in jail and if you’re in jail… break out.” It’s for one night only! Seriously!  Truckasaurus is so cool both Bart and Homer come together to plan a family outing and actually hug. That’s pretty huge.


Of course Lisa has a band recital on the same night but this doesn’t deter Homer. Immediately after it ends, the Simpson family is off to the monster truck rally. The parking situation stinks but Marge sees a spot over there. D’oh… it’s actually the entrance to the Springfield Speedway arena and Truckasaurus is on. So much fun to see him eat the family’s pink sedan.

Truckasaurus 2

Leo G. Clark, inventor, owner and operator of Truckasaurus lets the family know Truckasaurus feels very badly about what happened. Truckasaurus also has his own team AND his own brand of cheap domestic wine.

Truckasaurus 3

This appearance is enough to make me love Truckasaurus but he also appears in Marge vs. the Monorail (S4:E12). Those of you who know me know this is my favorite episode so anything connected to it makes me explode in smiles. Truckasaurus features here in a movie ad right before the Monorail conductor commercial. It’s Truckasaurus: The Movie starring Marlon Brando and the voice of John Truckasaurus.

Truckasaurus 4

“You crazy car. I don’t know whether to eat you or kiss you.” (celebrity voice impersonated)

BONUS: This episode is also the origin for the Tentacle Tree from Halloween 2014. Burns created it by hiding nuclear waste in the park before “boy scouts stumbled on his little game of hide the ooze.”

Tentacle Tree

Well that’s it for TSTO’s new mechanical whale. It’s a big one but certainly not Bitey. Truckasaurus also appeared in several of the Simpsons video games and comics but I decided to keep this short with appearances from the show. It must be said that this item is also a Simpsons parody of a real life giant robot dinosaur… the one and only Robosaurus. I’ve seen this gem in person and will just say my young fuzzy behind was completely enamored with it.


Speaking of hybrid dinosaurs, anyone excited for Jurassic World in June 2015? Anywho… what did you think of the Gil Deal and Truckasaurus? Feel different now that you know the origin for it? Ever see Robosaurus in real life? Hope like me this is a secret tease for the ACTUAL monorail in the game? Sound off below with your thoughts. Until next time, stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

13 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Truckasaurus

  1. That reminds me, weren’t we promised a Monirail at the beginning of the year?
    Whatever happend with that I wonder?

  2. So, it was in the Monorail episode….is this a hint of things to come?

  3. Wish it would’ve cost less and I would’ve got it. But saving my pink sprinkles for Christmas premium items.

  4. I remember that original episode and I wanted the truckasaurus but the high cost and large size were too big of a deturaunt for me.
    I hate to admit it but I haven’t watched the Simpsons regularly in years so I love it when I do recognize something. Growing up, Simpsons was one of the shows we watched as a family. I felt like my family resembled the Simpsons pretty well. I still watch it when I can, just so busy these days.

  5. For that price it would have been nice to include Lance Murdoch

  6. I normally buy most limited time things and love the Truckasaurus, but I have so little room, that I couldn’t bring myself to get something I’d probably have to stick in storage. 🙁 I’m hoping that they’ll bring it back after the next release of land (a girl can dream)

  7. Love that episode, so I bought it without a second thought. Siked about Jurassic World. Did u see the Star Wars trailer? No wookies but still looked awesome

  8. I knew the origin of it, which is why I would have loved to get it if it wasn’t so damn pricey for just a, in my opinion, under-whelming decoration.
    Allllsssoooooo so very excited for Jurassic World!!

  9. “Bones heal, chicks dig scars, and the United States of America has the best doctor-to-daredevil ratio in the world.”

    How I live my life !!!!

  10. Truckasaurus is cool but way, WAY to expensive for a freemium player like myself. I’m saving my few precious donuts for Christmas in hopes that the Snow Monster or the Grumple will be available!
    I am however extremely excited about the release of Jurassic World which looks like it will be amazing!

  11. I am one of the “others” also that Pounced on the Truckasaures, and glad I did!! :). I even built it a Underground style parking Garage!! I think it is neat!! Now!! Bring on Christmas!!! We R Waiting !!! :). stepingstair :).

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