Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnels 14

Hey All You Merry Grumples! šŸ˜›

Here we are again with the Elf Tunnels aka Santa Daily Tasks.

Santa 1

If you want ALL the details for Santa’s Daily Tasks aka Elf Tunnels (including Character Groups), please go to the MAIN Santa Daily Tasks Post.

Now for today’s Santa Daily Task.Ā Just tap on the Elf Tunnel itself to be taken to all available Tasks.


Or tap on the Santa Daily Tasks Shortcut Icon in the top right corner of your Springfield.Ā Santa's Daily Tasks Icon

Santa's Daily Tasks

Remember, if you have a task “stuck” or can’t get the next Tunnel to open try to go to Krustyland/Neighbors and back. Or exit out of game then go back in again. (It won’t let you start the new task until the other one is complete, this means to make sure ALL the money and items are collected.)

If you are missing Elves, see post HERE. (Just try to go in n out of Krustyland then ring the Elf Bell first to see if the missing ones appear.)

Here is today’s Santa Tasks.

Tunnel Task Length Character/Group
14 MakeĀ Willie Furnish His Shack with Toys 4hrs Willie
Make a Youngster Have a Toy Party 3hrs(x5) Youngster
Call a Fed in a Friend’s Town (Send a TOTAL of 3 Feds to any Town) (x3) Ā Neighbors/Friends
24 Hour Complete Bonus Prizes Options (The Game only picks ONE to give you)
100 Gifts Plow King Plow OR SkinnerĀ House Christmas DecorationsĀ OR Festive Hot Drink Stand, 1 Elf ico_xmas_plowkingsplow_md
Ā skinnerhouse_decorated_transimageTapped_Out_Festive_Hot_Drink_Stand

Again, you have plenty of time for these tasks. The 24 hour timer starts as soon as you being the first task. You can still complete the tasksĀ past the 24 hour time, but you will NOT get the bonus 100 Gifts. So I suggest plan ahead to hit the timer BEFORE 24 hrs if you need those Extra Bonus 100 Gifts Each day.

There you have it. A general idea of what to anticipate for the Elf Tunnel Santa Daily Tasks. Have YOU completed any yet? Get the Bonus? What do you think of it all so far? Like the gifts? Let us know below.


86 responses to “Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnels 14

  1. Can some 1 either show a photo or direct me were the call the Feds part is because it’s mentioned but I can c it

  2. I can’t unlock the call Feds in tunnel 14. Task 1 & 2 are complete, entered & left krustyland, logged off & back into game, rang the elf bell, and still nothing. Now what? Count elves? UGH!

    Seems a lot of players are having this Fed problem!

    Worst. Game. Ever. LoL

  3. I got the fed problem! Going in and out of friends town wint help! Ea pls fix this thank you!

  4. on level 48 Tunnel wont open when I click nor will icon top right hand corner. if I click on Santa Right hand side they open. Tunnel 14 partially complete wont open when I click on it. Tunnel 15 New Tunnel won
    t open when I clicl. What is the problem Tapped out. Grrrr

  5. I can’t leave feds at all. I presume its in the upper right corner like the grem-aliens were? Haven’t gotten it at all now I’m stuck on tunnel 14 and I’m gonna miss the bonus. Ideas?

  6. I’ve been reading the comments prior to mine, and I’m having the same issue with the Feds. Even after delivering Feds to all other towns(that I’m friends with), it only gives me the option to spend donuts. I’m considering contacting support, but would rather not go through any trouble, and just use an easier solution if possible.. Recomendations??

    • Usual. Jump in n out of Krustyland. Go to a few more neighbors or even the “other” Springfield and drop 3 more off. Try tapping on the task in the task menu if it lets you.

      Then EA if it does not help.

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